Best LG G6 Cases: Safety Accessories with Bewitching Elegance

LG G6 is doing well in the market now. The South Korean brand has certainly thrown a little challenge to Samsung, but not to Apple obviously. With sizeable fan-following, LG G6 surely meets the expectations of users. The sales of the LG G6 covers indicate that people have accepted the phone with open arms. To safeguard your pricey phone, we have sourced the best LG G6 cases for you.

We have sourced the best brands that manufacture the best cases for LG G6. Many smartphone owners are also loyal to accessories brands like Spigen, Supcase, Poetic, Ringke etc. The collection includes different types of cases; kickstand cases, clear cases, wallet cases, heavy-duty cases, and others.

As the new LG flagship is equipped with almost every feature expected in a modern top-end smartphone, the burden of keeping it safe and shielded increases significantly. There are different types of protective LG G6 cases available in a range of colors and with one of the leading brands, Spigen coming out with a whole variety of these cases. Check out the following list of best LG G6 cases and pick your favorite one.

14 Best LG G6 Cases and Covers

1. Spigen Rugged Armor

Spigen Rugged Armor LG G6 Protective Cases

Spigen’s Rugged Armor LG G6 case gives you glossy inflections and carbon fiber qualities in a flexible TPU case. The case has an inner spider-web pattern along with a lifted lip to safeguard the screen. There is Air Cushion technology to handle shocks coming from impacts and drops. The buttons are tactile enough and offer adequate feedback for a quick and smooth press.

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2. Spigen Neo Hybrid

Spigen Neo Hybrid LG G6 Case

The new herringbone pattern of this Spigen Neo Hybrid case captures attention of all users, who own LG G6. This heavy duty LG G6 case provides extra protection to the screen and camera with its raised lips. Its all-round bumper protection gives security to corners of your LG G6 phone.

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3. Spigen Wallet S

Spigen LG G6 Wallet Case

Spigen’s wallet case offers superior comfort and convenience to a business owner. This wallet case for LG G6 is made of premium synthetic leather with an embedded PC casing, which imparts luxury and elegance to the case. You can keep three cards and some cash in the card slot and cash pocket. You can convert the case into a kickstand case when you want to watch videos, movies, browse internet etc. Its magnetic lock keeps your phone secured.

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4. Supcase

Supcase LG G6 Case

Supcase presents a protective case with multiple features, and the glaring one is 360-degree rotating belt clip holster. The belt clip allows you to carry your LG G6 smartphone conveniently everywhere. When you are stuck in a crowded place, you are most worried about your costly smartphone. With Supcase’s rugged holster case, you are least bothered about your LG G6, which is securely attached to the belt clip. Another striking feature is its built-in screen protector, which eliminates the need of buying an extra screen guard for your LG G6.

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5. Ghostek

Ghostek LG G6 Case

This Protective LG G6 case is made of slim and crystal clear TPU body and aluminium frame. You can easily use all the features of your LG G6 as the case is made with precise cut-outs. It is Touch ID compatible and boasts tempered glass 0.33mm 9H screen protector. The TPU of this case absorbs any impact.

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6. Ringke

Ringke LG G6 Protective Cases

Ringke provides an immaculately lightweight fit to wrap around your new LG G6. It is one of the best LG G6 cases that you can get with the natural shape and design of your phone preserved as it is while adding excellent protection. The case boasts raised backside corners to protect your phone against scratches. Appreciate Ringke Active-Touch buttons that impart a natural feel and crystal clear shock-absorption. Ringke has employed its best engineering technology for perfectly crafted cut-outs for precise fit.

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7. Poetic

Poetic LG G6 Cases

Poetic Revolution gives you a heavy duty case with the idea that your phone remains as it is, naturally graceful, while getting the protection at hand when it is needed. This is a well-designed case and due to its thoughtful design, gives great protection against drops and other such impacts. With the presence of an anti-slip ridged texture, you get a fantastic grip. The case adds very little bulk because of being very slim while it showcases your phone with clarity. The material used is top-grade clear PC which is in turn molded with soft shock resistant TPU, making it a secure holder for your phone.

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8. LG G6 Spigen Tough Armor Case

Spigen Tough Armor LG G6 Protective Cases

Another Armor LG G6 case from Spigen, this one comprises of a dual-part build with the combination of a shock-resisting TPU and a long-lasting tough polycarbonate. It offers clearly tactile buttons and lifted bezels for lending button and screen protection. The cutouts are precise and large that hold most of the cables and you get certified military level protection against drops. Air Cushion technology is also present to make this case extra safe.

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9. Caseology

Caseology LG G6 Cases

Caseology provides you a wonderfully designed case that is contemporary and provides a novel, sophisticated spark to your phone with its geometric honeycomb design. The design is also equally functional, making it one of the best ergonomic cases with a great grip and well-contoured curves. This case for LG G6 gives you complete protection against impacts along with corner safety and nicely textured interior grooves for shock absorption.

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10. Maxboost

Maxboost LG G6 Cases

MaxBoost gives you a premium yet thin PC case that adds remarkable protection without adding weight and also makes it quite portable. This case offers 360 degree protection. It can be used in place of one of the LG G6 bumper cases as it involves a 4-sided protection coverage including the corners. The case is precisely designed to suit the LG G6 with proper cutouts for the buttons and ports. With a lovely smooth matte-finish outer layer, you get very good grip and also amazing scratch resistance.

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11. NageBee

NageBee LG G6 Cases

This is one of the topmost LG G6 wallet cases out there. You get ultimate panache, comfort and safety for your phone with this case. This is great for travel as the case doubles up as a wallet with convenient card storage slots along with separate space for your receipts, business cards, etc. The quality is absolutely stunning with the plastic insert almost unbreakable and with a shielded magnet folding type closure. This case is lined with soft microfiber on the inside and it offers protection against scratches, bumps, fingerprints and dust.

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12. CoverON

CoverON LG G6 Cases

This CoverON case is made with top class TPU material. It is ultra-thin and very light in weight giving daily protection to your LG G6 even while on the move. This case has a minimalist yet classic look and gives that edge to the LG G6 natural look. There is scratch resistant coating for the daily wear and tear hazards. The material used is very flexible, built with rubber-like compound and the case has a very low profile while fitting your phone like a second skin.

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13. Spigen Ultra Hybrid

Spigen Ultra Hybrid LG G6 Protective Cases

The last two cases on this list are both by Spigen, who has really raced ahead of the rest as far as LG G6 cases are concerned. It is made with clear yet tough polycarbonate with the usual TPU bumper providing added grip and a slim profile. The transparency offered is absolute, giving your phone the chance to shine out in its original look and design. There is a raised lip to safeguard the screen and camera from flat surfaces. The buttons are well pronounced for an easy feel and the cutouts are big enough and precise.

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14. Spigen Thin Fit

Spigen Thin Fit LG G6 Protective Cases

The final Spigen case is also a thin and feather-light case for the LG G6. The case is hard enough due to being built with high quality PC. It gives an almost case-less and minimalist look to your phone for flaunting the original looks. The buttons are properly exposed with the port opening situated properly for a quick and fluid access.

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