We all face battery issues, right? So it gets difficult to carry the charger along all the times, and so in that case we carry the power bank. The power bank is useful only for phones and so this Lightning cables for iPhone and iPad proves fruitful. This charging cable not only charges your iPhone, but also other iOS devices and wireless accessories.

Lightning cable usually should be purchased with MFi certification, because if it is without any certification, it can prove dangerous for you and your device as it can even cause fire. The heavy duty lightning cable is usually certified by Apple and the product is durable. To solve this confusion, we have brought this list of best Lightning cables for iPhone and iPad.

Best Lightning Cable for iPhone and iPad

Best Lightning Cables for iPhone and iPad

1. Amazon Basic

Amazon Basics Lightning Cable


This Lightning cable by Amazon Basic is available in various sizes. The Amazon Basic is Apple MFi certified charging and syncing cable. You can connect iPod, iPad with lightning connector and charge by connecting USB connector into computer or the wall charger.

It is one of the most durable lightning cable with the compact lightning connector that fits nearly all devices of Apple. To reduce frying and proving durability, there is additional layer of protection. Various tests have been conducted and cables have been tested to bend 95 degrees 4000 times.

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2. Anker

Anker Powerline Lightning Cable for iPhone and iPad

The Anker premium lightning to USB cable is certified by Apple, is durable and is superfast when it comes to data transfer and charging. With the feature of 24 Carat Gold-Plated which resist heat and corrosion. The effective bendspan is 4 times the other cables.

The Anker powerline lightning cable is made with the high quality materials and technology which will enhance the performance and safety. This 3 feet Anker lightning cable is comes with outstanding warranty. So replace your old cable with this.

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3. Xcords

Xcords iPhone and iPad Charging Cable

The 10 feet long Lightning to USB cable with 8 pin connector by Xcord is the most portable and flexible cable. The braided cord fiber jacket makes the Apple iPhone charging cable durable and tangle free.

The lightning cable by Xcords consist of the premium quality charging cable which ensures the complete and fast charge and sync compatibility with Apple lightning devices. It is the most perfect product for you to use while you are charging. With the 12 months warranty, connect your iPod, iPad and iPhone and enjoy the experience.

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4. iXCC

iXCC Lightning Cable

iXCC element series 3 feet lightning cable is Apple MFi certified made for your iPod and iPad; the product is available in different sizes. The cable is best if you have high usage when you are at home or office, travelling by car etc.

Though the era is of portability, one also needs to have best USB C wall chargers. This cable by iXCC ensures fast charging and data transfer. The lightning cable sync and charge with the speed and is best suitable for iPod, iPhone and iPad.

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5. Native Union

Native Union Charging Cable for iPhone

Native Union belt cable is 10 feet in size. The lightning to USB charging cable comes with the leather strap. It is one of the best lightning cable of 2017 which is ultra strong and that makes it durable and strong. The ultra slim connector works with the cases and covers for iPad, iPod and iPhone.

The extra long 10 feet cable wire will let you use and charge the device at your convenience. With the leather strap that rolls up and also secures cable to keep it neat and tangle free. The O-flex strain relief design at connector will provide the flexibility that absorbs stress two times than the regular strain relief. While the unique feature of more than 10000 bend lifespan will make it 6 times stronger than the standard lightning cable.

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6. Charger

Charger Lightning Cable

The 6 feet lightning to USB charging cable has passed various tests and is compatible with almost all the devices of iPhone, iPad and iPod. With the usage of 118 threads 0.08 copper makes the cable more thicker than others, thicker diameter ensures less resistance to allow greater charging current.

The connector head of this product can fit for most of the cases and can be repeated while plugging in and plugging out. While giving life time warranty, it has passed several tests and hence proved its durability and solid.

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7. RND

RND Apple Certified Lightning Cable

The Apple certified RND lightning to reversible USB 10 feet cable for iPhone, iPad and iPod Data sync is one of the best iPhone charger cord. With the MFi certified connects your device with lightning connector and charges or sync by connecting USB connector to wall charger. The durability and flexible slim design is best while travelling, you can use it along with the different devices.

The iPhone charging cable is made from high quality plastic, copper shielding and nickel plated connector to detect fast, reliable and reliable data while synch with your device. The data and cable sync device comes in various different variant.

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8. Cambond

Cambond iPhone 7 and 7 Plus Charging Cable

Cambond presents a 10-feet iPhone charging cable and MFI certified lightning cable that charges and syncs with your iPhones, iPad and iPod. This extra long charging cord is made for hard to reach USB ports and out of sight wall chargers, so you can charge the device at your convenience.

This Cambond cable fits almost all the cases. The aluminum connector part and braided jacket provide better protection for the inner wires. The braided iPhone charging cable makes it easy to choose this product. It is very flexible and can bear up to 4000 times bends. It supports super fast charge with 2.4 amp charging capabilities from 2.4 A output USP port on wall or car chargers.

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9. MOS

MOS Spring Lightning Cable

MOS spring lightning cable comes in different ranges. It is a perfect combination of style and durability. With the lifetime warranty, the aluminum body provides lightweight and extremely durable housing to offer scratch resistant surface and premium look and feel. Its exoskeleton jacket utilizes multiple layers of protection, making it perfect even if there are cuts and still makes it flexible.

The spring has been designed as carbon–blackened to ensure that the color never fades or flakes. The feature of jacket in MOS cable helps it to protect the inner conductor and also keeps it tangle free.

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You can now choose the best lightning cables for iPhone and iPad from the above list of best options. Don’t forget to share your views on Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter.


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