Best LG G6 Screen Protectors: Worry No More About Keeping Your Screen Damage-Free

Since LG G6 has hit the market with a bang, the need to get adequate protective accessories, which also encompasses the LG G6 Cases, becomes imperative. The LG G6 Screen Protectors are among this bunch of must-get accessories that keep your phone screen safe and shielded against scratches, bumps and fingerprints.

There are some best LG G6 screen Protectors available out there that offer modern and high quality safeguarding against routine day to day hazards. It is better to take this added precaution instead of having to face the unpleasant situation of changing the phone screen after it gets damaged. Listed below are some of the best screen guards for LG G6.

Best LG G6 Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

1. Armorsuit

Armorsuit LG G6 screen protectors

The ArmorSuit Military Shield gives you incredible transparency along with UV protection to avoid the yellowing process. The material used for constructing the protective film is the same as used in military aircraft’s and space shuttles, making it amazingly tough. It also comes with self-healing characteristics to further enhance the grade of protection offered. This protector also features resistive qualities towards corrosion and moisture formation. Despite being so overwhelmingly protective, it is still very slim and fits the shape of the LG G6 perfectly.

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OMOTON LG G6 screen protectors

The Omotion screen protector has a specific design with laser-cut precision. Its dimensions are clearly defined to provide expansive safety to the device screen. As it is exclusively made for the LG G6, the fit is just awesome. Being one of the top LG G6 Tempered Glass Screen Protectors in the market, it features a 9H hardness rated screen that easily resists scratches (even by a knife) and undesirable nicks. It gives you a quick and easy installation with the bubble-free adhesive that comes with it. You also get HD Retina clarity along with full clarity. The hydrophobic and oleophobic screen coating is present to shield from sweat and oil residue from fingerprints.

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SPARIN LG G6 screen protectors

This is a screen protector particularly designed for the LG G6 phone with ultra-potent 9H hardness rated imported Japanese tempered glass that is even harder than a knife. The screen protector is almost thrice more tougher than a usual screen protector film. The protector gives great screen responsiveness and complete transparency with just 0.3mm thickness. You can enjoy the usual dynamic experience with your screen with no hindrance from the protector.

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4. Supershieldz

Supershieldz LG G6 screen protectors

The Supershieldz screen protector for LG G6 is made with top quality tempered glass and comes with 100% bubble-free adhesives for simple and rapid installation and removal. There is no residue left behind when it is removed. The protector offers first grade protection against scratches, fingerprint smudges and scrapes. While offering this excellent protection, it maintains complete HD clarity and actual touch sensitivity.

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5. Dmax Armor

Dmax Armor LG G6 screen protectors

Dmax Armor is a name known for its superior toughness possible due to the premium, uber tough tempered glass that safeguards from both scratches and impacts from drops. You can get an absolutely clear screen experience with natural touch sensitivity. The installing and removing process of this LG G6 screen guard is very easy and can be done in a jiffy. Additionally, this package comes with a dust remover, screen wipe and a lint-free cloth for continued maintenance of the screen.

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6. Ringke

Ringke LG G6 screen protectors

Beautifully designed Ringke screen protectors for LG G6 provide total protection with the high quality tempered glass and maintains full screen resolution. It is also just 0.33mm thick and gives you amazing levels of touch sensitivity which makes you forget the presence of a screen protective layer. This is possible because of the Real glass properties, which are factored into the material along with added features such as Advanced TouchTech property that enables quick glide and faster natural response. The edges are 2.5D rounded so that you fingers can simply move through smoothly.

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7. TechFilm

TechFilm LG G6 screen protectors

This is another top-notch LG G6 screen protector with superlative toughness for comprehensive protection. There is a 99.9% HD clarity which makes the screen usage a pleasure despite the application of an additional layer on top. The protector comes with screen coating to resist moisture, prints and oil smears. TechFilm offer precise cutouts that fit the LG G6 perfectly well.

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8. IQShield

IQ Shield LG G6 screen protectors

The IQShield screen protector for LG G6 goes one step further by giving mind-blowing protection with a tempered ballistic glass that also offers HD visuals on the screen without hindrance. It is merely 0.33mm thick and adds no bulk to the screen. The installation doesn’t need any extra tools and the presence of ‘Accurate Touch’ technology allows the screen to be completely responsive. This ballistic glass prevents almost all kinds of scratches and bumps. The rounded edges also add further damage resistance.

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9. TopACE

TopACE LG G6 screen protectors

TopACE has an exclusively cut design for the LG G6. It exhibits strong protective features such as potent anti-scratch capacity along with strength that is almost nine times tougher than a regular glass. It is also wonderfully wear-resistant along with having anti-bacterial and anti-glare properties. There is also radiation protection along with giving exceptional responsiveness and clarity. This is a well-durable protector with a lovely slim profile.

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