With excessive usage, the battery of your iPhone can be put to strain, as the capacity is merely 2710mAh. A couple of hours of video streaming, video shooting or taking pics will drastically affect the battery life of the device. So if you are struggling with some battery life issues then here are some of the best iPhone X battery cases to help you out with your agony.

A charging case is a back cover for your phone which also recharges your phone’s battery. It is a more ergonomic solution over using your phone while it is attached to a charger. So now, without further ado, here are our picks in the matter.

Best iPhone X Battery Cases

Best iPhone X Battery Cases

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#1. Zerolemon iPhone X Protective Battery Case

Zerolemon iPhone X Battery Case

Zerolemon battery case comes with a 4000mAh Li-polymer battery which can give your iPhone over 100% full charge. This means you can be sure to estimate about 12 hours of talk time and over seven hours of movie time while the case is attached.

Now even though it houses a large battery inside, it is still a Slim battery case for iPhone X and can also protect your phone from those occasional bumps and scratches. The case also uses an Apple certified connector and comes with 4 LED lights to indicate battery level. There is also an integrated button which allows you to choose when to charge and it also works seamlessly with Apple Pay.

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#2. I.Valux Ultra Slim Battery Case 

VALUX iPhone X Battery Case

I.Valux battery case adds style and battery life to your device. It is slim, compact, lightweight, and design wise adds a sort of groove to your phone which gives it a stand out appearance. In fact design wise, this is probably one of the top battery case for iPhone X in the market.

You get 3600mAh battery built in which effectively avoids short-circuit or overcharging situations. Thus your iPhone is safe from such problems. Also with the battery case attached you can expect to get about 60 hours of music playback, 12 hours of talk time, 12 hours of web browsing and an effective 8 hours of gaming. There is also an LED power indicator which will show you the energy levels on your phone.

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#3. Alpatronix Battery Case with QI Wireless Charging

Alpatronix iPhone X Battery Case

Alpatronix iPhone battery case comes with 4200mAh internal battery which also supports QI Wireless charging. The case is programmed to let your iPhone charge first, and when it’s done, then it begins charging itself. You can use a USB wall charger to charge the case, however.

This portable battery case comes with a removable top piece from where you can slide in your iPhone X into the case. To remove the phone, you will also have to remove the top piece.

This case is not compatible with Apple Earpods or Lightning connectors or the traditional 3.5mm Headphones. You will have to connect wirelessly with Bluetooth.

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#4. Ruky Extended Battery Case for Apple iPhone X

Ruky iPhone X Battery Case

Ruky battery case offers a high battery capacity of 6000mAh Li-polymer battery which is twice the normal capacity of your iPhone. With this strapped on, you can be sure to get over 28 hours of talk time and about 20 hours of web browsing. This is one of the high power efficient iPhone X wireless charging case in the market.

The case has a soft bumper design and hard shell backplate for protection from scratches and wear that can happen from daily usage. There is also an on/off button on the device which you can use to start and stop charging the phone through the case.

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#5. Moonmini External Backup Battery Case

Moonmini iPhone X Battery Case

Moonmini battery cases come packed with a 3600mAh Li-Polymer battery in a slim and durable casing. This is also one of the most durable covers on the list and can even protect your iPhone from the occasional drops. Hence you can use the cover as a form of protection and the handy backup charger for when your phone is down on juice.

It is a 100% safe with internal circuit protection against overheating, overload and short-circuiting. Also, the LED indicators will let you know how much charge is available in the case and when you have to plug it in.

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#6. Peyou Wireless Charging Case

Peyou iPhone X Battery Case

This is probably one of the best wireless charging case if you are running on a budget. For its low cost, you get a slim and durable casing housing a 3200mAh battery. The case is compatible with the original lightning cable and will always charge your phone first when connected to a power outlet. Once your iPhone is at 100%, it will automatically start charging itself.

There is an integrated switch on the case to start the battery. Also, to charge the case, you will have to start the battery. There are also 4 LED battery level indicators to let you know how much juice is in the case.

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