Best Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Car Mounts For Hands Free Mobility on Your Drives

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is renowned for being among the best designed and most powerful mobile devices available in the market. With such a heady combination of features that includes an Iris Scanner it is natural that you may find it difficult to stop using this little marvel even while driving. The good news is that your drives do not have to come in between you and your Note 7.

With the Galaxy Note 7 being one of the premium flagships on the market, you get a wide variety of wonderfully created accessories including car mounts that complement the functionality of the device. Using an aptly designed car mount can make all the difference in your on-the-drive smartphone usability. Let us take a look at some of the best car mounts for Note 7 that can make your life easy on the drive.

Best Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Car Mounts For Hands Free Mobility on Your Drives

Best Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Car Mounts

1. Encased

Encased Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Car Mounts

Encased is designed with a strong emphasis on safe driving and simple usage. This car mount is very easy to use without confusing the user in any way. It is case friendly meaning the mount is compatible with the phone’s installed case. You get to adjust the mount both vertically and horizontally for a suitable viewing angle. The proprietary Encased GelPad lets you mount the dock on any kind of surface, be it smooth or textured or curved.

Price: $29.99 [$17.88 while writing this on] Buy it from

2. iOttie

This provides you with a very easy single touch mount that fits and unfits with one simple touch. Fitting your Note 7 neatly, this car mount cradle rotates in a 360 degree swivel motion for perfect viewing angles. You can use the CD slot connection to install onto your car’s CD slot. The car mount holds onto a locked position with help of the provided lever for a secure fit.

Price: $19.95
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3. Mpow

Mpow Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Car Mounts

This Mpow mount uses a strong magnet to keep your Note 7 securely held on the vent. It is very easy to fit and release your phone. Magnetic pull is provided by a thin metal plate present between the case and the device. With such a fit, you do not have to worry about suction cups and vacuum holds that could cause your phones to fall off while driving. This mount also lets you to use GPS during your drive.

Price: $8.99 [$6.99 while writing this on] Order it from

4. Spigen

Spigen Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Car Mounts

This Spigen car mount helps fit your device in two different horizontal viewing angles. It is universally compatible and therefore the reusable gel pad can be used to mount on a flat or curved car dashboard. The holder is built with TPU material and is quite sleek in design. You can very easily insert or remove your Note 7 with just a single hand.

Price: $20.99
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5. Sojitek

Sojitek Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Car Mounts

This car mount provides a two-hand lock and release setup that fits your Note 7 into the holder. This mount offers great flexibility in positioning your device so that you mount it on different spots and surfaces. You can use it on your car windshield, even dashboard surface, desks, tables and other such plain, non-textured surfaces, making it truly multifunctional. It also uses a swivel ball head to let you have a 360 degree rotation for your preferred viewing angle.

Price: $56.99
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6. Anker

Anker Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Car Mounts

This is one of the most robust, secure mounts available for the Note 7. The mount head has four powerful N42-grade neodymium magnets built into it. This ensures that your phone is firmly secure while driving. The viewing angles are also incredibly versatile made possible due to the ball-joint rotation system. You can place your device at any suitable angle and focus on your driving. The clamp is rubber-coated making the grip firm while making sure that the car’s CD slot is devoid of any scratches.

Price: $19.99 [$13.99 while writing this on] Shop it from

7. Digitle

Digitle Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Car Mounts

This car mount provides an adjustable arm that lets you choose different mounting positions. It also lets you fit or release your device easily with just one hand. The superior sticky mount gives a strong mounting base on almost any flat or even surface. The swivel motion allows for a comprehensive rotation and viewing position. It is also compatible with most of the major cases for the Note 7.

Price: $19.88
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8. Fonus

Fonus Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Car Mounts

This is a top quality rotating car dash and windshield holder for the Note 7 along with a carry pouch. The big suction cup provides a strong, secure hold making it possible to stay in place even on rough and bad roads. Releasing the phone is easy as it is just a one-button quick release. The holder bottom is adjustable so that your device doesn’t fall down on release. You get multiple rotation angles both vertically and horizontally while the flexible arm keeps it within reach always.

Price: $14.99
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This is a tough and sturdy magnetic car mount holder for your Note 7. The rotational capability lets you easily rotate devices while mounted. Two specially designed metal plates help with the fit for different types of cases. This mount works on almost any air vent and can very easily be adjusted or repositioned. The fins are rubberized making the mount compatible with all air vents while also protecting the vents with a low profile.

Price: $12.99
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10. MoKo

Moko Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Car Mounts

This MoKo mount has a 3-coils design that provides for a broader charging space. It also makes the mount more flexible in placing your device. Due to the three coils, the wireless charging is effectively covered with full directional power, making sure of better alignment and proper charging. You can mount your device in either the portrait or landscape position. You also get a 360 degree rotation and a 180 degree mount direction change option. There is a soft silicone cushion padding that safeguards your phone from shocks or nicks. You get both air vent and suction mounts and also can use your Note 7 as a GPS device while driving.

Price: $42.99
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