Best Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Bumper Cases: Best Protection Comes with Style

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 bumper cases are your best bet. Unlike other cases like wallet cases and kickstand cases (both certainly add some bulk), bumper cases at least ensure that your phone is protected and they don’t add any bulk to your pocket or phone. In comparison, clear cases are also a good choice for Galaxy Note 7 owners; however, you need to choose the best cases to protect the phone from all corners and sides.

Users are always looking for convenience, style and protection. Bumper cases have scored well in style and protection; many users still vouch for armbands for convenience as they can carry their Note 7 during exercise and outdoor activities. Moreover, many armbands have built-in screen protectors, which make them a better deal. But on a flip side of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 armbands, you cannot wear them while you are in office or attending an important meeting.

Let me cut a long story short and come back to the main topic, i.e. bumper cases for Samsung Galaxy Note 7. The cases listed below are from best brands, and therefore, quality won’t be an issue. All you need to check is features and price of the bumper cases.

Best Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Bumper Cases

Best Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Bumper Cases & Covers

1. Caseology

Caseology Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Bumper Cases

When creative minds design cases and expert hands craft them, you get the best bumper case for your Galaxy Note 7. Caseology brings you a perfect blend of art and craft. The artistic rendition took place in the United States and manufacturing happened in South Korea. This combination has made a perfect bumper case that can accessorize your life effortlessly. If you buy this case, you will be joining millions of satisfied customers, who appreciate Caseology’s art of designing beautiful cases. Only a discerning consumer can unmask the hidden beauty of this case as the brand has intentionally kept its splendour under wraps. The strength of this case is visible with its scratch resistant material, shock absorbent TPU sleeve and polycarbonate bumper.

Price: $16.99 [$12.99 while writing this on] Buy it from

2. Ringke

Ringke Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Bumper Cases

Power and volume buttons are frequently pressed by users, and therefore, Ringke has introduced an innovative Active Touch Technology that transforms your touch experience. Now enjoy natural responsive feel when you press power and volume buttons. This bumper case perfectly fits on your Galaxy Note 7 and shows off the natural design and beauty of your phone. Moreover, it gives all-round protection with minimum bulk on pocket. Check its clear TPU bumper that secures all rounded sides. The case has successfully passed drop protection test with its MIL-STD 810G – 516.6 Certified Military Grade Drop Protection.

Price: $27.00 [$9.99 while writing this on] Purchase it from

3. Trianium

Trianium Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Bumper Cases

At single price, you get double protection for your Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Trianium’s Clarium Series of bumper cases offers all-inclusive protection for your phone. Double-injected design enhances the protection of Note 7, and still its profile remains slim. Its soft rubberized frame protects your phone against accidental drops and shocks; the back of the case is manufactured of a robust TPU that adds strength and valuable resistance against bending, scratches, and other damages.

Price: $19.50 [$8.99 while writing this on] Shop it from

4. i-Blason

i-Blason Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Bumper Cases

i-Blason has always launched rugged protective cases for smartphones. This makes the brand an undisputed leader when it comes to robust case. Though the cases from i-Blason lack in style and elegance, protection is given priority by the brand. And there are many takers who appreciate strength over style. This dual layer protective case is made of polycarbonate hard shell and flexible TPU inner core; both features give your Note 7 tight security from outside as well as inside. This case is your perfect companion when you go outdoors for some adventures. You can easily clip the case into a side mount belt clip swivel holster; this means convenience during work, travel or play.

Price: $17.99
Order it from

5. Spigen

Spigen Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Bumper Cases

Spigen is arguably one of the best brands in smartphone accessories. This case is made of military grade drop certified with a strong shock absorbing TPU bumper and a tough protective polycarbonate shell. You will love its crystal clear back that shows the real beauty of your Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Experience smoothness with tactile button designs and perfect cut-outs for hassle-free accessibility. Elevated lips protect your screen and camera from touching the surface.

Price: $17.99
Buy it from

6. Profer

Profer Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Bumper Cases

Profer offers shatterproof protection to your Samsung Galaxy Note 7. This case is crafted from shock-absorbing high grade TPU and polycarbonate material. You will feel perfect fit and outstanding gripping in your hands. Install and remove the case as many times as you want; the case will not get deformed as it is highly flexible. Every corner of your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is secured with its full protection design. Check the elevated 0.2mm back cover that protects camera cut-out from the surface. Beautiful super slim design gives minimum bulk to your phone and pocket.

Price: $7.99
Purchase it from

7. E LV

E LV Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Bumper Cases

Give your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 SUPERIOR and advanced PROTECTION with high-end technology specially made for your phone. The case is made with high quality polycarbonate hard shell and flexible TPU to provide comprehensive protection from sudden drops and scratches. Its precise cut-outs allow you to maximize the functionality of your Samsung Galaxy Note 7. To make it customizable, its premium hard case is precisely manufactured to fit and compliment the mould of your Galaxy Note 7. Enjoy other prominent features like sweat resistant, anti-slip hold protective case for Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

Price: $13.99
Order it from

8. Poetic

Poetic Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Bumper Cases

Poetic has made this case from a clear polycarbonate moulded with soft shockproof TPU. Users would like its state-of-the-art styling with protective x-form design. Display the original design and beauty of your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 with full clarity of this case. Experts vouch for drop protection of this bumper case, which boasts engineered corner design part of X-form architecture. To stop the phone sliding out of your grip, Poetic has reinforced side grips; elevated TPU back material prevents scratching while ensuring full clarity of your phone. Elevated edges protect front face of the phone; this means you can put your Galaxy Note 7 in face-down position.

Price: $9.95
Shop it from

9. JETech

JETech Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Bumper Cases

JETech has designed this case specifically for Samsung Galaxy Note 7. You will be impressed by its clear transparent soft gel skin frame that provides comprehensive protection of your device. Its clear precision design retains the original look of your Note 7. Get full access to all controls and features; precisely cut out for speakers, camera and other buttons and ports. This case boasts slim profile, form-fitted and lightweight. Enjoy six-month warranty from JETech.

Price: $6.99
Buy it from

10. FYY

FYY Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Bumper Cases

FYY brings a powerful design in bumper case for Samsung Galaxy Note 7. This two-in-one hybrid dual layer case precisely secures your phone from everyday bumps and shocks. Get easy access to all ports and controls once you installed the case on your phone. Appreciate its slim and lightweight profile, vibrant colors and fashionable design. FYY has made this case from superior quality durable coating PC with high quality soft TPU.

Price: $9.99
Purchase it from

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has been recently released for Android lovers. If you haven’t purchased any bumper case for your Note 7, you can pick any one from the list. If you are already using a Galaxy Note 7 bumper case, you can share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google+.

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