In this technological era, there are a lot of gadgets available; tablet is one from the category. Amazon has introduced a series of tablets with multiple features at a very affordable price. Amazon Fire HD 10 and 8 tablets are a few latest ones. Fire tablets are thinner, lighter and with longer battery life. Moreover, tablets with eminent features need larger storage, while Fire Tablets 6, 7, HD 8 and HD 10 have storage capacity ranging from 8 GB to 64 GB; however, these Fire tablets offer a microSD card slot to expand storage up to 256GB. Here we have filtered out a few best microSD cards for Amazon Fire tablets to solve storage solution.

We would like to tell you that memory cards for Amazon Fire HD tablet not only benefit you with storage issue but also indirectly help your tablets run smoothly without getting hanged or lagged. Major advantage of these micro SD cards is you get the best experience of your tablets and best use out of it. With more storage space you can have more fun, more applications, more music, games, HD videos and lot more.

One of the striking features of these microSD cards is they can work in any situation. So, if (by mistake) your micro SD card got washed off in water, you should not worry as these micro SD cards are designed in such a manner that they are totally water proof. Moreover, microSD cards for Amazon Fire tablets listed below are shock proof, temperature proof and magnetic proof.

Best microSD cards for Amazon Fire Tablets

Best microSD Cards for Amazon Fire 6, 7, HD 8 and HD 10 Tablets

#1 SanDisk 64 GB

SanDisk Ultra 64 GB SD card

SanDisk has come up with class 10 performance 64GB micro SD card exclusively made for Amazon Fire Tablets. With this micro SD card of 64 GB, you can enjoy more storage by downloading more applications, games, videos and what not. Furthermore, you are benefited with smoother operation; you can work with multiple activities on your Fire tablet at the same time without any delay or lag.

Price: $22.29
Buy it from Amazon

#2 Kingston 64 GB


Kingston Technology brings Kingston 64 GB micro SD card with Ultra High Speed UHS-1 i.e. you can have faster file transfer with 90 MB/s for reading and 45 MB/s for writing. You can check out its best in class feature where you can combine micro SD card with SD adaptor that converts into a Full size SDHC/SDxC card. It works with almost every device and also Fire Tablets.

Price: $102.00
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#3 PNY Elite 128 GB


PNY Elite micro SD card of 128 GB can prove to be a boon to your Fire Tablets since its Class 10 U-1 rated performance lets you experience full HD video and photography. Moreover, PNY Elite micro SD card is powered by 4-proof technology by which it endures any rough and tough condition. So far it has 85 MB/s read speed and faster and smoother file transfer.

Price: $47.33
Order it from Amazon

#4 SanDisk Ultra: 200 GB SDxC

SanDisk Ultra 200 GB SD Card

With SanDisk Ultra 200 GB SDxC card, you can have all pleasures out of your Fire Tablets. Best part of SanDisk Ultra micro SD card is it offers SanDisk Memory Zone App for your device where you can manage and backup your devices’ data. We recommend to go for this micro SD card as it is shock proof, temperature proof, water proof and X-Ray proof, and can work with any condition.

Price: $75.95
Purchase it from Amazon

#5 Samsung 32 GB EVO Plus Class 10 micro SDHC

Samsung EVO 32 GB Sd card

Samsung 32 GB EVO plus Class 10 micro SD cards for Fire tablets work with most of the devices and especially with Fire tablets. Samsung micro SD cards have 80 MB/s transfer speed and are compatible with devices with micro SDHC and micro SDxC slots. By far, it is faster in speed as well as smoother in performance. You can go with this micro SD card as it is magnetic proof, X-Ray proof, temperature proof and water proof.

Price: $15.99
Buy it from Amazon

#6 Samsung Pro Plus: 64 GB Micro SDxC

Samsung Pro 64 GB Sd card

Samsung Pro Plus 64 GB microSD cards for amazon fire tablet are fastest in file transfer speed, 95 MB/s reading and 90 MB/s writing. It is ideal for 4K content as well as Full HD video recording and high resolution pictures. Best fit for your Fire Tablets as it brings you not only storage facility but also reliability with faster and smoother operation.

Price: $49.00
Buy it from Amazon

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