Best LG V30 Wireless Chargers: Avoid Those Tangled Cables

If you are planning to buy an LG V30 then you should, it is a wonderful phone. But have you given thought on how to take advantage of its wireless charging capabilities? Yes, the device does support the functionality, but there are no wireless chargers available with the device purchase. So here we are going to take a look at some of the best LG V30 Wireless Chargers which you get on the markets.

Now, do note that these chargers are made by reputed manufacturers, and therefore, there is no doubt about the qualities. Remember, the online market is flooded with countless wireless chargers, but you need to buy only those, which are compatible with your LG V30 smartphone.

Best LG V30 Wireless Chargers

Best LG V30 Wireless Chargers

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BEZALEL Slim Qi Wireless Charging Pad
CHOETECH Qi Certified Wireless Charger
Turbot Wireless Charger
PLESON Fast Wireless Charger
Seneo QI Wireless Charger
Samsung Wireless Charging Pad
Seneo Fast Wireless Charger

#1. BEZALEL Slim Qi Wireless Charging Pad

BEZALEL Slim Qi Wireless Charging Pad

The Bezalel QI charger is very slim, small and highly portable. Just connect it to a power source and put your phone on it to charge its battery wirelessly.

A great feature of the charger is its LED indicator which glows for a few seconds to indicate that the charging is in progress, but then it stops and enters sleep mode.

This is one of the best QI Wireless Chargers for LG V30 Phone if you are thinking about quality. It is compatible with all QI-certified smartphones and comes with a 12-month warranty.

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#2. CHOETECH Qi Certified Wireless Charger

CHOETECH Qi Certified Wireless Charger

The Choetech QI charger is one of the best LG V30 Wireless Charging Pad which you can get on a budget. To use the device you need to connect it with a 2 Amps AC adapter/power source which is basically the wall charger that you will get with your smartphone. Once connected and charging starts, a blue light will go off indicating the same.

Now, this is the cheapest wireless charger on this list, but it maintains quality. You only have two restrictions, however; there is no wall charger plug provided with this, and it is incompatible with mophie battery cases.

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#3. Turbot Wireless Charger

Turbot Wireless charger is another LG V30 wireless phone charger that we are considering. It is also one of the fastest chargers on this list thanks to QUICK RESPONSE functionality.

Also, like the above two entries, it is a phone stand, and you won’t have to keep your mobile lying down. It comes with a 2-coils support which ensures a wider charging area. There is also a multi-colored LED to indicate the charging status.

For the best experience, it is advised that you use a 2A adapter with the device for the best performance. Also, it doesn’t come with a wall charger plug.

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#4. PLESON Fast Wireless Charger

PLESON Fast Wireless Charger

The Pleson Fast Wireless charger is extremely fast if you already didn’t get that from its name. It provides 1.4 times faster charging and is compatible with almost all case types.

The charging stand is also remarkable and allows you to keep your phone horizontally or vertically during the charging process. It also comes with a lot of safety control measures, and a sleep-friendly feature which disables all sound and light while your device is being charged. Another feature which makes it one of the best LG V30 Wireless charging stand is the 60-day money back guarantee that you get.

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#5. Seneo QI Wireless Charger

The Seneo QI wireless charger is much like the previous one, in the sense, it too provides 1.4 time faster charging. Other than this you get a handy phone stand which enables you to do work as the device is charging. There is also an intelligent LED light on this LG V30 wireless cell phone charger which will show you the charging status. However, you will need to purchase a QC 2.0 to get the best charging rates.

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#6. Samsung Wireless Charging Pad

The Samsung Wireless charger is one of the best QI Wireless Charger for Your LG V30 smartphone, even though it is targeted towards Samsung’s own QI-enabled devices.

This one is more premium and costlier alternative on the list. The charger is very basic but is extremely reliable and sturdy. It gets the job done without much complaint, but when problems happen, you will get a one year warranty.

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#7. Seneo Fast Wireless Charger

Last but not the least, we have Seneo Wireless charger in the list of LG V30 fast charge wireless charging pad. Even though overtly stated in the name that it is for the Note 8, the charger works perfectly with LG V30.

The charger comes with a sleek and sturdy charging pad on which you can keep the phone to do work while it is being charged.

Notable feature of the charger is its foreign body detection which will turn off the charger once there is any magnetic pad, metal case, or incompatible phone on the charger.

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