Apple has promised their next stage of innovation with the soon to be released iPhone X. With a higher resolution display screen, the iPhone X could very well be the portal through which you can experience the wonder realm of Virtual Reality. Fortunately, for all of you VR enthusiasts, you can easily choose the best iPhone X VR headset from a myriad of options available for the new iPhone series.

Converting your new iPhone or the upcoming iPhone X into a VR device is simple enough with the help of the right VR headset for iPhone X. The latest headsets these days are powerful devices on their own with amazing design concepts and advanced technology in just the right proportion. To make sure that you don’t get bogged down by confusion, we have compiled a list of the top VR headsets for iPhone X that can match your needs.

Best VR Headsets for iPhone X

Best VR Headsets for iPhone X


DESTEK VR Headsets for iPhone X

If you are looking for a fully-featured best iPhone X VR headset, then you certainly won’t go wrong with the DESTEK V4. You can experience a 103-degree field of view meaning that you can actually get the feel of a true visit to the Himalayas without traveling there physically. You get the perfect blend of immersion and depth of view so that watching a 360-degree view is breathtaking. It comes with Anti-Blue Light HD lenses that are great for eye-protection. The headset brings you the touch button which makes for more fun-filled gaming.

Price: $35.99
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SARLAR VR Headsets for iPhone X

SARLAR 3D is considered as the best VR headset for iPhone X giving you access to a boundless universe, brilliant visual fidelity and immersive appeal. You can do a multitude of entertainment activities with aplomb including watching a movie, play life-like shooting games or watch travelogues by actually visiting the places or historical sites virtually, all with the help of this remarkable little headset. This is an entry-level headset that caters to both the amateur user as well as the geeks amongst you.

Price: $19.99
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#3. VR Shinecon

VR Shinecon VR Headsets for iPhone X

If you are looking to achieve the best VR for iPhone X, then this VR Shinecon can help you a long way in getting that done. You can get great 360-degree virtual reality and jump into live in an exciting new world. This headset offers you a 110-degree panoramic visual for movies, games and other entertainment media. This headset uses superlative quality lens made of PMMA optical resin and having 8 layers of Nano blue coating after 5 iterations of polishing. The T-shaped strap is adjustable, lightweight and uses extremely skin-friendly material. This reduces pressure around your eyes, nose and head giving you incredible comfort during long hours of usage.

Price: $18.77
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ELEGIANT VR Headsets for iPhone X

If you are looking at some graceful looking VR headsets for iPhone which also offer superior performance, then this Elegiant VR headset is the apt one for you. The HD optical resin lenses are of the highest quality without stimulation plastic sheet thereby reducing the distortion to the minimum when zooming into the images and offering a wider field of view. This also cuts down the visual fatigue and dizziness even when used for a long period. You can adjust the position of the lens to a certain extent by using the button on the top. The focal length setting lets those with myopia also to take complete pleasure in the VR 3D world.

Price: $40.99
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#5. BlitzWolf

BlitzWolf VR Headsets for iPhone X

The BlitzWolf VR headset is the result of over 130 times of anti-throw tests and 72 hours of high temperature experiment. This ensures robust quality and impeccable suitability that you desire in a headset enabling VR for iPhone X. The novel construction of the headset gives you total 3D VR vision for maximum immersion. The Mitsubishi aspherical lenses are ungraded for better smoothness and are also purified. They include an 8-layer Nano-coating and 5-time polishing process. There is a soft and removable leather padding that makes you feel comfortable even after a long period of usage.

Price: $23.63
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#6. Merge

Merge VR Headsets for iPhone X

The Merge VR/AR Goggles function flawlessly with your new iPhone, transforming the latter into a full VR device. The material used for its build is soft, weightless and flexible foam that wraps around the contours of your face nicely and gives you extraordinary comfort. These Merge VR goggles for iPhone X are a breeze to clean up and hence you can share them with your friends during parties, get-togethers or even in a classroom. There are two input buttons, both spring-loaded for helping you work with the VR apps without the need for a controller. The lenses are adjustable to suit your individual eye distance for most convenient viewing experience.

Price: $47.99
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BNEXT VR Headsets for iPhone X

BNEXT provides you with sophisticated VR technology for your gaming and movie watching needs in VR. These headsets enable proper alignment of your eyes with the screen box. They come with focal distance and optical distance adjustments for letting you widen the viewing angle and aptly suit the focal distance and individualized myopic setting for reduced distortion. These virtual reality glasses for iPhone X are quite comfortable to wear for extended hours without any pressure to your face. You get complete access to headphone jacks and other accessories to further empower your experience.

Price: $39.99
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#8. ETVR

ETVR VR Headsets for iPhone X

The ETVR 3D VR headset for iPhone X gives you completely immersive 120-degree bigger viewing angle fit. This is a lightweight, convenient and high-quality headset with adjustable straps for flexible usage. The nasal bridge section is deepened so that you don’t get any pressure on your nose when using it for long hours. The headset uses Japanese made PMMA ergonomic aspherical anti-blue lenses that are as close as possible to the human eye. There is a 1-button easy and accurate adjustment. There is no dizziness and eye-strain for long hours of 3D gaming.

Price: $25.99
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Luphie VR Headsets for iPhone X

The Luphie visual and auditory system set is one of the best all-immersive VR glasses for iPhone X. They offer you Hi-Fi sound quality with Hi-Fi headphones ensuring complete soundproofing and a 360-degree surround sound. The headset is convenient to wear for a long period without any pressure to your eyes or your face. There is FOV 120 for a real viewing experience. The focal distance and pupil distance can be adjusted to match your specific needs. The design is very practical, weightless and comes with an adjustable phone mount for holding your phone in place.

Price: $24.99
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#10. VersionTech

VR Shinecon VR Headsets for iPhone X

The VersionTech 3D VR headsets have a matte surface and uses top quality HD optical resin lenses. There are three separate straps that can take away pressure from the nasal bridge. There is a super soft face foam protector and an overall comfortable design for amazing user-friendliness. With the PD and FD adjustment options, the viewing is a joyful and immersive experience for almost any kind of user. The front cover can be easily taken off enabling you to cool the phone while in use.

Price: $16.99
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