Best Rugged Bluetooth Speakers: Made to Endure Extremes

Every user loves to use a product that is strong and designed to be used in difficult conditions. Whether it is a vehicle, outdoor clothing, or maybe it is Bluetooth speakers. While vehicles and outdoor clothing can be accepted as rugged, nobody can imagine Bluetooth speakers to be strong enough to survive unfriendly situations. It is now fact that manufacturers of electronic accessories think beyond the possible. And they come up with amazing products. This list of the best rugged Bluetooth speakers speaks volumes of technological excellence achieved by tech giants.

Tough Bluetooth speakers have an edge over other speakers, which are delicate in build. Its rough-and-tough structure can endure vagaries of weather, and therefore, people who are adventurous, love to use rough Bluetooth speakers. If you are planning your next trip in the woods, you should browse this list of top rugged Bluetooth speakers which are rugged in nature.

Best Rugged Bluetooth Speakers

Best Rugged Bluetooth Speakers of 2017

#1. HyperGear

HyperGear Rugged Bluetooth Speakers

HyperGear’s heavy-duty build is crystal clear from the pictures uploaded. This rugged bluetooth speaker can resist splashes, pressurized jets & waves of water; however, care should be taken that the speakers are not submerged. The speakers are powered by 6600mAh battery, and this allows you to listen to music up to 16 hours on a single charge. Connect your Bluetooth enabled device and enjoy its 30-feet range to stream music and take calls.

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AOMAIS Rugged Bluetooth Speakers

If you believe that life is a party, bring home AOMAIS Bluetooth speakers to spice up the event. Unlike other waterproof Bluetooth speakers, AOMAIS’ product can perform better as it can be submerged up to 1 meter underwater for 30 minutes. You can take these speakers at beach, mountains, riverside, in forest or simply hold it and go on long evening walk. Connect your smartphone, MP3 player, or personal computer and enjoy superior sound quality.

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#3. FUGOO Sport

FUGOO Sport Rugged Bluetooth Speakers

With 40 hours battery life, FUGOO’s portable Bluetooth speakers are one of the best rugged bluetooth speakers listed here. The brand believes in creating unique experience for all users, and therefore, it gives custom sleeves to decorate your speaker. Going for an adventure? Don’t forget to use bike mount, strap mount, or multi mount to bring this brick-like speaker along. You can operate this speaker with a remote control; use action buttons to control the music. Last but not the least: FUGOO speakers are compatible with Siri and Google Now. This means, you can use your voice to make calls or play your favourite music with your voice commands.

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#4. Jackery

Jackery Rugged Bluetooth Speakers

Jackery is a popular brand that deals in powerful Bluetooth speakers. This Jackery Boom 4.1 Bluetooth speaker boasts 10W subwoofers to spice up your pool-side parties. While at the pool, you should not be worried about the speakers being water-damaged as Jackery has manufactured IP65 water-resistant dustproof rugged portable Bluetooth speakers for you. Use these speakers everywhere; go for biking, hiking, camping, beach or outdoor parties. Jackery’s 2000mAh battery provides you 8 hours of non-stop playback.

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#5. Photive Hydra

Photive Hydra Rugged Bluetooth Speakers

Photive Hydra waterproof Bluetooth speakers give out jaw-dropping sound quality in nearly perfect environments. Its 8-hour battery life allows you to take your favourite music with you on a long drive. And the IP66 rating ensures that the speakers will not get damaged if you install it on your bike, car, or yacht. The rubberized exterior protects the speakers from drops and shocks. You can use Photive rugged speakers anywhere – outdoor and indoor.

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#6. DOSS

Doss Rugged Bluetooth Speakers

Doss traveller rugged outdoor Bluetooth speakers are your perfect companion through your journey into the woods. Imagine any challenge during your travel; Doss portable Bluetooth speakers are ready to face it head on. The speakers are waterproof, so you can easily remove dust or dirt settled on the body. You can immerse it in the water and wash all the stains and dirt on speakers. While walking the rough terrains, you can enjoy your favourite music; Doss speaker boasts 12 hours of playtime. Indulge in all outdoor activities like climbing, hiking, biking, beach and more.

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#7. Photive M90

Photive M90 Rugged Bluetooth Speakers

Want to throw an impromptu house party? Never worry! Photive offers you a dynamic solution to stream party music. If you want to dance through the night, its 10-hour long battery life will give you a continuous support. In case, you still want to dance, connect your music player with AUX cable and play the music until you are dead tired. Unlike other Bluetooth speakers, Photive offers you 20 watts of power to amplify higher as well as lower bass frequencies.

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#8. FUGOO Tough

FUGOO Tough Rugged Bluetooth Speakers

If there is any barrier between you and your dose of entertainment, you should break it; but not your FUGOO Bluetooth speaker. Anyway, the speakers can’t be broken as they are made to stay tough in all conditions. This is FUGOO Tough, which is crafted from fiber-reinforced resin and solid aluminium. Your fun doesn’t know any limit, and so does the 360-degree speakers from FUGOO. Very few Bluetooth speakers offer a feature of voice enabled speakerphone. FUGOO allows you to use Siri or Google Now to play your choice of music and call friends. You can also ask questions about weather, traffic, and sports scores.

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#9. JBL

JBL Rugged Bluetooth Speakers

JBL is one of the most famous brands in Bluetooth speaker category. This Flip 3 splashproof portable Bluetooth speaker is made rugged from a durable fabric material. You can satiate your hunger for all outdoor adventures with JBL portable Bluetooth speakers. JBL speaker has 3000mAh built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery, which makes your musical journey unstoppable for 10 long hours. Its noise and echo-cancelling feature makes your voice calls crystal clear. The splashproof speakers can be used in rain; you can clean the speakers under running tap water. But you should not submerge the speakers.

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#10. Philips

Philips Rugged Bluetooth Speakers

Philips is a leading brand in electronic consumer durables. This time, the brand has come up to pamper your ears. The best rugged Bluetooth speakers from Philips will surely inspire you to plan an outdoor trip. One of the glaring features of the speakers are they can float on water – thanks to its float in water technology. Use its built-in mic for phone calls while you are swimming in the pool or fishing at beach. With its anti-clipping feature, you can play music loudly and still experience high quality sound.

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#11. Altec Lansing

Altec Lansing Rugged Bluetooth Speakers

Altec Lansing has manufactured immensely robust Bluetooth speakers for all users. Whether you are adventure seeker or a passionate music lover, Altec Lansing LifeJacket iMW575 Next Generation Ultra Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker can fulfil all your requirements. The speakers can endure extreme conditions – put it in ice box or crush it under the tyre of heavy vehicles – the speaker will remain unharmed. Pair and play your Bluetooth device, and enjoy 16-hour long battery life.

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