Best iPhone X and iPhone XS Camera Lens Protectors Reviewed!

Apple changed the smartphone industry when it launched iPhone X last year. This flagship smartphone shipped with an innovative design that made it nearly impossible for other companies such as Samsung and Google to even compete with it. Even though most people were skeptical about the display top-notch that iPhone X offers, the flagship device proved to be a success.

iPhone X is the fastest selling device that Apple ever created and other tech companies are trying to copy this success by replicating the design. The craziest thing about iPhone X’s design is the fact that even Google is copying it.

iPhone X & XS Camera Lens Protectors

iPhone XS Camera Lens Protectors

Apple revealed iPhone XS to the world for the first time yesterday. This should come as no surprise when considering the success that iPhone X has had until now, but Apple decided to use the same design on iPhone XS as well. This means that Apple fans will receive a high-end dual camera setup that is mounted on the back.

Cutting Edge Camera Technology

One of iPhone X and iPhone XS key selling features is the rear mounted dual camera setup. Both devices snap amazing pictures and therefore, protecting their lenses is very important. We think it’s safe to say that you don’t want anything bad to happen to the new iPhone XS that you just pre-ordered and we are going to present top four camera lens protector to help you keep them safe.

RHESHINE iPhone Xs Camera Lens Protector

RHESHINE iPhone X Camera Lens Protector

Even though iPhone X and iPhone XS might feature a spectacular design, they are left with a big camera bulge on the rear side that people need to protect. Luckily, here is where RHESHINE comes in and saves the day. This camera lens protector has been specially designed for iPhone X and iPhone XS and it features a 0.1mm thickness which is guaranteed not to ruin the quality of pictures.
Price: $7.99
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AKWOX iPhone X Camera Lens Protector

AKWOX iPhone Xs camera lens protector

The folks at AKWOX offer a pack of four lens protector for Apple’s latest iPhones. The cool thing about this lens protector is the fact that it features high transmittance which means that it will not influence any of the iPhone video shooting effects. In addition, the lens protector is highly durable and they it’s resistant against scratches because it features a surface hardness of 9H.
Price: $5.99
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ANSLP Camera Lens Protector for iPhone X & Xs


This product is designed by ANSKP which is a company that has a reputation for making great Apple accessories. What makes the lens protector from ANSKP special is it’s hardness and transparency. The people who created this product are saying that the pictures people take with their iPhone X or iPhone XS will not be affected by the lens protector.

Not just that, but the lens protector created by ANSKP is waterproof, oilproof, explosion proof and it also features oleophobic coating which prevents fingerprints.
Price: $4.99
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ICHECKEY is another company that specializes in creating products that are designed for Apple’s devices. The lens protector created by ICHECKEY is scratch and impact resistant because it features chemically strengthened tempered glass. The best thing about this lens protector is that anyone can apply it and you will not need to ask for help.

“With our special self-adhesive design, this lens cover is easy to apply with no risk of air bubbles, leaves no residue when removed,” said the creators of this product.

Therefore, the lens protector from ICHECKEY is perfect for people who hate having to go the Apple store in order to ask for help. Applying the lens protector is a simple process and the special self-adhesive design makes sure that there are no air bubbles.
Price: $8.99
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