The Best Place to Sell Your Old iPhone and Get iPhone 7/7 Plus

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are now available from the leading retailers like Best Buy. However, online portals show pre-order status of the two phones. But I am sure that users, who cannot control their excitement would directly go to stores to buy iPhone 7/7 Plus. And while you are keen to buy one of the two latest iPhones, you should also be thinking of selling their old iPhones.

Good News for iPhone 6/6s Users

If you are a citizen of USA, you can trade in your current iPhone and get the latest iPhone 7 for free. Mobile operators like T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon offer a scheme, under which iPhone 6/6s or iPhone 6/6s Plus owners can upgrade to an iPhone 7. Log on to any of the operator’s website and pre-order the iPhone 7 variant you need. After placing a pre-order, trade in your old mobile; the carrier will deposit $650 in monthly instalments. This scheme doesn’t include bigger Plus models or iPhones with more storage, you need to pay the difference in price.

Once a new iPhone is launched in the market, Apple slashes the prices of older iPhones, and therefore, the best time to sell your current device is a week or two before Apple officially launches a new device.

Things to Do Before Selling Old iPhone

Unlock iPhone

If you have signed up a contract with a particular carrier, you need to unlock your iPhone as mobile operators give locked phones. You cannot sell this iPhone to any other user; before you sell, you need to unlock your phone so that it can be operated on any carrier. If you have subscribed for the current carrier for a long time, it will unlock your phone free of cost, otherwise you may have to pay a few bucks.

Backup iPhone

Before you sell your old phone, backup is must. There are contacts, apps, photos, videos and other data you may have stored on iPhone. Now you need to transfer this data to the new iPhone. Create a backup first and then restore to your new device. Even if you don’t get the possession of your new iPhone, you should take the backup of old iPhone.

Many iPhone owners use iCloud for backup; this method creates a new backup immediately when you connect your device. If you want the latest backup, you can manually create a backup by following steps given below:

Step #1: Connect your iPhone to a Wi-Fi network and plug it into charge.

Step #2: Launch Settings on your iPhone.

Step #3: Tap on iCloud and then tap on Backup.

Step #4: Next, tap on Back Up Now to start a backup.

iTunes is also a good option to backup your iPhone via computer or Mac. You need to sync your device with Mac or Windows computer via Lightning cable. Then open iTunes and click on the iPhone icon. Now select Back Up Now in the screen. You can also take a backup of apps if you are asked to do so.

Disable Find My iPhone

If you don’t disable Find My iPhone on your phone it will create a lot of issues for the new user. Also disable Activation Lock on your iPhone.

Step #1: Launch Settings app on iPhone.

Step #2: Scroll down and tap on iCloud.

Step #3: Again scroll down on iCloud settings screen and tap on Sign Out.

Step #4: You will be prompted to Sign Out again; tap on the option.

Step #5: Finally, tap on Delete from My iPhone and type in password.

To Disable Activation Lock on your iPhone, follow the steps given below.

Step #1: Log on to

Step #2: Enter your Apple ID and password.

Step #3: Now select your device from the list of devices.

Step #4: Next click on Erase (you will find this option below the device). If you have sold out your iPhone, you need to Erase iPhone and if you have sold an iPad, Erase iPad.

Step #5: After the device is erased, click on Remove from Account to remove the iPhone from Find My iPhone option on iCloud.

You can also ask the new owner to sign out of iCloud on the phone and reset the device. Though the method sounds easy, it would be difficult to share your Apple ID password with the unknown new owner. If you trust the new owner, you can share the password. Once the owner resets the phone, you should immediately go to My Apple ID Website and change the password.

Erase iPhone

As a last resort, you should erase your iPhone completely; this will make your phone completely blank, except for the stock apps and default features provided by the brand. Now you can sell this refreshed phone to anyone.

Step #1: Launch Settings on iPhone.

Step #2: Tap on General.

Step #3: Scroll down and tap on Reset.

Step #4: Now tap on Erase All Content and Settings.

You may need to enter your device passcode or Restrictions passcode. Just enter the passcode and tap Erase to clean your iPhone.

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Best Place to Sell Your Old iPhone

Now that your iPhone is ready to be sold, you should find the avenues where you can showcase to sell. You can upload your old device on many websites and services that help you sell your old iPhone. We have discussed a few options to sell your iPhone.

Auction Websites

You can list your old iPhone on eBay – a popular e-commerce portal. The process is quite simple: upload the product with photographs, give a price tag and keep an eye on bids made by potential customers. eBay, however, is not considered a safe place to sell old products as there are many fake account holders, who use stolen credit cards. As means of protection, you can use your PayPal id for transaction. eBay will take its share on sale; moreover, you will have to pay some commission to PayPal also. Before you sell your iPhone, just check the address of buyers. Also choose the courier service that provides tracking number and signature upon delivery.

Amazon is another great platform to sell your old iPhone. However, the procedure is not simple. iPhone owners have to fill up a list of options presented by Amazon, instead of choosing model, capacity and other details of the device. If your device doesn’t meet the requirement, you won’t be able to upload the same.

Reuse and Recycling Program by Apple

Apple runs its own reuse and recycling program; you can trade-in your old iPhone when you are planning to buy a new one; you can also get an Apple Store gift card at any time by sending your old iPhone. Apple runs thins mail-in program in partnership with Brightstar.

There are other channels that can help you sell your old iPhone. You can explore websites like Best Buy, Gazelle, NextWorth, Craiglist, Uncle Henry’s etc.

Where you get the best money?

GOBankingRates provides tabular information that gives you clear idea about where you should sell your old iPhone.

GOBankingRates for Selling old iPhone

Points to Ponder

If money is not an issue, you can also sell your old iPhone to your friends or colleagues at discounted price. This will save all your time and energy you need to spend in selling the phone. Moreover, it gives you quick money without having to worry about fraud or fake accounts and stolen credit cards.

Note that iPhones with essential accessories will bring you more money. So if you are selling your iPhone on any website, put pictures of all necessary accessories you have purchased before. Moreover, collect all lightning cables, hands-free, AC adapter etc. Also give the original box that came along with your old iPhone. This will certainly fetch you more money.

Now you are ready to sell your old iPhone. Go ahead and get the new device to experience awesomeness. Don’t forget to share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.

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