If you are a gaming freak, then it’s not difficult to guess that PlayStation 4 is definitely your first choice. It has numerous excellent games, plenty of apps, and not to forget the access to unlimited movies through Sony’s store.

But what if for some reason you can’t access your beloved television for playing the PS4? What will you do? This is where the phone mount for PS4 comes into the scene. To enjoy the remote play feature of PS4, here is a list of the best phone mounts for PS4.

You can mount your phone or tablet on PS4 smart clip and play your favorite game. Not just mounting, these PS4 controller phone mounts come handy for playing videos, selecting specific items or used as a second screen for the tips and tricks, and much more. If you are intrigued by the features that a PS4 control holder offers, we will help you out in selecting the best one for you.

We have created a list of PS4 controller tablet mounts from renowned companies, in order to give you a fair chance to decide which one will go best with your gaming needs. So, do have a look to have the best hands-free second screen experience.

Best Phone Mounts for PS4 (Playstation 4)

#1. Nyko Smart Clip – PlayStation DualShock 4 Controller Clip-on Mount

Nyko Smart Clip

Compatible with Android Phones like Samsung Galaxy, S7, S6, HTC One, Note 5, Sony Xperia, Max Clamp, etc. this Nyko Smart-Clip is one of the best PS4 controller tablet mount. You can use this phone mount with the PS4 app for integrating the second screen features with the controller.

What’s more, you can easily access the internet for walkthroughs, codes, gameplay videos, etc. You can even lock it in a particular position by tightening the knobs. It gets seamlessly attached to the controller without hampering the ports, light bar or your phone’s buttons.

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#2. Megadream 180 Degree Android Phone Clip-on Mount for Sony Playstation 4 Controller

Megadream PS4 Controller Phone Mount

Accompanied by an OTG data cable, the Megadream PS4 smart clip is a great solution for a real gaming experience on your PS4. Owing to the support that it gives to 6-inch smartphones, it is highly compatible with models like HTC, Samsung Galaxy Note, Sony Xperia, etc.

Its 180-degree spiral folder gives you unique gaming experience and will give you a complete console experience. While it is strong enough to prove as a solid platform for mounting your phone, it is flexible as well, so that it easily snaps on the PS4 controller.

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#3. PS4 Wireless Controller Phone Clip Holder Clamp Mount Stand for PS4

PS4 Wireless Controller Phone Clip Holder Clamp Mount Stand

This PS4 control holder easily gives you real gaming experience by acting as a game holder controller for your smartphone. Its adjustable range lies between 0 and 270 degrees and you can adjust it as per your comfort. It acts as strong support for mounting your phone.

The OTG cable enables you to enjoy gaming with the controller and it also acts as a smart mount on its own. If your phone’s width is below 3.4 inches, then you can easily mount your phone. You just need to clip it and you will be all set to plug and play whatever you want. It easily supports smartphone brands like HTC, Samsung Galaxy Note, Sony Xperia, etc.

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#4. Sony GCM10 Game Control Mount

Sony PS4 Controller Phone Mount

Sony GCM10 is a Dualshock phone holder that easily holds your smartphone for a smart and thrilling gaming experience with PlayStation 4. Available in black color, it has been designed for accommodating the Dualshock wireless controller as well as a smartphone.

If your smartphone’s screen has a width lying between 4-8 inches, then it will be a good fit in the wireless controller. It is highly portable as you can easily fold it and take it wherever you can.

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#5. TNP Products

TNP Products PS4 Controller Phone Mount

A great clip clamp for the PS4 controller Phone Mount, this phone clip clamp gives a comfortable way of enjoying the PlayStation games. It gives the maximum support to Android smartphones like Sony Xperia, HTC, Samsung Galaxy, etc.

And it is highly compatible with 6-inch phones. You will surely have an easy gaming experience with the 180 degrees spiral holder. It comes in black color and will give you a complete console experience.

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So, which one would you like to have for enjoying your PS4? Do let us know in the comments section below. You can share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.


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