Best Mac Cleaner Software: Clean Up Unwanted Data and Cache Files

Every operating system requires regular updates and cleanups. There are numerous clean up apps and software available in the tech market so whether you have Microsoft Windows, UNIX, Linux or macOS, you need to have a good Mac cleaner software to delete junk files, cache files, unused app and unwanted data that are eating up the space of your operating system. Here, we have listed some of the best Mac cleaner software for you.

With this paid and free cleanup software, you easily improve Mac performance if your Mac is running slow. Hence, to assist you with finding the best MacBook cleaning software, we have conducted a review to list down top 10 paid and free cleaner software for Mac which promises to keep your system free from unwanted files.

Best Mac Cleaner Software

Best Mac Cleaner Software in 2018 (Compatible with MacBook Pro and Air too)

#1. AVG Cleaner

AVG Cleaner for Mac is equipped with identifying the hidden clutter of unnecessary data which takes up a lot of pace on your Mac OS and hence cleaning up the space for more relevant files which you would prefer to save like photos, music, apps and data files. AVG has conducted various tests on different versions of Mac OS to ensure you are getting the best clean up software. It scans all the application caches, trash, mail & other downloads, and junk files which get accumulated in the system with a single click. Also, it tracks down duplicates for your preview and performs a clean up to improve the performance.

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#2. CleanMyMac 3

CleanMyMac 3 not only cleans up the operating system but also elevates and maintains your Mac’s performance. It’s Safety Database with a list of rules and algorithm ensures that it scans everything and only deleting the right files. It also identifies gigabytes which just piles up when you view your photos and cleans those up without any impact on your photos. Hence, offering a smart solution for cleaning up the system including emails, trash, iTunes, and photo gallery as well in different categories like iTunes junk, iPhoto junk to ensure that you are fully aware of what is recommended to be removed.

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#3. CCleaner

CCleaner is an award-winning OS optimizer which is extremely easy to install and could be put to use with a single click. There are 3 versions available including free download, Professional and Professional Plus. All of these have their respective features, later being more progressive than the previous one. Its free download includes privacy protection i.e. removing the browsing search history and cookies to keep it confidential and optimization of the OS to make it faster. However, its Professional version is the popular one which includes advanced features like real-time monitoring, scheduled clean-ups, automatic updates and a free trial is also available.

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#4. Dr. Cleaner

Dr. Cleaner for Mac can be downloaded for free and offers space optimization and disk clean up. It also monitors your system to ensure improved performance and high productivity. The app provides a real-time update on CPU and network usage for you to scan and remove unnecessary files anytime. It also, erases temporary files, mail cache, junk files and so on. Like other clean up software and apps, it arranges the recommended files in categories and sub-categories for you to assess whether you want to delete it or not.

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#5. DaisyDisk

DaisyDisk scans & analyses data to share a visual interactive map of all the drives including built-in & external as well other folders basis the space consumed by each of the different sources. It makes it extremely easy for you to identify any unusual data for review and to decide if you would want to delete it. DaisyDisk is quite popular and effectively used by IT professionals, filmmakers, photographers, and artists worldwide. The scan is updated real-time which enables you to assess whether you have sufficient space for new downloads.

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#6. MacCleanse

MacCleanse is quite popular for some of its unique features which set it ahead of other clean-up software. You can set schedules for recurring clean-ups, create a blacklist or whitelist to set up instructions for what files need to be excluded from the scan and deletion activity and prompts you in case an existing software or app hasn’t been uninstalled properly. You can also trim installed apps through PowerPC binary data which lets you remove only the part of the app which isn’t used by you. Hence, ensuring you have sufficient disk space and efficient OS at the same time.

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#7. Disk Clean Pro

Disk Clean Pro Mac cleaner, keeps your system away from unnecessary junk files making it more efficient and improving overall performance. It is one click solution for identifying and removing cache files, trash and unfinished download files in the quickest way possible by thoroughly scanning through the system and free up space for the disk capacity. To add on, it also identifies and delete any duplicate files including data, photos, and videos and is equipped with internet privacy protector which ensure that the browsing history is deleted from browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.

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#8. Disk Inventory X

Its treemap format for visual presentation of different folders and data files makes Disk Inventory X extremely simple to understand and use. You can click on each category to view its content and then deciding upon what needs to be deleted, making it absolutely your decision to remove anything from your Mac. You can download it for free and free up the disk space in few minutes. In case of any assistance required, you can quickly view a minute video which walks you through its utility at its best.

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#9. OnyX

OnyX has a basic interface with standard features of a clean-up software. It has been added to the list for its user-friendly approach, its availability in different languages and is certified with no malware and adware. Its multi-functions include clean up on hidden functions, system maintenance whilst f=verifying the disk and the system, hence customizing applications to make them efficient. It works well for Mac devices, however, it has different versions supporting different versions of Mac, so it would be advisable to download the compatible software to fit your purpose.

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#10. MacKeeper

MacKeeper keeps your Mac device free from unnecessary files and protects your device in online as well as offline mode. It enables you to perform faster cleanups, lets you update or remove apps in a couple of clicks and also provides protection from online threats. It shares analyses for you to assess if any recurring clean-up activities to be set up and have been rated as one of the best Mac Cleaner software.

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