Best iPhone X Belt Clip Cases: Robust Construction and Convenience to Hold iPhone

Sometimes keeping your phone in your pockets can be inconvenient. This is why there are so many belt clips and holsters for phones out there in the market. Now if you want to fasten your new iPhone X to your belt, then surely you want to do so with the best products. Lucky for you, here we have compiled a list of the best iPhone X Belt Clip Cases in the market.

These cases will help to keep your phone safely and securely attached to your belt. The belt clip cases are also very responsive and give room for easy access.

Best iPhone X Belt Clip Cases

Best iPhone X Belt Clip Cases Compatible With Wireless Chargers

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#1. Encased Apple iPhone X Belt Clip Companion Holster

Encased iPhone X Belt Clip Case

To start off our list of the best iPhone X Belt Clip Cases, we have a polycarbonate built case with a rotating belt clip which you can orient for vertical and horizontal use. It uses non-slip rubberized finish, so you can be sure that your device is in safe grips. Also, the design uses such a styling that you can also access all the buttons effortlessly without dismounting the phone if you need to do so.

There is also a secure fit top latching mechanism which makes mounting and dismounting the phone a piece of cake. There is also a soft microfibre lining to the inward facing screen which helps to protect it from damage.

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#2. Maxboost DuraSlim Pro Apple iPhone X Holster Kickstand

Maxboost iPhone X Belt Clip Case

Unlike the first case which only focuses on providing a belt clip for your iPhone, this one also takes some attention to protecting your device. It comes with three layer drop protection design with a rugged case and holster belt clip to the back.

Now, while traveling, due to any contingency, if the phone falls or dismounts from your belt, it will still be protected thanks to the four corner shock absorbing protection coupled with the hard shell backplate covers and raised edges for advanced screen protection. The front side of the case also has raised lips surrounding the screen to protect it from damage as well.

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#3. Dlames Premium Leather Belt Clip Pouch Holster Case

Dlames iPhone X Belt Clip Case

Another one of the top belt clip cases for iPhone X, this one can be compared to a bag. The case/bag can be used to keep your iPhone along with two ID card slots. It also has sufficient area to allow for an iPhone X coupled with a thin back cover to slide in.

It has a magnetic self closing flap to automatically secure your phone once you have placed it inside the case. The inner layer of the bag is also very soft, so you can rest assured that your phone will be subjected to any scratches or scrapes.

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#4. Trianium iPhone X Case with Holster Case

This is another full body back cover for your iPhone X which also comes with a belt clip holster. The casing is built with two layered protection. The other hard shell is made out of PC material, and the inner lining uses TPU. There is also a built-in screen protector which keeps the phone safe from dust and debris as it is outside and exposed to the environment while latching onto your belt. The screen protector is very clear, and touch sensitivity is uncompromised, so you will not notice any usability changes while the case is on.

Now coming to the holster. It can be used as a clip to fasten to your belt, but it can also be used as a kickstand for a hands-on viewing experience.

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#5. i-Blason Transformer Combo Holster Cover

And here is another iPhone X Holster Case which also doubles as a heavy-duty cover. It has a durable built using a two-layer casing with an impact resistant exterior and a shock absorbent interior sleeve. The belt holster provided with the case is also detachable, so you can use this as a regular case if you want. Also, you can fold out the holster and use it as a kickstand for hands-free usage.

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#6. Turtleback Vertical iPhone X Belt Case

The last bag-like case we discussed came with a horizontal orientation. If you still want something similar to that but vertically positioned then this one is a great choice. While it fastens to your belt, and the phone is kept inside, it will be able to provide decent protection. The exterior of the pouch uses a premium bonded leather material while the interior uses a felt-lined setup to keep it dust and dirt free.

Once you have slid in your phone into the pouch, the flip will be kept closed thanks to the strong rare earth neodymium magnet. So even if you are riding your bike on a bumpy road, your phone will not jump out.

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#7. SUPCASE Full-body Rugged Holster Case with Built-in Screen Protector

This is one of the most glamorous looking iPhone X Case With Clip we have on the list. Much like some of the earlier mentioned cases, this too primarily focuses on protection and also brings in a belt clip holster for convenience. The case is built using a PC hard shell and a TPU interior to maximize the protection from accidental drops. There is also an inbuilt screen protector to the front which keeps the screen safe from scratches but doesn’t compromise on the sensitivity. The belt holster is also detachable and rotatable, which means you can use this as a solo case and also orient the phone as you like while it is attached to your belt. Overall, this is one of the most flexible cases on the list.

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#8. YOUMAKER Shockproof Clip Holster Cover for Apple iPhone X

This is another one of the heavy-duty clip holster case which comes with 360-degree protection and a built-in screen protector. The case has also passed military graded drop tests thanks to its TPU and PC built body, which provides high-quality shockproof protection. Also, besides the screen protector, there are raised lips towards the front, as well as camera portion, to protect it from drops. There is also a built-in kickstand which you can use for leisure viewing.

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#9. Zizo [Bolt Series] with FREE [iPhone X Screen Protector]

And now coming down to the last entry our list of the best iPhone X Belt Clip Cases. This one meets with the Military grade 810.1-g compliance, which means it will protect your phone even from a 12 ft drop. Also, much like some of the cases mentioned here, it too has a built-in kickstand, and the belt clip holster is detachable, so you can use the case solo if you like. There is also a proprietary screen protector provided with the case which has 9H hardness, meaning it won’t easily succumb to scratches or scrapes. Also, 100% clarity is maintained along with touch sensitivity, so you won’t have any issues while using the phone inside the case.

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