In the present competitive world, where a smartphone is a must-have, it has led to an increased demand for it supporting apps which is now a competitive market in its own right. These Hi-Definition phones have replaced our conventional cameras and have captured the market with its photographic features. The credit goes to the rapid growth of smartphone cameras, which serve an opportunity to build the best photo editing apps for iPhone and Android phones.

There is an exhaustive repository of photo editor apps downloads if you search it on Google Play Store. However, which one is best suited to your requirement is something which you would need to find out! So here, we bring you some of the most updated and best photo editing apps for Android and iPhone.

Best Photo Editing Apps for iPhone and Android

#1. PicsArt Photo Studio

PicsArt Photo Studio Photo Editing AppPicsArt is equipped with multiple photo editing tools which enables you to create beautiful collages, picture blending, picture cropping and the list goes on. You can use this app to explore your creativity horizon through its integrated tools with no cost!

Get PicsArt Photo on iOS | Get PicsArt Photo on Android

#2. Snapseed

Snapseed Photo Editing AppSnapseed is available for free on your Play Store! It is also compatible to iOS. There are dynamic filters and tools which you can apply for creating beautiful images, including HDR, brush, healing and the functionality to change the pose in a picture is an added feature. You can also open JPG and DNG files on Snapseed.

Download Snapseed on iOS | Download Snapseed on Android

#3. Instagram

Instagram Photo Editing AppFor many of us Instagram is a social app, however, it is definitely more than that with the recent upgrades to its visual features, you can do much more now. It offers a complete creativity control making it perfect for editing your photos and videos and posting them live!

Download Instagram on iOS | Download Instagram on Android

#4. VSCO

VSCO Photo Editing AppVSCO is simple yet classy! There are multiple filters, you can give enhanced look to our photos through its classic and modern analog films. It’s quite different from Instagram since VSCO favors more towards professional photographic effects.

Download VSCO on iOS | Download VSCO on Android

#5. Aviary

Aviary Photo Editing AppThere are around 1500 effects available for free on this app. Its online portfolio service enables you to remove any blemishes and can add a shine to teeth, leaving a complete professional photography experience.

Download Aviary on iOS | Download Aviary on Android

#6. Prisma

Prisma Photo Editing AppIf you are looking for an app to give you an era experience, Prisma is the right choice which promises to give your pictures a Picasso or Leviton, Van Gogh look. It’s quite popular with approximately 10 million downloads already in a short span of time. Its unique learning algorithm applies a creative filter to do an absolute justice to your photos.

Download Prisma on iOS | Download Prisma on Android

#7. Pixlr

Pixlr Photo Editing AppPixlr is available for free on both Play store and Apple store. We have to agree, it doesn’t really give an Adobe effect, but it’s worth exploring. It allows you to combine images, adding effects, cropping and what not. It offers more than 2 million free effects and filters. Its latest version has equipped with an eraser, labels and editing small images. Once, you have edited the images, you can directly share the photos on your favorite social networking sites. Hence, you can add some pixels to your photos and videos to a hi-definition effect!

Download Pixlr on iOS | Download Pixlr on Android

#8. Flickr

Flickr Photo Editing AppLike Instagram, Flickr is quite popular. Its advanced editing tools makes it ahead of Instagram and is highly recommended for amateurs who are ready to experiment since it allows to break the restriction to only square photos. You can easily browse among the wide range of images and share them within seconds. Its Camera roll in the cloud feature, enables you to free up your phone’s space but can still enjoy the exhaustive collection.

Download Flickr on iOS | Download Flickr on Android

#9 Adobe Photoshop Fix

Adobe Photoshop Fix Photo Editing AppAdobe has come up with multiple apps with different features for your photos and videos. With Adobe Photoshop fix, you can do simple changes like removing the red eye to the more technical ones like editing raw files to give an outlook of a DSLR image. It also offers features like retouch and restore option, making dramatic changes to facial expressions, editing light effects and many more.

Get Adobe Photoshop on iOS | Get Adobe Photoshop on Android

#10. Facetune

FacetuneWant to send your portfolio for a film audition? Download Facetune on your smartphone and edit your snaps in the most effective way to impress the casting director. Even if the photos are taken on your phone, Facetune does wonders for you. One of the glaring features of Facetune is that it can reshape your facial structure. You can easily refine your jaw lines and reshape your nose

Download Facetune on iPhone | Download Facetune on Android

#11. Bonfire Photo Editor Pro

Bonfire Photo Editor Pro Photo Editing AppBonfire Photo Editor Pro is one of the best photo editing apps which gives amazing effects your photos. Its black and white features take you back to the old times. Bonfire is also popular as a photo editing app for selfies, making it an ideal app for adding more creative to your selfies as well as landscape images.

Download Open Camera on Android

We hope you would have found the best photo editor apps for Android/iOS free download from the mentioned list. There are certain apps which you can buy through App Store and the cost is as low as $.99 to not more than $5.00!

Which photo editor apps are you going to download and use from the list of best Photo editing apps from iPhone and Android? Share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.


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