Best Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Armbands: Work Out in Style

Armbands have been branded as sportsmen’s delight; people who work out and fitness freaks are regarded as brand ambassadors of armbands to keep their smart devices close to use them often. But over a period of time, armbands have shattered this stereotype; with improvements in design and features, armbands are now popular among executives and business persons too.

For your Samsung Galaxy Note 7, we have listed a range of beautiful and functional armbands. If you are fed up your Galaxy Note 7 cases and want a change, you can go for these armbands for your Note 7. And if you are obdurate on those wallet cases or clear cases, stick to your guns.

Best Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Armbands

Best Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Armbands

Before you check this list, note that some of the armbands are equipped with screen guards, hence you don’t need to spend extra bucks on your Galaxy Note 7 screen protectors.

1. Sparin

SPARIN Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Armband

Sparin presents an armband that is made of superior quality soft neoprene to flex, twist and bend. This exercise armband is extremely lightweight, just 1.4oz; this gives users better speed and comfort while doing exercise. Moreover, users can enjoy full touch screen access even when the Note 7 is secured in the armband. Since this armband can store smart devices of up to 6 inches, you can easily slip your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 into it. Thanks to its double adjustable Velcro armband, you can easily wear it on thinner or thicker portion of your arm. Tie it around your forearm or on biceps.

Price: $9.99
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2. MoKo

MoKo Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Armband

MoKo boasts an extensive range of armbands with vivid colors. This black armband for your Galaxy Note 7 is good for every user. Though it is lightweight, your phone is protected. MoKo suggests you to put your Note 7 without case. For intense workout freaks, MoKo has made this armband water resistant and sweatproof; this feature protects your phone and makes you feel comfortable in all seasons. Your Note 7 is highly secured under its adjustable Velcro strap, which doesn’t let the phone move or slip. Apart from your Note 7, you can also keep your ID or credit card and some currency notes in a separate pocket. Check that reflective strip that enables you to walk or run in low light conditions. This reflective strip sends a clear signal to drivers coming from opposite directions.

Price: $7.99
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3. Supcase

SUPCASE Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Armband

Remove all other protections like cases and screen protectors of your Samsung Galaxy Note 7; install Supcase armband and stay worry-free about your prized possession. This muscular armband is made of silicone skin to keep your phone in place during your fitness regimen. You can easily install the armband with its adjustable Velcro that gives you a good range of size from 9” to 21”. Use all your phone’s buttons, ports and controls even as the armband is protecting the phone. Connect headphones effortlessly and listen to your favourite songs or talk to your loved ones during exercise. You can give a good handwash to this armband for long lasting wear.

Price: $17.99
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4. JD

JD Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Armband

JD presents an armband for Samsung Galaxy Note 7, which is highly secured in this excellent armband. Appreciate its built-in reflective stripes on screen protector, which give you a better running or jogging experience in dim light conditions. You can easily access features on the Home screen of your Galaxy Note 7 even while it is inside the armband; this enables you to operate your phone easily. Check the pocket on this armband; you can keep your credit card and a few currency notes. Also keep an important key inside this pocket. You can easily adjust the size of this armband for thin and thick arm.

Price: $7.95
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5. EEEKit

EEEKit Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Armband

Enjoy your favourite music while you are working out or playing outdoor sports like jogging, hiking, running, cycling, travelling or others. You will be impressed by its thin design and the arm circumference of 8-15 inches. Admire the small holes for ventilation. Use its built-in pocket, wherein you can store earphone cord, coins, or keys. Want to enjoy music on the go? Check that special opening to plug in earphones.

Price: $12.99
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6. Sporteer

Sporteer Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Armband

This armband from Sporteer boasts zippered pocket that fits your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 perfectly. Sweating is obvious for runners an joggers; therefore, this armband has internal liner to protect your phone against sweat and moisture. Its soft, flexible and strong material ensures comfort and security. This armband provides a lot of space for users to keep miscellaneous items like earphones, energy gel, credit card, currency notes, keys etc. The strap of this armband fits arm’s size from 11” to 15”. It is so well designed by Sporteer that you can enjoy full access to your phone screen, music controls and apps.

Price: $14.99 – $27.99
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7. SumacLife

Suamclife Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Armband

SumacLife Samsung Galaxy Note 7 armband is made of neoprene material, and therefore, your phone is secured when you are working out in gym or outdoors. This is a lightweight and sweat resistant armband, which has a small pocket to store some accessories like earphone cord, coins and keys. Appreciate its full screen protector that lets you experience full touch screen functionality. The case dimension is 5.75×4×1 inch, which gives you 18 inch arm length on the whole.

Price: $12.99
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8. uFashion3C

uFashion3C Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Armband

Get this fully waterproof armband for your Samsung Galaxy Note 7. uFashion3C brings a perfect outdoor companion for your Note 7. Now you can enjoy all water sports like boating, kayaking, rafting, swimming, snorkelling, diving at lake, beach, and pool. And do not worry about your smartphone. The armband is IPX 8 certified to 100 feet. You can easily operate your phone’s touch screen and back camera with clear transparent matte windows; you can capture photos, shoot videos, and check emails underwater. Its simple snap and easy lock access gives you ease of installation and removal of the band. Protect your phone against hazards like water, snow, dust, dirt, and sand.

Price: $11.95
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9. Xboun

Xboun Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Armband

Bring home the most versatile armband for Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Xboun offers lavish space to store countless items in a special zippered pocket. This armband case gives you full access to all ports and buttons, so that you can easily operate your phone and listen to music and watch videos. There is a small enclosure near the band to keep earphone cord. The armband is made of tough and flexible neoprene fabric, which snugly fits to your arm. Xboun has added features like waterproof to use this band in all seasons. Use its slide buckle and strap to extend the size of strap from 8 to 16 inches.

Price: $34.99 [$14.99 while writing this on] Buy it from

10. Joto

JOTO Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Armband

Joto presents a premium lightweight armband for Galaxy Note 7. This armband is made of high quality neoprene material, which is sweatproof, durable and guards your phone against all odds. The armband boasts key holder, a slot to keep ID, credit card and some cash. Get full access to touch screen as this armband is compatible with touch screen. Enjoy full function access and strong elastic Velcro with two positioning slots, which fit different arm circumference size ranges from 9.5 inches to 16 inches.

Price: $9.99
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Armbands are need of the hour, and therefore, athletes prefer these products over other smartphone accessories. Did you use any armband ever? Share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.

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