Best Portable Chargers for MacBook Pro: Charge Your MacBook Anywhere

A portable USB battery pack is a life saver when you have to travel a lot with your MacBook or MacBook Pro. Given the ideal situation, you will always find a power source to plug in your adapter; but life throws minimum ideal situations. Thankfully, there are some accessories makers who come up with the best portable chargers for MacBook Pro.

The best power bank for MacBook Pro is the need of the hour. For nature lovers, they can go anywhere with their MacBook and love to work while they are surrounded by greener pastures and no man-made creations. In such milieu, you can only rely on high-capacity portable battery packs for your MacBook Pro. We have sourced several USB-C external battery packs for you. Choose the one after carefully scrutinising each MacBook Pro External Battery.

Best Portable Chargers for MacBook Pro 2017

#1. AUKEY USB C External Battery Charger

Aukey Portable Chargers for MacBook Pro

Aukey presents a 30000mAh external backup battery for MacBook Pro; with the help of this powerful power bank, you can fully charge your device. Apart from your MacBook, you can also charge your iPhone 7 and iPad Pro devices. Appreciate its AiPower technology that ensures safe recharge rate for all your USB powered devices. Thanks to its built-in safeguards that secure your MacBook Pro from the hazards of excessive current, overheating, and overcharging.

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#2. ZeroLemon USB C Portable Charger

ZeroLemon is arguably the best power bank for MacBook Pro Retina. It is touted as the world’s toughest USB-C/Type – C external battery pack with 7A outputs 5 USB ports. Its QuickCharge 3.0 technology makes it convenient for users to charge multiple devices with one ZeroLemon external battery pack. ZeroLemon’s toughest exterior allows you to use this power bank for MacBook Pro 2017 for outdoors. Enjoy ZeroLemon’s 12-month warranty and 24×7 customer service.

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#3. Anker Power House 

Anker PowerHouse Portable Chargers for MacBook Pro

With 1,20,000mAh, Anker brings the most mammoth battery pack for MacBook Pro. This off-grid power supply is ideal when you are out for camping or for emergency backup. The colossal strength of this external battery for MacBook Pro Touch Bar can charge your MacBook Pro, iPhones, iPads and even mini fridges. This extremely compact power bank for MacBook Pro 13 is probably the smallest and lightest power supply on the market. Its high density lithium-ion battery is reason behind this more compact build. With its battery management system, this portable charger for MacBook Pro Retina controls voltage and temperature.

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#4. RAVPower USB C External Battery Pack

RavPower Portable Chargers for MacBook Pro

RAVPower offers you a power bank that boasts an AC power supply indicator, which makes it easy for users to check if the AC power supply is on or off. This 27000mAh has Type-C 5V/3A & USB 5V/2.4A outputs to charge your latest MacBook and two other devices. You can turn on the AC power by holding the power button for approximately 8 seconds. With its powerful capacity, you can charge your 12” MacBook for three times.

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#5. Anker PowerCore Portable Charger with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0

Anker Portable Chargers for MacBook Pro

Since Anker is a leading brand in portable battery packs, it finds second mention in the list of best portable chargers for MacBook Pro. This Anker PowerCore+ best power bank for MacBook Pro is equipped with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 technology allows you to charge your devices 85% faster; with its included wall charger, you can quickly charge the portable battery (2x). If you are using MacBook 2015, you can easily charge it for three times with Anker power bank for MacBook Pro 15.

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All the above listed power banks have battery capacity of 25000mAh or more; this means, you can easily charge your MacBook Pro with any of the external battery pack for MacBook Pro. Which external power bank for MacBook Pro are you going to buy? Share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.

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