Best Outdoor Security Camera System Compatible With Alexa and Amazon Echo Show

Keeping your home secure is one of the most critical decisions that everyone has to make. Installing outdoor surveillance to your home can be a great step to enhancing the security and protection in a pragmatic and budget-friendly manner.

A best Alexa compatible outdoor security camera on your front porch, above your garage or on your back deck can help you identify security threats with ease. (Also check best Alexa compatible Indoor Security Camera)

The issue with installing a Alexa enabled outdoor security camera for home is to first choose the one which you need among the many available on the market. Since home security cameras have advanced a lot over the past few years, we have compiled together a list of the top options like the best Amazon Echo compatible security camera system and pick the one which suits you aptly.

Best Outdoor Security Camera Compatible With Alexa and Amazon Echo Show


Best Alexa Compatible Outdoor Security Camera for Amazon Echo Show, Echo Dot, Echo Plus and Echo Spot

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#1. Ring Video Doorbell Works With Amazon Alexa

Ring brings you a motion-activated camera with two-way audio with amazing HD video. You can see, listen and talk with any visitor at your door in real time right from your smartphone or your tablet.

The installation is quick and easy as you can upgrade your existing doorbell within a few minutes using the tool kit that comes with the product. With advanced motion detection, you can easily setup specific zones and receive alters when anyone enters these areas.

You also get to choose from four interchangeable faceplates that are included to match your individual style.

Price: $228.00
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#2. Nest Cam Outdoor Home Security Camera

Nest Cam Outdoor Home Security Camera

With a 130-degree wide-angle view and an all-glass lens, the Nest home security camera allows you to keep a look after your home in brilliant 1080p HD. Whenever there is any activity outdoors, the Nest Cam detects it and sends you a phone alert or an email with an attached picture of the event.

The camera is weather proof and so is the cable and the adapter so leaving them out in the rain won’t be an issue. The built-in speaker and microphone lets you speak and hear through the app. You also get to create specific activity zones for specific alerts.

Price: $160.00
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#3. Amcrest WiFi Wireless IP Security Bullet Camera

Amcrest WiFi Wireless IP Security Bullet Camera

Amcrest provides you a security camera equipped with the latest Ambarella chipset for superlative image quality and clarity. It provides you with a wonderful HD quality 1.3MP video at 30fps.

Using the Amcrest View App, you can quickly and easily setup Wi-Fi through your iOS or Android device and stream video and audio directly to your PC or other devices.

You can an extensive field of view with a wide 92-degree viewing angle along with Intelligent Zoom and even Night Vision up to 98ft.

Price: $69.99
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#4. NETGEAR Indoor/Outdoor Security Camera Works with Alexa and Amazon Echo Show

Nest Cam Outdoor Home Security Camera

Netgear gives you striking details with clarity and sharpness with its HD camera. You can view streamed or recorded videos straight from your PC or smartphone using the Arlo’s free app.

The patented 100% wire-free design and the magnetic mounts allows you to position cameras inconspicuously where you want and look after your home from different angles.

The cameras are motion activated and offer customized activity alerts real-time through app notifications or email whether you are home or away.

Price: $221.99
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#5. EZVIZ Outdoor HD WiFI Wireless Security Camera

EZVIZ Outdoor HD WiFI Wireless Security Camera

The EZVIZ is an Amazon Echo compatible security camera that can be controlled using Alexa through Echo Show. You just have to ask EZVIZ to show you different zones such as the backyard, frontage or anywhere you have a camera installed.

The Husky camera can also be controlled using other smart home IoT devices through IFTTT. This Alexa security camera is also equipped with powerful optics along with night vision up to 100 feet and is built in a robust way to withstand indoor and outdoor weather conditions.

Price: $69.99
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#6. Kuna Home Security Camera and Outdoor Light

Kuna Home Security Camera and Outdoor Light

Kuna provides you with a range of HD outdoor home security cameras that you can control with your smartphone. You get complete home monitoring with a live HD feed, advanced activity alerts and even cloud recordings.

You can keep an eye on the activities around your home both day and night. The Smart Event Detection feature helps you by starting to record before an event is triggered making sure that you have the full sequence of events.

There are no limits on the number of HD events captured along with three free downloads every month and a free 2-hour look back for immediate events.

Price: $125.99
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Blink Home Security Camera System for Smartphone with Motion Detection

Blink offers complete protection through surveillance of your entire home, inside and out with their XT Weatherproof Alexa home security cameras. Motion is detected and alerts are sent with HD video to your smartphone right away.

You can also check in with live HD video and audio streaming from your smartphone from any of the up-to ten Blink cameras that come with each system. There is IR night vision for nighttime surveillance and water resistance for operating under wet weather.

With Amazon Echo integration, you get a full-blown voice controlled Alexa security system for your home security.

Price: $129.99
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