iPhone X is a beautiful device with a gorgeous bezel-less 5.8-inch display. Naturally, this calls for immediate protection, because normal day to day usage will result in scratches and scrapes, and not to mention the screen cracking from accidental drops. Also, the back of the phone is glass for aesthetic purposes, and for the same reasons you might want to keep that protected as well. So for you, here we have got a list of best iPhone X Front and Back Glass Screen Protectors.

Once you have put these protective tempered back glass protectors on your device, you get peace of mind and go about your day without having to worry about damages happening to your device.

Best Front and Back Glass Screen Protectors for iPhone X

Best Front and Back Glass Screen Protectors for iPhone X

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#1. Klearlook Privacy Screen Protector

Klearlook iPhone X Front and Back Glass Screen Protector

Klearlook comes with iPhone X Front and Back Glass Protectors that safeguard your phone from damage as well as spying eyes. With the protector on, the screen is visible from the front but starts to get darker from either side.

Apart from protecting your screen from curious people, it can even take in damage from a sudden impact and protect the screen from potential damage. It is 9H Anti Scratch resistant which means daily sharp objects such as keys and even knives won’t be able to put a mark on the protector.

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SHARKSBox iPhone X Front and Back Glass Screen Protector

SharksBox offers multi-layered screen protectors made from high-grade Japanese Asahi glass. These are 9H hardness scratch resistant and oleophobic screen guards, which can keep your phone safe from sweat, oil stains and fingerprints. The screen guard also has precise cut-outs made for the earpiece and front-facing camera, so you can be sure that you are getting optimal protection with uncompromised functionality.

Now, there is no anti-spy technology provided here, and it is completely clear from all viewing angles, giving you identical viewing experience as with no protective glass.

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#3. Luvvitt

Luvvitt iPhone X Front and Back Glass Screen Protector

Luvvitt provides with two pieces of iPhone X Front and Back Tempered Glass Screen Protectors which have been precisely cut out to fit right in. The adhesive used with the protectors is also of high quality and makes for a hassle-free application without any bubbles or residue.

The front and back glass are both made from Japanese Asahi glass and comes with 9H+ scratch resistant surfaces. Beneath the glass, there is a shock absorbent layer which can save your phone from accidental bumps or drops.

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iKNOWTECH iPhone X Front and Back Glass Screen Protector

iKnowTech offers a 9H hardness 2.5D tempered glass to protect the back and front of your iPhone X. Cut-outs have been made accordingly to make room for the camera as well as the earpiece. It also comes with Ultraviolet ray filtering technology. The protector not only keeps the screen safe but also protects your eyes from phone rays.

Besides this, the protector is made to be 100% clear and transparent and maintains the original color reproduction of the screen without any distortion. There is also an oleophobic coating which keeps off oil smudges and fingerprints.

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#5. Fullcharm

Fullcharm iPhone X Front and Back Glass Screen Protector

FullCharm iPhone X front and Back Glass Protectors are designed to offer you an optimal, natural viewing experience, all the while keeping your display safe from dust, fingerprints, scratches, scrapes, and even the occasional bumps.

The screen guard is super simple to install with no bubbles, and just requires a single push. It is made with attention to minute details and will fit your phone so closely that you won’t even feel the protective layer is present.

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#6. Olixar

Olixar iPhone X Front and Back Glass Screen Protector

Olixar Screen Protector for your iPhone X is the last one on our list. This is also a 9H Hardness tempered glass which provides an edge to edge protection for your edge to edge display. Your screen will be safe from accidental key scratches to deliberate knife swings. It is also shock absorbent and shatterproof, so you don’t need to have a heart attack when it falls off your table. The installation process is also straightforward, hassle-free, and results in no bubble formation.

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