Best Media Streaming Devices: Watch Online Content On Smart TVs

Media Streaming Devices are the next big thing in communication and technology space. Its unique feature of connecting your smartphone or iOS device to the big screen makes it ahead in the race as compared for various 4K monitors which are also has a market among customers.

We have reviewed and shortlisted some of the best media streaming devices, so as to guide you for making the right choice while you may think of buying one.

Best Media Streaming Devices

Best Media Streaming Devices of 2017

Top Rated Streaming Devices of 2017 – Table of Contents
Amazon Fire TV Roku Ultra
Amazon Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote Apple TV



NVIDIA Shield TV is one of the best media streaming devices which offers the fastest and hassle free 4K video delivery to enhance your experience. You can watch movies, television shows; even play games with hi-definition picture quality. You can operate multiple apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO, ESPN, Showtime, Pandora and the list of endless. It features Google’s revolutionary voice search functionality which finds things for you! It promises to give you the highest quality gaming experience which wills the aroma with all the audio graphics you can think of. You can try and explore exclusive Android games or transfer your PC game library to convert it into a 4K HDR experience.

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#2. Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV

Amazon’s best streaming media player, promises to deliver best 4K TV experience which supports 1080p ultra HD streaming for amazing picture quality. It supports Amazon Video, You Tube, Netflix and many more without even using an actual 4k TV. You can enjoy over 15000 apps with more than 300,000 episodes of television series of your choice. With Alexa voice remote control, you can easily adjust the volumes as well as giving voice commands to view different apps as well as other activities like ordering pizza, etc. It has a dedicated graphic engine as compared to previous versions of Amazon Fire TV. Its Wi-Fi connectivity has improved, has built in 2GB and 8 GB storage with an expandable storage up to 200GB.

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#3. Amazon Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote

Amazon Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote

One of the cost effective and top rated streaming device for TV, Amazon’s Fire TV stick comes with Alexa Voice Remote functionality which lets you enjoy streaming for more than 15000 apps and games including NBC, WatchESPN, Disney, Amazon and many more. You don’t require any cable or satellite for connectivity. Exclusive offer for Prime members, you get the unlimited access to Prime videos including latest movies and television series without any additional cost. You can resume the video from where you’d left it last time and download movies to save it for your travels. Easy to install, simply plug the Fire TV stick to the HDMI port of your TV, connect with the Wi-Fi and enjoy streaming your favorite stuff.

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#4. Roku Premiere

Roku Premiere

Roku has a series of TV streaming devices which are equipped with amazing features. This model is a 4K UHD, one of the best media streamer which features quad core processor and a dual wireless band. With a resolution of 1080p, it delivers high definition picture quality which enhances the minutest details of the content. You can access more than 450000 TV episodes and movies across more than 4500 paid or free apps including You Tube, Netflix, Amazon, etc. which gives you endless choices. You can filter and search the options for say looking for a cheapest app available, etc. It has an easy to operate, remote control through which can create shortcuts for convenience. To add on, Roku has a free app which supports Android as well iOS devices to do voice search and viewing phone content.

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#5. Roku Ultra

Roku Ultra

Another media streaming box by Roku with high definition and ultra HD clarity. The device is complimented with an enhanced remote control for voice commands and browsing. It also features quad core processor with dual wireless band. The device is loaded with features like digital audio output equipped with Dolby sound over HDMI and optical, headphones for private listening, gaming controls and voice search. In case, you have forgotten where you have left the remote control, there is nothing to worry, you just need to press a button on your Roku Ultra which will guide you to its location! You can complement the device with one of the best 4K monitors, in case you don’t have one!

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#6. Apple TV

Apple TV

When we talk about best streaming devices compatible with iOS, Apple offers one of its own streaming devices to make your experience elaborative. They call it Apple TV which simplifies everything for you with a box. You simply need to create a login id and it supports only single sign-on which takes away the hassle for logging every time you use it! It lets you choose among various apps available. You can watch live TV, video streaming apps like Netflix and Amazon and even listen to great sound quality audio through iTunes. With compatibility with more than 1600 apps, you will never miss your TV with an added feature of voice search and commands to simplify it further.

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#7. Chromecast


Chromecast is a TV streaming box which you can plug into the HDMI port of your TV for an exemplified fastest experience. It is easy to use; simply connect your smartphone and TV with the device to watch your favorite movies, television series, live sports and what not. It works with iOS devices as well, so if you have an iPhone, iPod or Mac, you don’t need to search for another device to enjoy the same features. You can search for a wide range of free apps which offers endless range of TV shows, movies, songs, radio, sports, games and many more.

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