Best Lightning Cables for iPhone and iPad: Most Durable Charging Cable for iPhone & iPad

Your iPad and iPhone lightning cables perform on multiple levels. Strength is one of the primary elements of the most durable lightning cable; and then comes transfer speed. When you connect your iPhone or iPad with your computer or Mac, a genuine lightning cable will quickly sync your iOS devices with the computer. And perhaps, therefore, users are always looking for the best lightning cables for iPhone and iPad.

Finding an iPhone and iPad charging cable is a tough nut to crack; however, we have simplified the process. This list of Apple lightning cables includes some of the leading brands that manufacture high-quality lightning to USB cable. You can choose any one or more for your iOS devices.

Best Lightning Cable for iPhone and iPad

Best Lightning Cables for iPhone and iPad

iPhone and iPad
Charging Cables

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MFi Certified
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Nylon Braided

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Anker PowerLine
Reduced Cord Resistance
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#1. AmazonBasics

AmazonBasics Lightning Cable for iPhone and iPad

This Lightning cable for your Apple devices from AmazonBasics is Apple MFi certified. It features an additional layer of protection at both the ends. Thus, you can charge your devices without any worries of getting them damaged.

Wondering, how will this cable work? Well, its application is quite simple! Connect your Apple devices to the Lightning connector and plug the USB connector into your wall charger or PC. Moreover, you won’t find the need to remove the case whenever you connect your device with this Lightning cable.

Price: $7.99
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#2. AmazonBasics Nylon Braided

AmazonBasics Nylon Charging Cable for iPhone and iPad

Want to buy a Lightning cable that is a bit longer than the original one you got with your iPhone? If yes, then the nylon braided USB A to Lightning Cable from AmazonBasics is an ideal one to buy.

With this Lightning cable, you can comfortably use your iPhone or iPad even while it is plugged in. The high-quality copper wires used to maximize the signal quality and also increase durability. Nylon fiber cloth is used as a protective cover for the copper wires. In addition to this, the nylon fabric is waterproof and hence can handle your daily wear and tear.

Price: $9.99
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#3. Anker PowerLine

Anker PowerLine Charging Cable for iPad and iPhone

Anker has always been a trusted brand in the field of tech accessories. Millions of users are using its products. You can also be one of them by picking the Lightning cable for your iPhone and iPad from its multiple products.

Designed with wide-diameter wires and reduced cord resistance, this cable delivers incredible charging speed. Thus, you can charge your devices on the go with this cable. Further, it is six feet long. You can utilize the maximum amount of flexibility you need when you have the PowerLine cable from Anker for your devices.

Price: $8.99
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#4. Onson

ONSON iPhone and iPad Lightning Cable

Are you in search of lightning cables that vary in length? Bring home the combo pack of Lightning cable from Onson. It possesses four cables of varying length – one of 3 feet, two of 6 feet, and one of 10 feet. You can pick the one as per your need and use.

This nylon braided cable frees you from those tangling and twirling wires and its robust construction ensures a perfect charging experience for your devices. You can even sync your device with other devices with this cable. It offers you a transfer speed of 480 MB/sec. Isn’t it great?

Price: $14.99
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#5. Anker

Anker Lightning Cable for iPhone and iPad

The Apple MFi certified Lightning cable from Anker is compatible with a pool of your Apple devices – be it your iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPad Air, or your iPad Mini. Well, this is not it. The list is even longer.

Featuring 4000+ bend lifespan, this cable can be a perfect travel partner for your Apple devices. Squeeze it to the smallest possible size to fit it in your backpack without worrying about the cable wearing out. Moreover, the Lightning connector is designed to fit into all the case cutouts. Hence, no more hassles of removing the case for charging devices.

Price: $5.99
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#6. Anker PowerLine II

Anker PowerLine II Durable Charging Cable for iPhone and iPad

Here, we have an advanced version of Anker’s PowerLine Lightning Cable i.e. PowerLine II. It is competent enough to withstand more than 12,000 bends and is 12 times stronger as compared to other cables available on the market.

Anker is so sure about its quality that it provides a lifetime warranty on this Lightning cable. This one is 40% stronger than its previous model. Also, its MFi certification ensures fast charging for iPhone and iPad. Its ergonomic design and solid exterior are such that you won’t find the need of taking other factors into consideration.

Price: $12.99
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#7. Takagi

Takagi iPhone and iPad Charging Cable

You can get a pack of three 6 feet Lightning Cables if you make your purchase from Takagi. The nylon fiber cloth braided tightly around the cable keeps it tangle-free and also enhances its durability.

This cable serves two purposes – charging and syncing. Want to transfer data, photos, movies, or audio files from one device to another? It’s simple! The Lightning cable from Takagi can easily do the work for you. Apart from all these, the small head of the cable lets you plug it into the device without taking off the case.

Price: $9.99
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#8. Hiway

Hiway Long iPhone and iPad Charging Cable

Again we have a pack of three Lightning Cables. But, this time it is from Hiway. The nylon braided cable charges as well as syncs your Apple devices. The nylon fabric is braided in such a way that it offers a great look to the cable.

Pure and thick copper wires make charging faster and stable. It also ensures the fastest possible charging speed and maximum transmission speed. The cable has gone through a lot of tests like Plug testing, temperature environmental test, aging test and much more so as to confirm durability and safety to the user as well as their devices.

Price: $10.28
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#9. Anker PowerLine+

Anker PowerLinePlus Most Durable Charging Cable for iOS devices

PowerLine+ from Anker is a 10 feet long Lightning cable. You can charge your iPhone & iPad and operate them at your convenience and comfort. It assures 6000+ bend lifespan to make it one of the most durable Lightning cables.

Built from aramid fiber core, this cable demonstrates extreme durability with its double braided nylon exterior. The connectors at both the ends are welded using the Laser. Moreover, it comes with an adjustable strap. You can adjust its length to fit it in your travel pouch.

Price: $17.99
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#10. Ulimag

Ulimag iPhone and iPad Durable Lightning Cable

The pack of 4 Lightning cables from Ulimag consists of cables with varying lengths. One is of 3 feet, 6 feet, 6 feet, and the last one is of 10 feet. So, you can use either one as per your need and convenience.

Constructed from high-quality copper wire, this cable is capable of charging your Apple devices at a lightning speed. It even enables you to transfer data between two devices with its ‘Sync’ functionality. This cable is rigorously tested through different kind of tests to guarantee 100% safety to your precious devices.

Price: $14.99
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