Best LG G6 Accessories: Enhance the Performance of your Smart LG G6

LG G6 was released in March 2017 and it received warm welcome by Smartphone users across the world. Now is the time to change the accessories of your LG G6. A discerning user would always like to keep their smart devices brand new even after a year. Only the best accessories will help you keep your phone protected from all damages. We have sourced the best LG G6 accessories for you.

You have already purchased a few accessories for LG G6; but if you have missed out some, this list will provide you another chance to buy some of the best LG G6 accessories like wallet case, screen protectors, car mount, Bluetooth headset, armbands, wall chargers, charging stand, car charger, charging cable, Bluetooth headphones, flash drive, Bluetooth speakers, power banks, wireless battery charger, microSD card, and battery case.

List of Best LG G6 Accessories

#1. Best LG G6 Wallet Case [Abacus 24-7]

Abacus24-7 LG G6 Wallet Case

Abacus 24-7 has launched a multi-purpose LG G6 wallet case which not only safeguards your mobile but also has properties like card pockets (you can keep up to 2 credit/debit cards) and a transparent ID window. It is made from mixed leather and TPU material with corner coverage, ensuring 360 degree protection.

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#2. Best LG G6 Clear Case [Spigen]

Spigen LG G6 Case

If you are looking for a cover protection which could not only display, but also enhance your phone’s look, Spigen’s crystal clear LG G6 case will put an end to your search. With its flexible TPU pattern, it provides protection from scratches and dust and is extremely lightweight.Given the strong brand name, this can be one of the best LG G6 accessories for you.

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#3. Best LG G6 Tempered Glass Screen Protectors [Skinomi]

Skinomi LG G6 Screen Protector

Skinomi Tech skin LG G6 Screen Protector offers an ocular transparent screen protection with HD clarity. It is designed with a unique laser-cutting technology and thermoplastic urethane material which enables it to absorb UV light, sudden shocks, drop offs and scratches. It is convenient to install to give a bubble-free look, giving you a real touch experience.

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#4. Best LG G6 Car Mount [TechMatte]

TechMatte LG G6 Car Mount

Techmatte’s recent launch of Universal car mount is compatible design for LG G6 car mount. It holds a strong magnetic control which makes it highly reliable for your car’s air vent. This MagGrip vent comes with two car mounts, 4 metal plates which allow a smooth surface for your smartphone and a step by step user manual to keep the installation process simple.Car mount is one of the essential and best LG G6 accessories for users.

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#5. Best LG G6 Bluetooth Headset [SCD Wireless]

SCDWireless LG G6 Bluetooth Headset

SCD Wireless Solutions have introduced its LG G6 Bluetooth headset. It is basically an adjustable headset band which could be easily paired with your device. The headset has built-in rechargeable battery which can last for 10 hours of usage or 245hrs of standby mode. With its optimum wireless range of 30 ft., it not only supports hands-free calling, but also help you control volume, back, next options in a fraction of seconds!

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#6. Best LG G6 Armband [JOTO]

JOTO LG G6 Armband

LG G6 Armband designed by JOTO is a great option if you are looking for an accessory which will help you carry your G6 whilst doing work outs and sports. It is made from a premium neoprene and is highly elastic which provides a sweat free and long-lasting protection for your device.

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#7. Best LG G6 Wall Charger [CHOETECH]

LG G6 Wall Charger

With Qualcomm Quick Charge Technology, Choetech has launched its USB wall charger which charges four times faster than any other USB charger available in the market. It has a unique reversible feature which allows you to use it from either side with short-circuit protection.

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#8. Best LG G6 Charging Stand [AnoKe]

AnoKe LG G6 Charging Dock

It’s a charging dock, which aids phone charging and data synchronization. Its slim design makes it easy to handle with a phone holding design which enables you to watch movies and make calls hands-free. It is not necessary to remove the protective case for charging but you can charge your phone with or without the cover.

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#9. Best LG G6 Car Charger [CHOETECH]

LG G6 Car Charger

Choetech’s Quick Charge with 3.0 Port is an ideal choice for LG G6 Car Charger. It is also compatible for all the previous versions of the technology with a bottom auto-detect port ensuring high speed charging. Your safety is guaranteed with its built-in fuse which restrains from over-heating and short circuit.

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#10. Best LG G6 Charging Cable [Vinve]

Vinve LG G6 Charging Cable

Vinve’s LG G6 USB C cable has a magnetic connector which makes charger simple and ensures it doesn’t fall off while charging. Its cord is braided with anti-winding Nylon ensuring heat dispersal performance and is highly durable. It has an LED indicator light so when you are charging your device the light turns on!

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#11. Best LG G6 Bluetooth Headphones [Mpow]

Mpow LG G6 Bluetooth headphones

Mpow’s Bluetooth enabled wireless LG G6 headphones is designed with CVC6.0 noise cancelling technology which guarantees that the background noises have been filtered by the headset to give an absolute clear voice quality. It has a sleek and flexible neck-band which lasts for 13 hours of continuous usage and 350 hours of stand-by mode.

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#12. Best LG G6 Flash Drive [SanDisk]

SanDisk LG G6 Flash Drive

SanDisk Ultra dual USB drive is compatible for all USB Type-C and traditional USB connectors. You can easily transfer your data from your LG G6 device to the drive in order to free up space in the phone. It is available in 4 different storage capacities: 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB. The price mentioned below is for 32GB.

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#13. LightningKid [USB-C to Micro USB 2.0 Convertor]

LightningKid LG G6 USB Convertor

LightningKid is one of the best cable-cord adaptors designed for your LG G6 device. This 2-pack product has an adaptor with a USB Type C connector with Micro USB port. You can easily charge your phone by connecting with a standard power bank and a USB charger. Please note, it doesn’t have a Micro USB cable, however you can buy one LG G6 Micro USB cable to enhance its functionality.

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#14.  Best LG G6 Bluetooth Speaker [Cambridge Soundworks]

Cambridge LG G6 Bluetooth Speaker

Compatible for LG G6 phones, Cambridge Soundworks’ Ultra-Portable Bluetooth Speaker promises high quality sound even at a higher volume. With its water-resistant property, you can use it anywhere, including kitchen, poolside parties, bathroom, etc. It connects with Bluetooth in a fraction of seconds and has up to 12 hours of playtime.

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#15. Best LG G6 Power Bank [Anker]

Anker LG G6 Power Bank

Anker’s LG G6 Power bank is compact in size and is built with PowerIQ technology, which gives a 2mps speed while charging your device. It has a capacity to charge two phones to 100% and comes along with a Micro USB cord, a user manual and a travel pouch. Power bank is always one of the best LG G6 accessories for those, who literally abuse their smartphones.

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#16. Best LG G6 Wireless Battery Charger [Fonesalesman]

Fonesalesman LG G6 Wireless Charger

Fonwsalesman’s QiStone is one of its kind portable charging battery and the best choice if you are looking for a LG G6 Wireless Charger. You can charge several devices at the same time with its wireless transfer and wireless power feature. It has a compact design which makes it lightweight and durable.

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#17. Best LG G6 Micro SD Card [Samsung EVO+128 GB Micro SD with Adapter]

Samsung Micro SD EVO+ 128GB Memory Card with Adapter

Like LG V20, its G6 phone also offers you 32/64GB internal memory. A true-blue smartphone owner would like to dump his phone with so many contents (apps, games, photos, videos, movies and more). As a result, 64GB memory is not going to help such users; now, you can expand your LG G6’s built-in memory with Samsung Micro SD EVO+ 128GB memory card with adapter. Install this memory card and you can store all those big media files on 128GB memory card. Moreover, you can also transfer some third-party apps to this Micro SD card so that the default memory of your phone remains free.

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#18. ZeroLemon LG G6 Battery Case

ZeroLemon Battery Case for LG G6

ZeroLemon brings this battery case for LG G6 to keep your phone charged always. This 8000mAh battery case quickly provide 170% extra battery life to your LG G6 when your phone runs on low battery. This 170% extra battery life is equal to 24 hours of web browsing or 60 hours of talk time. In addition to charge your phone, this LG G6 battery case protects the phone with its soft TPU full edge. ZeroLemon offers best deal; the brand gives you 180 days guarantee/warranty with this battery case for LG G6.

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We hope from this exhaustive list of best LG G6 accessories, you are able to find the best suited one for you!! Which LG G6 accessories you like the most? Share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.

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