If you love to play Nintendo Switch game, then you would surely be crazy for its accessories too, right? With the new games, what attracts the most is its companion i.e. accessories. There are various third-party best Nintendo Switch Accessories listed below.

This list of must-have Nintendo switch accessories includes carrying cases, screen protectors, microSD Card, Power Bank, Switch dock, Switch Playstand, Bag, Games, Bluetooth gaming headset, Joy con strap, car charger, Joy con controller and many more.

Let’s have a look at these cool Nintendo switch accessories which can prove fruitful for you. The following are the top rated accessory that can be used along with the Nintendo Switch games.

List of Best Nintendo Switch Accessories

#1. PDP Nintendo Switch Starter Kit

PDP Nintendo Switch Started Kit

This accessory is officially licensed by Nintendo. This Nintendo Switch Starter kit consists of everything you need for gaming. It is possessing a strong case with 3D molded which will protect the switch console and screen protection kit. With this kit, your console will look attractive.

The kit includes the screen protector, earbuds, applicator, cleaning cloth, character-branded Joy-Con Armor Guards, and thumb caps.

If you are a true Mario fan then this kit is perfect for you as the whole kit is having a design that is inspired by Mario.

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#2. Premium Console Case

PDP Nintendo Switch Premium Console Case-Mario Edition

This marvelous console case in black is a must-buy if you want to accessorize your switch console. It is officially licensed by Nintendo.

The Nintendo Switch premium console case can store and protect your switch console. The case can hold 14 game cards and includes one cleaning cloth in it.

If you are a Mario fan, then you can purchase this case as this will be having Mario’s themed design on it.

The Nintendo Switch carrying case is made from the soft canvas and its zipper case can be opened and closed easily. This accessory would definitely increase the value of your switch console, then why not buy this product easily and at a very affordable rate.

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#3. PDP Starter Kit

PDP Nintendo Switch Starter Kit

This accessory in black is officially licensed by Nintendo. This product is “everything you need” while you are playing the game; you can play the game anytime and for hours.

The PDP Nintendo Switch carrying case includes a screen protector, earbuds, applicator, cleaning cloth, character-branded Joy-Con Armor Guards, and thumb caps.

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#4. Premium Console Case-Zelda Edition

PDP Nintendo Switch Premium Console Case - Zelda Edition

This is the product which is officially licensed by Nintendo. The product is beautifully crafted with which you can flaunt your console case. It is designed as Zelda: Breath of Wild theme, so all the fans of Zelda game can opt for this console case; it is a must-buy if you are a fan of this game. This case is made of soft canvas and is having zipper case which makes it easy to open and close. It would hold up to 14 card games.

This Nintendo Switch Zela carrying case also has the cleaning cloth in it. In this Nintendo Switch Zelda case, you can keep all that you need and can play games as long as you want.

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#5. Starter Kit- Link’s Tunic Edition

PDP Nintendo Switch Starter Kit - Link Tunic Edition

This Nintendo Switch Starter Kit is officially licensed. This kit is inspired and designed as per the Zelda: Breath of Wild theme.

The kit includes screen-protector, Joy-Con Armor Guards, earbuds, thumb-caps, character-branded cleaning cloth, and applicator. It is made of the strong case having 3D molded designs which would store and protect the console easily. If you want to play games for hours, then this is the perfect kit for you.

The people who are purchasing the game Zelda: Breath of wild should also try the accessories of the same theme.

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#6. Secure Game case-Zelda edition

PDP Nintendo Switch Secure Game Case - Zelda Edition

This game case will store up to 6 switch game cards. The design of this case is inspired by the game of Zelda theme. This case will store and would protect the game cards in an easy manner. It is having an exciting feature of spring loaded pop- out- drawer. This Zelda edition game case can be used anywhere and anytime.

The gamers who are a fan of this game Zelda would be able to find their favorite character in this Game case. This Nintendo Switch protective case is easy to use and store games at very low rates.

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#7. Secure Game Case- Mario Edition

PDP Nintendo Switch Secure Game Case-Mario-Edition

As these Nintendo Switch accessories are inspired by the Mario theme, there is another accessory i.e. game case on the concept of Mario. This is for all the Mario fans. It is officially licensed by Nintendo. The red color with the Super Mario encrypt on it will make you fall in love with this Gaming case.

This Nintendo switch game case will hold up to 6 switch game cards in it. This product will store as well as protect your game cards.

The unique feature of this case is spring- loaded pop-out drawer which makes it easy for the storage. The person can hold and store all his favorite games in it easily and conveniently.

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#8. Nintendo Switch Screen Protector

PDP Nintendo Switch Official Screen Protection Kit

This screen protector is officially licensed by Nintendo and includes a screen protector, applicator and cleaning cloth in it. The unique feature of this screen protection kit is, it can protect your switch with anti-fingerprint coating.

The Nintendo Switch screen protector is also having a scratch resistant screen which will give you HD clarity. With this, you can maintain clarity and can protect your console in the most efficient manner.

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#9. Nintendo Switch Zelda Screen Protector

Zelda Collector’s Edition Screen protection and skin

The design of this Nintendo Switch screen protector and skins is inspired by Zelda: Breath of Wild. This protector helps you to protect your Switch screen.

The screen protector has matte skins for switch console and doc. This is officially licensed by Nintendo and it includes 2 rubber thumb caps in it. The protector can be removed without leaving behind any residual.

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#10. LVL 1 Afterglow Chat Communicator

PDP Afterglow LVL 1 Chat Communicator for Nintendo Switch

This chat communicator is specially designed for the Nintendo Switch system. This headphone is having flexible boom and noise-canceling microphone, which will help you in clear communication.

The headset is very easy to use and possesses the comfortable on-ear design. It also has easy-to-use chat volume and mute control which can be controlled easily as and when needed.

With this headphone, you can enjoy playing adventurous games and also stay connected with your friends. Another feature in this product is it consists of 30 mm driver for the incredible chat audio.

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#11. Nintendo Switch Zelda Chat Earbuds

PDP Nintendo Switch Premium Zelda Chat Earbuds

This Nintendo Switch premium Zelda chat earbuds is officially licensed by Nintendo. These earbuds are specially designed to work with Nintendo Switch console and the design has been inspired from Zelda: Breath of Wild.

The earphone is very durable and can be carried along very easily during traveling. This is very simple to use and contains hassle-free lay-flat cable and chat earbuds with in-line mute control. These earbuds are very nicely packed; it includes a zipper case and a silicon cable wrap.

It is perfect earbuds if you are a fan of the game Zelda as it has got the marvelous look. The attractive accessory can always increase the value of your game, then why not to purchase this amazing product.

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#12. Nintendo Switch Headphones

PDP Afterglow LVL 3 Gaming Stereo Headset for Nintendo Switch

This stereo headset is specially designed for the Nintendo Switch System. It is very easy and comfortable to access.

With this headset, you can experience your favorite games easily, and stay connected with your friends while playing an adventurous game.

Through this headphone, you can block all the distractions with flexible boom and noise-canceling microphone and can easily adjust the volume with the help of accessible in-line controls. It has smooth comfortable ear cup design which will protect your ears nicely.

The gaming headset has 40 mm Neodymium drivers which will give you an incredible audio and crystal clear sound so that you can enjoy your favorite games.

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#13. Joy-Con Strap

Nintendo Switch - Joy-Con Strap-Neon Blue

This Nintendo Switch Joy-con strap is available in Neon Blue color. This is the wrist strap, which has to be attached to the Joy-Con controller for the games which include motion control or the active play. If the strap is attached, it will allow the player to press easily SL and SR buttons.

The strap is durable and can be used easily. It is compact and can be removed easily as and when needed. It is one of the accessories required for your games, which will help you in controlling the controller.

The strap accessory would clip the controller from inside for the betterment of the game. So enjoy your game by accessorizing it with this Jo-Con strap.

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#14. Elite Player Backpack

PDP Nintendo Switch Elite Player Backpack

This is basically a bag with a zipper on it, for easy use. The bag can hold and protect the Nintendo Switch console system.

The zipper bag is spacious enough to hold all your third-party accessories like full-sized headphones, switch pro controller, dock, cables, additional controllers, switch game cards and other essential items required for all the gamers.

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#15. Nintendo Switch Official Play & Charge Car Adapter 

PDP Nintendo Switch Official Play & Charge Car Adapter

How important is a battery for any of the electronic items? Very much, whether it is phone or iPad or music system or our Gaming console, the low battery signal always upsets us. So if you are traveling by your car and you want to charge the console then this is the perfect car charger adapter.

This charger is also having mess- free flat cable and such device would be easy to use and to be taken during travel and you can have hassle-free charging in your car itself.

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#16. HORI Compact Playstand

HORI Compact Playstand for Nintendo Switch Officially Licensed by Nintendo

This Nintendo Switch play stand is a portable device. It is light-weight and easily can be carried. One can enjoy playing the game anywhere with the perfect angle with using this device.

The playstand is having rubber grips, which help the device to fold perfectly and is secured so it holds Nintendo switch at perfectly adjusted angles. It is having charging point, through which you can charge anywhere even while playing the game.

The rubberized grip will also help the device in maintaining the stability. The portable stand is easy to use. You can charge while playing in the angled stand.

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#17. Twelve South HiRise Dock

Twelve South HiRise Dock

This charging dock is actually made for iPhone & iPad, but it perfectly works for Nintendo Switch. This dock allows you to play your favorite games while it is being charged with Apple licensed USB – C cable. Moreover, you need to buy a USB power adapter that can charge your Switch. This charging dock is a perfect ornament to embellish your workstation; you can also place this charging dock on your bedside table and play games if you wake up early in the morning.

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#18. OMOTON Switch Stand

OMOTON Nintendo Switch Stand

Give your Nintendo Switch better stability while it is being charged. This Omoton stand provides sticky suction mount base, which is crafted from a nano-adsorption material. You can adjust this multi-angle stand to 210 degrees to play games comfortably. Appreciate its anti-slip and anti-scratch pad that offers complete protection to your Switch. You can easily charge your Nintendo Switch while it is stuck in the stand; simply use Table Top mode. The stand is lightweight but is solid as it is made of durable aluminum.

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#19. FASTSNAIL Nintendo Switch Dock

FASTSNAIL Nintendo Switch Dock

Fastsnail has exclusively designed this collapsible playstand for Nintendo Switch. You can adjust the height of this stand to get a comfortable viewing angle while playing games. This Switch stand is made of superior quality materials to make it strong enough to hold your Nintendo Switch and give you a stable visual effect. The collapsible stand can be folded up to carry it anywhere; simply put the stand in your bag and go places.

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#20. SanDisk Nintendo Switch SD Card

SanDisk Nintendo Switch SD Card

If you are a true-blue gamer, you would like to download many games on your Nintendo Switch. But over a period of time, system memory runs out, and you have to buy a microSD card so that you can transfer Nintendo Switch games to a microSD card. You can store a number of games as this card boasts 256GB capacity; its premium transfer speed of up to 90MB/s allows you to quickly move all your heavy games.

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#21. Anker Nintendo Switch Power Bank

Anker Nintendo Switch Power Bank

After prolong gameplay, your Nintendo Switch battery needs charging. In this situation, Anker PowerCore high capacity portable charger comes handy. With its 20100mAh battery capacity, you can quickly charge your Switch and enjoy uninterrupted gaming sessions. This portable charger can be used while you are traveling long distances; and to make your journey memorable, Nintendo Switch is your perfect companion. This Anker portable charger is recommended by prestigious Time magazine, and therefore, you can easily trust its capability.

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#22. HORI Game Card

HORI Game Card Case 24 (Zelda Breath of the Wild Version) for Nintendo Switch Officially Licensed by Nintendo

This Game card will store and organize up to 24 Nintendo Game Card. It is a compact and convenient Game Card case also features Zelda: Breath of Wild.

The unique feature of this game card is it has memory card holder which can be used for storing memory in it. Using this memory card holder you can easily add and remove games.

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#23. Deluxe Game Case

PDP Nintendo Switch Deluxe Game Case

This Nintendo Switch deluxe game case can store and protect our favorite game cards while traveling. The game can store up to 24 Nintendo Switch card games. This case is perfect for crazy gamers, who love to play game all the time.

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#24. Joy-Con(L/R)- Gray

Nintendo Joy-Con (L-R)-Gray

This Joy-Con controller will make new kind of game possible to use with Nintendo Switch. This controller offers new ways to play and have fun.

With this controller, you can play games independently as well as together in one game controller if attached to Joy-Con grip. You can even attach this controller to the main console if you want to use handheld mode and also can share it with your friends to enjoy two-player action games.

The Joy-Con is having a full set of buttons and it can act as a standalone controller. The controller includes an accelerometer, gyro-sensor so that you can control the motion left and right.

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These best Nintendo switch accessories will help you in playing games effectively, then why not to buy them and flaunt it. Do share your views and feedback with us, it is valuable to us. You can write us on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.


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