Best MacBook Pro Stands: Design desk with Adjustable Laptop Stand

The MacBook Pro is among the most beautiful devices available with a sleek, brushed aluminum finish and a lovely stylish design. To complement such an amazing device, you should definitely get one of the best MacBook Pro Stands that lets you experience maximum convenience while enjoying the usage of your MacBook Pro.

The laptop stands for MacBook Pro and MacBook Air are important accessories just like the MacBook Pro bags, MacBook Pro keyboards and MacBook Pro cases. This is a sensible investment to support your long hours of working on your wonderful laptop.

Despite the MacBook Pro being a very lightweight notebook, it still gets a little tiresome of constantly placing it on your lap. At times, you may also need a bit more height while using it.

The MacBook Pro vertical stand and similarly MacBook Air Stands help out to sort these kinds of little hurdles with pronounced reliability. Each of these stands offers various styles along with different functionalities to meet your individual requirements. So, get ready to relax your wrists, neck and back by choosing an apt stand from our list given below.

Best Macbook Pro Stands

Best MacBook Pro Stands (Compatible With MacBook Air too)

#1. Twelve South HiRise

Twelve South Macbook Pro Stand

This is a fantastic height adjustable stand that allows you to increase the MacBook Pro height to a suitable comfortable level. You can quite conveniently increase up to 6 inches of height on your MacBook. The stand is made of robust aluminum and works with all the latest MacBook models, particularly MacBook Pro. It has a spring-based piston that lets you to modify the height. It also provides two silicone-lined arms which hold the notebook firmly while not compromising on the airflow.

Price: $61.99
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#2. Twelve South BookArc

Twelve South BookArc mod Macbook Pro Stand

This is an attentively designed MacBook laptop stand made out of beautiful birch hardwood. It actually creates a hybrid between furniture and technology. This macbook Pro stand dock has an elegant arc shaped stand that lifts up the height while clearing up desktop for a clear workspace. BookArc becomes a unique accessory on its own. This stand comes with two soft, silicone inserts that can be swapped to make it fit to different MacBook models if you want. Additionally, this stand gives you an integrated cable management system which makes sure that your cables stay organized without cluttering around the system.

Price: $44.54
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#3. Griffin Technology

Griffin Technology Macbook Pro Stand

Made with sturdy aluminum and comprising of a minimalist design, this MacBook Pro stand is also compatible with most home decors. It holds your notebook at just the right elevation with safety to ensure a convenient viewing angle without straining your neck. It matches the recommended ergonomic standards by maintaining the top of your screen at a position on level with your eyes and at an arm’s length from it. The height gained due to this stand is about 5.5 inches and it also keeps the system cool with round about air circulation.

Price: $39.05
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#4. Fortune by TM

Fortune by TM Macbook Pro Stand

This is one premium laptop cooling stand that fits the MacBook Pro model with aplomb. This MacBook Pro stand helps to distribute the heat and keep it cool as you keep working for long hours. It is made with a sturdy block of U3 aluminum alloy which despite being lightweight is quite strong. It can very comfortably withstand the wear and tear of routine usage. You get to increase the height to suit your specific needs with the help of 6 modifiable height settings that help to elevate and lower as needed.

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#5. Ibeauti

Ibeauti Macbook Pro Stand

Much like its name, Ibeauti is an exquisitely designed striking wooden stand holder for your MacBook Pro. No matter whether you use your system at home or office, be it over a desk or on the floor, this portable laptop Stand with its feather light, foldable form factor provides travel-friendly characteristics for versatile use. The cable management structuring helps to maintain connections in a handy and accessible manner. The uber slim body further adds to its excellent portability.

Price: $29.99
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#6. Steklo Portable Desk Stand

Steklo Macbook Pro Stand

Steklo is made with durable aluminum with a sand-blasted and silver anodized finish to match the cool panache of your MacBook Pro. It folds up to a compact size while maintaining incredible air flow while in use. The height level can be raised for better ergonomics while bringing the screen to eye level. Due to such suitable ergonomics, you can zero in on an ideal sitting posture thereby preventing adverse health conditions such as the neck disk syndrome.

Price: $22.99
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#7. Rain Design Vertical Laptop Stand

Rain Design Macbook Pro Stand

This MacBook Vertical Stand helps to eliminate almost 65% of the MacBook Pro’s desktop footprint while still providing great air circulation and keeping your system cool. The creative floating design used helps to bring about utility space beneath the MacBook for improved airflow. It gives an additional MacBook-desktop setup when paired with an external display or monitor. This lets you have a brilliant huge display and a functional setup, best of both worlds kind of scenario. This mTower stand is constructed with single piece aluminum with a smooth and even surface that looks clean and graceful. This all-aluminum material facilitates the mTower to work as a heat sink.

Price: $38.17
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#8. elago

elago Macbook Pro Stand

This is a MacBook Pro flip stand providing an ergonomic user-friendly angle of usage for your system. Such an angle prevents slouching and lets you to type in a much easier manner. When you are not using the notebook, the flip stand works like a buffer between the MacBook and the surface where it sits on. This helps to avoid formation of scratches. Sophisticated magnet technology is put into use to keep the flip stand in place and to maintain the MacBook’s raised height when in use.

Price: $24.99
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#9. AmazonBasics

AmazonBasics Macbook Pro Stand

AmazonBasics has brought out this remarkable metal laptop stand that fits the MacBook Pro quite nicely. This stand helps to enhance user comfort levels along with reducing the notebook heat effectually. You can increase the system screen height by up to 6.1 inches bringing it up to your eye level. This adjustable laptop stand also helps to tilt the MacBook slightly forward and this actually shifts the screen a little bit nearer for convenient viewing. It has a super cool silver-anodized finish along with sandblasting having been done for eye-catching aesthetic value.

Price: $19.99
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#10. Vogek

Vogek Foldable Macbook Pro Stand

Vogek is a straightforward, functional MacBook Pro stand that gives you comfortable height increase with your MacBook screen and avoids neck fatigue efficiently because of this. It also helps to tilt your keyboard for convenient typing by an optional 8 and 20 degrees. The height increases up from 6 to 9.5 inches. It has an open design for better air flow and silicone feet design for stability. In addition, this stand is very portable as it has a foldable form factor that is convenient to carry in your backpack.

Price: $25.99
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#11. Bujian

Bujian Macbook Pro Stand

Bujian comprises of an open wedge design for reducing the heat of the system and consequently brings down crashes. The screen height is boosted up for convenience and it helps a lot during long hours of use. The material used in its build is a single block of aluminum of premium quality and is composed of 90% recycled source materials. There is an integrated cable management structuring for organizing wires properly without clutter. The front edge stabilizes the position of the MacBook Pro and prevents it from sliding it from the stand. You can adjust the stand positions according to your needs up to a comfortable 18 degree typing again.

Price: $49.99
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#12. Prosumer’s Choice

Prosumer Choice Macbook Pro Stand

This is an ideal stand for MacBook models between 10 and 15 inches of size, in specific the MacBook Pro. It lifts up the keyboard and screen to a user-friendly beneficial angle for comfortable typing and viewing. The stand is handy enough to accompany you on travels right in your bag or backpack itself. It offers a great solution for those of you who have extensive hours of usage and feel the strains routinely on your eyes, back and neck. The stand is made of high-strength, polished aluminum that does not bend or break in a flimsy way. It can hold your MacBook pro safely and securely. There is sort of an inbuilt passive cooling system that allows for better airflow than other regular plastic or wooden stands.

Price: $18.99
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