In today’s time and space, stress is a killer, both literally and figuratively. A number of people feel the impact of stress no matter whether they are young or old. With the strain of various day to day responsibilities of modern day living, almost everyone feels the cold, dark shadow of stress wreaking havoc with their mental peace. There are ways around this ubiquitous villain of sorts. The usual measures of exercising, music, yoga, meditation, etc. are always successful in giving you a measure of control over stress.

Among the various methods, meditation is probably the most effective solution to calm and soothe your mind. A simple body-mind routine developed and practiced for thousands of years, meditation is a single most powerful way to attain complete relaxation. In fact, many people have reaped immense benefits in their personal and professional life just by following a regular meditative routine. However, nowhere is the impact of meditation more obvious than in conquering your daily stress and relieving your mind to be at peace.

With the rapid advance of technology, you can obtain the fruits of meditation by using some excellent supportive tools. Often life comes in the way of planning and following regular de-stressing meditation routines. This is where the meditation apps come into play. With everyone carrying a smartphone, the meditation apps help by giving reminders, progress tracking, providing meditative sounds of different varieties and also offering guided visualizations to perform meditation. Let us look at some of the best meditation apps for both iPhone and Android.

Meditation Apps to Beat Daily Stress and Rejuvenate Yourself

Best Mindfulness Meditation Apps for iPhone and Android

1) Buddhify:
Buddhify Meditation AppsBuddhify, developed by Mindfulness Everywhere Ltd, is a simple yet useful app with a friendly interface. This app offers easy guidance to users taking up meditation practice. Buddhify has a rainbow wheel of choices that asks whether you are waking up or feeling stressed or taking a break during work and then provides the apt meditation for that moment by dialing it up. The functionality of this app is smooth and brilliant. You get over 80 custom guided meditation audio tracks. Every topic has varying times of meditation right from five minutes to 30 minutes. You also have the option to rate your relaxation level and measure up your progress using stats.

Download Buddhify for iOS | Download Buddhify for Android

2) Omvana:
Omvana Meditation AppsOmvana, developed by Mindvalley Creations Inc, provides a calming interface with simple options to get you right away into a meditative mood. The interface with a soothing blue field and pretty icons get you involved from the beginning. This app is quite easy to use and you can simply click through to the guided meditation that you prefer. The quality of the app and its functioning is first-rate. The most impressive part is the huge library of guided meditations from different meditation experts from around the world. This app lets you record your present mood and obtain the right meditation for the mood and moment. Furthermore, apart from de-stressing your mind, Omvana also provides help through meditation on other aspects of your life.

Download Omvana for iOS | Download Omvana for Android

3) Headspace:
Headspace Meditation AppsHeadspace, developed by Headspace Meditation Limited, is a dynamic app with a dynamic interface that grabs your attention from the start. The interface animation is sparkling yet not too overwhelming to maintain a light mood. Headspace works by providing a beginner’s Take10 program that lets you learn the basics of meditation and relaxation in 10 minutes a day for 10 days. Beyond this, you have the option to subscribe to other more expanded routines to improve specific areas of your life. The app’s quality and functionality is just top-notch and no wonder the app has received glowing reviews from users looking to gain mental peace by overcoming stress.

Download Headspace for iOS | Download Headspace for Android

4) Calm:
Calm Meditation AppsCalm, developed by Inc, gives you an interface that lets you dip into the arms of natural bliss. This app’s interface will plunge you gently into scenes of natural beauty and drench your mind with soothing music and calming sounds from nature. With Calm, new meditation practitioners can learn the basics of mindfulness meditation by using this app’s 7 Days of Calm program. The quality of the app is very good with flawless functionality. The goal of the app is geared towards getting your mind to calm down and get good sleep. The app gives you over 50 meditations along with other mind-tuning routines for improving other mental aspects of your mind.

Download Calm for iOS | Download Calm for Android

5) Insight Timer:
Insight Timer Meditation AppsInsight Timer, developed by Insight Network Inc., is one of the best meditation timers available on the market. The app has recorded Tibetan bells of highest quality that ring out in its entirety instead of simply cutting off after some seconds. The sounds offer a serene calmness to the mind. The complete energy, feel and design provide an unassuming and soothing sense. Other attractive features such as an intuitive interface and the presence of a community to meditate along with other around the world make this app unique. You can set the timer according to your need and track your progress. Guided meditations are also provided along with different community groups that you can join.

Get Insight Timer for iOS | Get Insight Timer for Android

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