Best iPhone Xs Waterproof Cases: Don’t Let Your Phone Get Wet!

How often do you swim and regret that you could have bought a waterproof smartphone? Well, to be frank, you don’t need to buy a waterproof phone but you can protect your smartphone with so-called waterproof cases! Yes, today I am going to review best iPhone Xs waterproof cases just for you!

The waterproof iPhone Xs cases are designed in such a way that you can swim freely underwater & take those cool pictures! Or you can roam in the rain freely and capture some astounding videos when you have the waterproof case on your iPhone Xs. Moreover, these waterproof cases for iPhone Xs are compatible with wireless chargers. Let’s have a look at the best & cheap iPhone Xs waterproof cases of 2018 in detail!

Best iPhone Xs Waterproof Cases

Best iPhone Xs Waterproof Cases & Covers Compatible with Wireless Chargers!

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#1. Lifeproof FRĒ SERIES Waterproof Case

Without any second thoughts, I can recommend you Lifeproof waterproof iPhone Xs case. I have used this case on many of my smartphones and I found this was the finest of all waterproof cases! The case can withstand for 1 hour in water & can go up to 6.6 (2m) feet deep underwater! Now that’s enough for diving in a swimming pool or a dip in the ocean, isn’t it? Here’s how it looks, have a glimpse at it!

Lifeproof Waterproof iPhone Xs Case

The Lifeproof’s iPhone Xs waterproof case not only protects from water but also protects your iPhone from snow, dust particles and dirt. It’s shockproof and can bare the sudden drops without damaging your iPhone Xs! Make sure that you install it correctly as per the video instructions or check the user manual thoroughly. This waterproof case for iPhone Xs is available in 5 variants!

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#2. ORDTBY Underwater Full Sealed Case

ORDTBY iPhone Xs Waterproof Case

Yet another astounding waterproof case for your Apple iPhone Xs! ORDTBY cases are widely known for their underwater full sealed cases and here’s one of them. It’s designed keeping in mind for iPhone Xs and iPhone X users. Just life Lifeproof, this case too offers the best resistivity against water, dust, dirt & snow! Moreover, this is also considered as one of the best iPhone Xs clear cases as the phone is visible crystal clear from the backside!

It’s made of tough material but it’s equally soft at control areas which can be accessed with a gentle touch. The waterproof case is compatible with wireless charging and doesn’t have any signal blocking issues which are seen in few cases rarely.

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#3. Vapesoon iPhone Xs Waterproof / Snowproof Case

Vapesoon iPhone Xs waterproof slim case

Be it underwater or roaming on the streets during snowfall, your iPhone Xs is completely safe when you have Vapesoon’s waterproof case on it. Yes, this waterproof iPhone Xs case not only protects your phone from water but also from snow, dust, dirt, and shocks! Well, that’s just like icing on the cake, isn’t it?

Get the most stunning, slim and clear looking waterproof case for iPhone Xs from Vapesoon and you will never regret! The case is made of TPU & PC materials, so sit back & relax when your iPhone Xs slips from your hand!

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#4. i-Blason Waterproof Full-Body Rugged Case with Built-in Screen Protector

iBlason Waterproof Case for iPhone Xs

When I saw i-Blason waterproof rugged case for the first time, I was like, WOW! That design, vibrant colors and rugged case ensuring the complete protection of iPhone Xs. The case comes with 360-degree protection which has secure port covers ensuring there’s a waterproof seal all around the corners.

This iPhone Xs waterproof case is made of TPU & solid polycarbonate materials giving your smartphone durable drop protection. The front cover comes with a built-in screen protector which guards the front screen with scratches & dust! i-Blason’s waterproof case for iPhone Xs is available in Black, Blue, Green & Pink colors.

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#5. OTBBA Full Sealed Waterproof iPhone Xs Case 

OTBBA Waterproof Case Kit for iPhone Xs

OTBBA has got some impressive features in its waterproof case for iPhone Xs! It has been tested underwater submersible up to 10 feet deep for 1 hour. Wow! That’s the deepest in today’s iPhone Xs waterproof cases list so far! In that case, you can swim daily in your pool for more than an hour and as deep as 10 feet without any worries. It fits perfectly near buttons, sensors, cameras & speakers!

The back cover is transparent in this product which gives you a perfect view of your iPhone Xs without removing the case! The OTBBA case is available 2 variants!

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#6. Temdan Supreme Series Shockproof Waterproof Case

Temdan Shockproof iPhone Xs Waterproof Case

Temdan is yet another reliable & durable waterproof case for iPhone Xs users. The design of Temdan supreme series is completely different as compared to all other iPhone Xs waterproof cases.

It’s compatible with wireless charging feature and protects your precious phone from water, snow, dirt & dust! It’s IP68 certified waterproof case so you can trust it blindly and go for it! The case has passed many falling/drop tests from a height of almost 6.6 feet.  The front cover comes with built-in screen protector so you need not buy a separate one for your phone when you get this waterproof case!

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#7. JOTO Universal Waterproof Pouch 

Well, if you’re looking for the cheap iPhone Xs Waterproof cases, this should on top of the list for you! JOTO universal waterproof case if not actually a case but it’s a pouch where you can put your phone and lock the pouch. Besides your iPhone Xs, you can also put your credit cards, money and a lot more if you want to!

JOTO Waterproof Pouch for iPhone Xs

You can click pictures, take videos underwater when you put your iPhone Xs in this awesome waterproof pouch/cover! It protects your phone from water, snow, dirt & dust as rest of the cases do usually. The pouch comes with a simple snap & lock access so that nothing enters the pouch when your iPhone Xs is inside it.

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Summing Up!

I am sure you’re quite excited about your brand new iPhone Xs and so we are in presenting you these waterproof iPhone Xs cases. I hope you get the best iPhone Xs waterproof case from the above list!

Which among the best waterproof case for iPhone Xs are you going to buy? Share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.

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