Buying an expensive phone calls for protective measures. But with the new iPhone X, you might be worried that a bulky, heavy duty back case will take out the charm from your device. If that be the case, then we have arranged a list of some of the best iPhone X slim Cases to help you.

These top rated and most protective iPhone X thin cases are very light so they will not be adding any bulk to your phone. However, your phone will get adequate protection from everyday wear and tear. Let’s explore this list of best iPhone X Ultra thin cases.

Best iPhone X Slim Cases Compatible With Wireless Chargers

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#1. Spigen Thin Fit iPhone X Case

Spigen iPhone X Slim Case

Starting off our list, we have a polycarbonate built lightweight and scratch resistant back cover for your iPhone X. This will make sure that your phone doesn’t add any bulk, but also keep it safe from scratches and scrapes. Their areas for the buttons are not covered, however. But this also means that you get the original click response and quick accessibility. Also if you have a habit of attaching your phone to the car mount, then you are in luck. There is a QNMP compatible slot which supports magnetic car mounts.

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#2. TOZO Ultra-Thin Case

Tozo iPhone X Slim Case

This one makes it to our list of the best iPhone X slim cases because it manages to be super hard all the while maintaining its ultra thin appeal. The case implements a new design blending in TPU edge matte soft bumper with a clear PC back Panel. The transparent back panel also maintains the original color of your iPhone X. Over all, this gives you a simple yet elegant design with great grip and shock protection from accidental drops.

As far as protection is concerned, the case protects your device from all four sides, and has raised edges to save the screen in case your phone falls display first on a concrete surface.

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#3. Jaagd Slim Cases

Jaagd iPhone X Slim Case

Another hybrid iPhone X case using PC and TPU materials. All four edges and corners of your phone will be protected, whereas the back will be safe from scratches and scrapes. There are also raised lips to help protect the screen from drops. So overall, you are being protected from all angles, from hazards that come about through day to day use. However, the design style still doesn’t add any bulk or weight to your device. So basically you will be getting looks as well as protection.

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#4. EasyAcc Ultra-Slim 0.45mm Thin Protective Cover

EasyAcc iPhone X Slim Case

This iPhone X Protective Slim Case has a 0.45mm thickness and a weight statistic of only 5g. With this case on, you will hardly notice any change on your device, except for a better grip, and protection against everyday wear and tear. The case is also done with a matte finish which makes sure that no dust or fingerprints accumulate to ruin the beauty of your iPhone. However, you should bear in mind that protection from drops is very marginal. But if you are simply looking for something that will look good, and keep the back panel of your phone from showing signs of aging, then this is the best solution.

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#5. Lontect Slim PU Leather Folio Flip Case with Card Slot

Lontect iPhone X Slim Case

This is a slim folio type flip case that doesn’t put in too much bulk or weight on your iPhone X but does add style and protection from everyday hazards, such as scratches, scrapes, bumps, and what not. Also in case of drops, the screen keeps safe from the flip cover as well as raised lips which takes in the fall and prevents the screen from touching the ground.

The case is built using top quality TPU casing coupled with a high-grade PU leather exterior flap. Together, this brings durability as well as adequate protection for your smartphone. Furthermore, like most flip covers, there are also convenient slots for cards or cash. So it is basically a wallet case for your iPhone.

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#6. Caseology Skyfall Series Case

caseology iPhone X Slim Case

Another iPhone X thin Case; this one comes with an air space cushion for protection against drops as well as a hardy case for resisting scratches and scrapes. It provides you with dual layer protection built using an acrylic hard cover with an impact resistant PC frame. Also, like many of the other entries on the list, this case also uses raised lips to protect the screen in case your phone falls in an inconvenient position.

The back panel is transparent, so you will be able to boast of the color choices you had for your iPhone. It is also of high quality and won’t become subject to discoloration.

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#7. ZVE Slim Wallet Case

ZVE iPhone X Slim Case

This is a non-flip, wallet case for your iPhone X which is also thin in size and provides your device with adequate protection from everyday use. The back panel of the cover holds multiple pockets which you can use to store your ATM cards, ID, driver license, cash and so on. Also, none of the items will fall out, no matter how you orient your phone, and to get them out you will have to pull on the release ribbon.

The Wallet is made out of leather and a TPU base shell. This brings a very pleasant texture and feel to your phone. It provides you with a shockproof full frame-protection, and like the other protects the display with raised lips. Also, after you add in your cards, cash or ID, the back panel will also become more resilient and provide better protection.

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#8. Anker KARAPAX Shield Case With Carbon Texture

Anker iPhone X Slim Case

This iPhone X Slim Fit Case comes with a sleek design which kind of resembles a heavy-duty casing. This is a single-layered case which uses raised ridges around the screen and camera to provide protection against everyday ordeals.

Also, another way of making your phone safe from drops is not to allow the phone to drop. That is handled with the nice Carbon Fibre texture and anti-slip, anti-scratch finish.

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#9. ESR Matte Finish Flexible Soft Gel TPU Cover

ESR iPhone X Slim Case

If you were looking for a slim back cover for your iPhone X that also supports wireless charging, then this one fits your requirements perfectly. The case is built with soft TPU materials which are also durable and shock resistant. So besides allowing your wireless charging freedom without having to take off the back cover, it will also keep your phone safe from scratches and occasional accidental drops. The camera and screen will also be protected as it will not touch any surface thanks to the raised lips.

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#10. Totallee Thin Leather Cover

Totallee iPhone X Slim Case

And finally coming down to the end our list of top rated and most protective iPhone X slim cases, we have a genuine leather cover. The cover is ultra-thin coming in at merely 0.02 inches which practically adds no bulk at all. The housing and the sides of the case use polypropylene to increase protection and durability, but the backing is done with genuine lambskin leather. It really adds a sleek and sophisticated feel to your iPhone.

Also, using leather as a material increases the grip you will have on your phone, which will, in turn, lower the chances of falling and thus help in protection. Overall, this case is the perfect meet for style, design, and protection.

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