The iPhone X comes with an IP68 rating. This means that the device is water resistant, but not waterproof. So if you accidentally drop it in a bucket of water, or bring it for a short swim (less than 15 minutes), then your phone will be okay. Overall, it will be fine for 30 minutes of underwater stay at a depth of 3.3ft, but not more than that. Hence, if you want more security then here we have gathered some of the best iPhone X waterproof cases.

These waterproof cases will come in handy for times when you want to do some underwater photography, like when you plan to go scuba diving and other similar activities.

Best iPhone X Waterproof Cases Compatible With Wireless Chargers

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#1. i-Blason Waterproof Full-body Rugged Case with Built-in Screen Protector

i-Blason iPhone X Waterproof Case

Starting off our list of the top waterproof cases for iPhone X, we have a TPU and PC built durable water sealed rugged phone case for your iPhone X. It gives you 360 degree protection and includes secure port covers creating a waterproof seal.

The front of the case also includes a built-in screen protector which prevents water from getting in and keeping the display safe from scratches and scrapes. However, touch sensitivity is kept intact, so you will be able to use your phone even with the case on.

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#2. Goton Full Body IP68 Certified Waterproof Protective Case

Goton iPhone X Waterproof Case

This waterproof case gives you water resistance of up to 6.6 ft underwater for over 3 hours time, which makes it a nice upgrade over the IP68 rating. And besides making your phone waterproof, it also doubles as anti-frost, anti-dust, sand-proofing, snow-proofing and shock-proofing your phone. This is a great case for your iPhone if you a sports person.

The case is built with high-quality, durable plastic and a design which makes it easy to remove and install. The front of the screen also has a screen protector, and all the ports are covered to water seal the device.

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#3. SunRemex Dirtproof IP68 Certified Waterproof Design

SunRemex iPhone X Waterproof Case

This waterproof case gives your phone protection even if you are 10-ft underwater for more than 60 minutes. This makes the case perfect for all types of underwater activities with your iPhone X. Since it is a waterproof case, it does give you 360-degree protection with a screen guard and secure port covers. However, the screen guard is ultra clear, and no clarity would be lost while watching videos or while taking photos. Also, touch sensitivity is left intact. This also makes the case a viable option for day to day use as well.

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#4. Temdan UNIQUE Series Shockproof Waterproof Rugged Case with Kickstand

Temdan iPhone X Waterproof Case

Just like the above waterproof case, this one too can survive underwater for an hour at depths of about 10 ft. But this one is a bit more expensive than the previous case. This is mainly because the case is also quite sturdy and comes with a Military standard grading of 810g-516. This means that with the case on, your phone will be able to survive drops from 6.6 ft heights. Also, the case is well protected to keep your phone safe from snow, dirt, and dust as well as water.

With this much protection, the case doesn’t bulk up and only has a 0.5 inch thickness. So the slim and sleek style of your iPhone X will be preserved. Also, the front cover has a built-in screen protector like all the other cases. But this one has an ultra clear glass so that the viewing experience will be uncompromised. Overall, this is a perfect safety case for your phone which is great for both underwater and day to day use.

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#5. Eonfine Shockproof Waterproof Protective Case with Built-in Screen Protector

Eonfine iPhone X Waterproof Case

This one is another premium waterproof case for your iPhone X which gives you underwater as well as day to day protection. The casing is designed to withstand underwater environments of up to 6.6 ft deep for about an hour stretch. Then it can also withstand drops from heights of about 6.6 ft above the ground. It basically delivers overall protection for your phone.

Besides these parameters and the design, the case is pretty much similar to all other aspects of our previous entry.

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#6. Moonmini Underwater Shockproof Cover

Moonmini iPhone X Waterproof Case

The title does boast all the features the case brings to the table. You get a slim and sleek case with a perfect fit for iPhone X, so you can use the Touch ID function, speaker buttons, sensors and cameras without any issue, even though it is 360 degrees protected.

Now for the build, the casing uses high-quality TPU materials and a screen made of PET. What this means is that the case is highly durable and your phone will be safe in the harshest of environments, including underwater.

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#7. Mangix Underwater Cover Full Body Protective Case

Mangix iPhone X Waterproof Case

Most of the cases we discussed earlier, the maximum they could withstand was being kept 10 ft underwater for 1 hour of time. Now if you want more time down there then this case is what you need. With this on your iPhone X, you can keep it underwater for 2 hours at depths of 10 ft. Again, the case is also shockproof and will protect your phone even if it fell from a height of 6.5 ft above the ground. For its manufacturing, the case uses high-quality TPU to gain such high durability.

Now, the front side does come with a built-in screen protector, but this one is scratch resistant, with high touch sensitivity, so you don’t have problems operating your phone. Also, the lens for guarding the front and back camera is ultra clear, so the quality of pictures you will take won’t be compromised due to the case.

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#8. Pelican Marine Waterproof Case

Pelican iPhone X Waterproof Case

This is the most expensive waterproof case for your iPhone X on this list. For your money, you will be getting a slim five layer shell that will keep your device safe from water, snow, dirt, dust, scratches and even drops. It can keep your phone safe underwater for up to 6.6 ft for 30 minutes, which is not much compared to the other cases. But this one is highly durable, and it is tested to military specification and will survive multiple drops.

Also, even being covered from all sides and offering true 360-degree protection, the audio is not compromised, and the case does provide a superior audio experience.

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#9. Lontect Slim Thin Underwater Protective Cover

Lontect iPhone X Waterproof Case

If you want to spend more time underwater, this case will probably last the longest. It can keep your phone safe for up to 3 hours while being submerged at a depth of 6.6ft. It also protects from snow, storm, dirt, dust and also shockproof and can endure the occasional bumps and drops.

All the protection is bundled in an ultra slim casing which also makes it viable for day to day use. Call quality remains ultra clear, and the 360 protective case doesn’t compromise even the sound output through the speakers. The front screen that is provided uses PET which also makes it possible for you to use Touch ID. This is truly a case which you can use with your phone at all times, in every scenario.

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