Best One Plus 3T Protective Cases

OnePlus 3T smartphone is released and people are making a beeline for this phone that boasts awesome features. With 6GB RAM and 64/132GB internal storage capacity, this smartphone is surely going to give tough competition to other brands. If you have made up your mind to purchase this phone, you should also think of protection of OnePlus 3T phone.

This list of OnePlus 3T cases includes the best protective cases of different style, design and materials. We have created this list with bumper case, wallet case, leather case, One Plus 3T Clear Case, flip case, transparent case etc.

Best OnePlus 3T Protective Cases


KAPAVER One Plus 3T Hard Case

Your OnePlus 3T needs protection from both sides, and therefore KAPAVER brings a case that is made of tough carbon fiber textures and anti-shock cushion pattern. While carbon fiber textures protect the phone from scratches, the cushion ensures that your OnePlus 3T is secure against accidental shocks. Raised lips of the case are perfectly crafted to secure touch screen of your smartphone.

Price: $11.99
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2. Ringke

Ringke One Plus 3T Bumper Case

Ringke is one of the leading names in smartphone accessories. This hybrid case for OnePlus 3T is a perfect companion of your smartphone. Any user can proudly flaunt the OnePlus logo with this OnePlus 3T Clear Case made by Ringke. Ringke has left some space for you to customize the case. With this case, you get a DIY template to express your creative genius on your case. Either you can keep the transparent & clear look of the case or make some gorgeous designs with the template included.

Price: $11.99
Purchase it from

3. Poetic

POETIC One Plus 3T Transparent Case

Poetic brings a beautiful protective OnePlus 3T Bumper Case. The design of this case captures attention of any user; the front of this case is simple, but creativity is shown at the back. Check out the black anti-scratch TPU stripes providing your phone protection when you place it on any surface. Its raised corner protection protects the camera lens of your smartphone. Moreover, this case has anti-slip side design that gives you a firm grip when you hold your phone in your hands.

Price: $12.95
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4. Spigen

Spigen One Plus 3T Case

Spigen is undoubtedly the best brand in the world of smartphone accessories. For your OnePlus 3T, Spigen has manufactured a sleek case in black colour. The glossy profile of this case sets you apart from other smartphone owners; a special camera cut-out has raised edges to protect the camera lens of your smartphone. This case is so thin that it adds little bulk to your OnePlus 3T phone. The spider web pattern inside the case secures your phone from accidental shocks and drops. The flexible TPU allows you to install and remove the case easily.

Price: $12.99
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5. Orzly

Orzly One Plus 3T Clear Case

Orzly offers a crystal clear design of this case that lets you showcase the real beauty of your OnePlus 3T smartphone. Its slim profile of this case adds little bulk or weight to the phone. Precisely crafted cut-outs allow you to access all essential features of your phone; check the opening to access alert slider on your OnePlus 3T phone. The camera cut-out is nicely secured; the case seamlessly gels into the profile of your phone. You never feel that your phone is protected by a transparent case.

Price: $9.99
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OEAGO One Plus 3T Kickstand Case

If you are looking for rough-and-tough protective kickstand cases for your OnePlus 3T smartphone, OEAGO can help you. Design of this case itself reveals its robust profile; the case is made of soft TPU and impact resistant hard plastic shell. Both materials provide full security to your phone from inside and outside. This means, your OnePlus 3T is protected even if you drop it accidentally. In addition to protection, this case offers you perfect viewing angles with its built-in kickstand. Watch movies, videos and more; you can also read emails or eBooks on your phone.

Price: $5.99
Purchase it from

7. Belk

Belk One Plus 3T Wallet Cases

Belk presents a stunning OnePlus 3T Wallet Case. If you passionately love classic design and material, Belk is your best choice. To impart a classic flavour, Belk has sourced premium soft PU leather, which is further aged. It flaunts retro vintage style with a host of features like hard crafted stitching, satin interior lining, sewed with waxed thread etc. Like all other wallet cases, this one too offers your great functionality; you can easily store credit or debit cards and currency notes in the slots and pocket.

Price: $10.99
Order it from


BENTOBEN One Plus 3T Cover

Bentoben gives you an elegant-looking protective case for your OnePlus 3T smartphone. Bentoben has added shockproof dual layer to this case to give a slim yet hard and rugged profile. No matter where your life takes you, your smartphone is always protected by Bentoben’s anti-slip case. This product is a perfect choice of people, who live energetic and adventurous life. Even as the case secures your phone from all sides and corners, you can easily access all essential features, ports, and buttons on phone.

Price: $5.99
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9. Sparin

Sparin One Plus 3T Clear Protetive Case

Sparin pays attention to details every smartphone user requires from a protective case. In this transparent case, Sparin made all attempts to meet the requirements of OnePlus 3T owners. As proud owners, you would certainly like to aesthetic elements of your phone, and therefore, Sparin has crafted a crystal clear from premium material. The eco-friendly TPU material adds little bulk to your phone and retains the slim profile of the phone. Accidents are unpredictable; hence, Sparin’s bumper case provides more comprehensive protection to protect your phone against any accident.

Price: $7.99
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10. Dretal

Dretal One Plus 3T Leather Wallet Case

Weakness for genuine leather products? This case will capture your heart. Dretal provides you a real OnePlus 3T Leather Case. The case is primarily made for users, who have to commute a lot. Take a look at this holster style pouch that can carry your phone comfortably and securely. Insert your belt through the clip and hold the case tightly while you are travelling or doing any other activity. Note that Dretal’s belt clip case is not a wallet case as it doesn’t allow you to store any other thing aside from your smartphone.

Price: $13.98
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