Charging your phone has always been an irksome activity for most iPhone users. This is primarily because of the need to have your adapter and charging cable to be present with you wherever you go. With the newly launched iPhone X, you get wireless charging that can get rid of those cables and make your life easy. To make it even better, just get one of the best Wireless Chargers for iPhone X and experience the difference.

The new iPhone series comes with the Qi wireless charging technology and this makes it even easier for you as there are some really fantastic wireless chargers out there for the Qi. Before picking any wireless charging pad, you may need to look at the available choices to pick the one that aptly matches your requirements. To make this task much easier, we have compiled a list of top wireless charging docks you can buy right now.

Best iPhone X Wireless Chargers

Best Wireless Chargers for iPhone X 

#1. Belkin Boost Up Wireless Charging Pad for iPhone

Belkin iPhone X Wireless Charger

The Belkin Qi wireless charger is one of the best wireless charging pad available in the market. It allows you to effectively charge your Qi-enabled iPhone X without being bothered by the cumbersome wires or adapters. This charger comes with Qi-certified transmitting coils and this induction charger provides wirelessly a consistent charge to your phone whenever it is placed on the sleek charging dish. There is a cushioned pad that avoids the phone from slipping. The design is compact and with a sharp, black finish, this provides a stylish presence to your desk.

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#2. Spigen Wireless Charging Pad

Spigen iPhone X Wireless Chargers

Spigen is present as always with their F300W wireless charger for the iPhone X.  This charger provides wireless charging in the form of a stand design. It has three coils to deliver a larger charging range for a convenient experience with your iPhone X. There is indicator light to show the charging status. The F300W when used with a 2A adapter gives the most optimum results.

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#3. Turbot Wireless Charging Phone Stand

Turbot iPhone X Wireless Chargers

Turbot’s Qi-based charged can be recommended as a best QI Wireless Charger for Apple iPhone X. There are 3 inbuilt coils to give you an expanded charging area. You can simply place your iPhone in the center of the charger stand and get it fully charged quickly. When used with a 2A adapter, you tend to get far superior results. There are multiple colored LED lights for showing the charging status. As the design is that of a holder stand, your phone is active while getting charged so that you can still answer a call or keep listening to the music.

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#4. Pleson iPhone X Wireless Charging Stand

Pleson iPhone X Wireless Charger

Pleson is a lightning fast wireless charging stand for iPhone x and provides you with a cool 1.4 times faster charging. This charger is suitable for most popular kinds of cases and therefore wouldn’t be an issue. This charger gives you the option of charging your iPhone both horizontally or vertically. Besides this, the charger comes in a compact design with an anti-slip mat. There is a plethora of safety features such as a protection against over-voltage, under-voltage, temperature control, surge protection, and others. This charger is also sleep friendly as the LED indicator automatically goes off after 10 seconds.

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#5. Choetech iPhone X Wireless Charger

Choetech iPhone X Wireless Charger

Choetech is yet another good wireless charging option for the iPhone X. It also has three coils built-in and therefore provides you with a wider charging space and removing the need for a perfect placement alignment. There is temperature control that gets activated when a threshold is crossed. There is a Power-efficient mode to ensure safety of your phone. It is Qi-enabled and therefore you need not have to fuss about wires running all around.

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#6. Samsung Fast Charge Qi Wireless Charging Pad

Samsung Fast Wireless Charger for iPhone X

Samsung probably came up first with the wireless charging on their phones much before others. No wonder then that their wireless charger offering is also equally feature-filled and efficient. There is a wireless fast charging feature that is only for certain phones. The charger is portable and good-looking for handy travel. There is a multi-colored LED circle which shows the charging status. It is also Micro USB compatible making it even more resourceful.

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#7. TYLT Qi Wireless iPhone Charging Stand

TYLT iPhone X Wireless Chargers

TYLT provides lovely wireless charging dock for iPhone X. This charging pad has no plugs or connectors and gives you quick and easy charging. This charger also comes with a three-coil rapid charge feature that lets you place your phone anywhere on the stand for recharging without having to worry of precise alignment. This also functions like a desk charger where there is a 45-degree angle available with to view videos or check texts while charging.

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#8. JETech Wireless Charging Pad

JETech iPhone X Wireless Chargers

JETech is the last but not least choice for you on our list. It is a Qi-enabled wireless charger where you just have to place the iPhone x without any USB or other interface being needed. There is a power-efficient idle mode that helps to prevent overcharging your battery. This charger looks clean and refined and can be even better looking when the neat LED indicator lights are in use.

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Choose among the best iPhone X Wireless Chargers as they can be a worthy investment to go along with your new advanced & magnificent iPhone device. What are your thoughts about these chargers? Share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.


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