Best Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Kickstand Cases: Rugged Body, Elegant Looks and Excellent Protection

A smartphone with a large screen size is difficult to handle at times. Users love to watch videos and movies, read eBooks and videochat with their loved ones via smart devices. A kickstand case can be a better option to give your hands some rest. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is one of the latest smart devices that has created strong buzz in the market with its features and specifications.

People have particularly smitten by its 5.7” display size, which, of course, is hard to handle in hands. This calls for kickstand case for Galaxy Note 7. Sensing this need, we have listed the best kickstand cases for your Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

Basically, a kickstand helps you stabilize your phone when you want to watch something in a hands-free mode. Therefore, any case can be converted into a kickstand. For example, wallet cases, bumper cases, or simple cases can become kickstand cases with that extra stabilizer at the back.

This collection of best Galaxy Note 7 kickstand cases boasts trustworthy brands that deal into smartphone accessories for years. And therefore, you can buy any kickstand case for your Galaxy Note 7.

Best Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Kickstand Cases

Best Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Kickstand Cases

1. Spigen

Spigen Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Kickstand Cases

Spigen is one of the household names in smartphone accessories, and therefore, it is frequently featured in several lists of accessories for Android and iOS devices. This one kickstand case has many cool features to impress you. A certified military standard protection gives you peace of mind. Installed with Air Cushion Technology, this kickstand case secures your Galaxy Note 7 with its dual-layered protection. Check its pronounced and responsive buttons spacious cut-outs that fit most cables. Elevated edges of the case keep safe distance between phone’s touch screen and the surface; this prevents scratches and scrapes on the screen.

Price: $34.99 [$15.99 while writing this on] Buy it from

2. i-Blason

i-Blason Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Kickstand Cases

i-Blason gives more than expected. So if you ask for kickstand for your Samsung Galaxy Note 7, you will also get a belt clip that swivels on its axis. You must not miss its robust dual layer that thwarts all outer impact; you can clip this hard back case into a side mount belt clip to carry your Note 7 conveniently during work, travel or play. Adjust its kickstand for different viewing angles for comfortable position. Check out its perfectly cut out openings that allow hassle-free access to all ports, controls, and buttons on Galaxy Note 7.

Price: $17.95
Purchase it from

3. Galaxy Wireless

GALAXY WIRELESS Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Kickstand Cases

Not every kickstand is for men. This Galaxy Wireless kickstand case for Galaxy Note 7 is every woman’s delight. Check its feminine hues on the cover; its sunflower motif with a prominence of pink. Its stylish and slim profile immediately impresses users; appreciate its built-in kickstand that allows you convenient viewing angles. Access all buttons, controls, and ports effortlessly. The wallet case is made of superior synthetic leather; to provide better protection, Galaxy Wireless has applied soft interior material. You can easily store 4 credit cards and some cash in the money pocket.

Price: $10.98
Order it from

4. Innovaa

Innovaa Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Kickstand Cases

Innovaa brings kickstand case that protects your phone’s screen with its projected borders, which keep screen elevated when you put the phone in face-down position. Innovaa has actually made innovation in the kickstand; a closer look will tell you that the kickstand can be pinched out and pinched in. This means, you can easily put the phone in your pocket with its flattened kickstand. For security of your Galaxy Note 7, the case boasts multi layer protection with high quality polycarbonate and soft silicone. You can safeguard your phone against scratches and accidental drops.

Price: $8.99
Shop it from

5. CoverON

CoverON Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Kickstand Cases

If you are looking for complete protection for your Samsung Galaxy Note 7, you should go for CoverON kickstand case. For extra protection, CoverON has made this case with two different parts. One is a tough polycarbonate outer shell and another is a soft flexible shockproof TPU inner skin. For perfect grip, this case has side ridges; this means you should stop worrying about sudden drops and bumps. Hands-free kickstand case allows you to read eBooks and watch movies/videos comfortably. Experience convenient viewing for hours together. This case has many protective features but it is slim and lightweight to fit perfectly in your pockets.

Price: $8.99
Buy it from

6. Lab C

Lab C Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Kickstand Cases

Get the advantage of three cases at a single price. Lab C offers you a clear case, a bumper case and a kickstand case – all in one. For your love for minimalism, this case is made of what is essential. All smartphones receive maximum burden on back, and therefore, this case is manufactured by mixing superior polycarbonate into a clear TPU with a stripe design. Look at the frame, which is redesigned to give extra strength; this ensures durability of the case. Walk with relaxed steps in crowded market places as this case offers easy anti-slip grip design.

Price: $15.99 [$9.99 while writing this on] Purchase it from

7. Bastex

Bastex Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Kickstand Cases

Any kickstand maker should learn the art of making the most of space. If you check the kickstand opening, you will realize that Bastex has smartly utilized the back case; you can easily insert your credit card/debit card/ ID etc. under the kickstand opening. Safeguard your Galaxy Note 7 with dual layer construction; shock absorbing silicon inner sleeve offers outstanding grip and secures back and sides of the phone. The outer shell looks elegant and raises your phone’s screen to protect it against scratches. This kickstand case firmly fits around your Note 7 and gives first-rate shock absorption from sudden drops and bumps.

Price: $14.99
Order it from

8. CellBee

CellBee Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Kickstand Cases

If you are supposed to commute to and from your office, this belt holster kickstand case is perfect for your Galaxy Note 7. This life companion case is rugged in construction as it is made of polycarbonate hard shell. Its strength is tested against demanding conditions and sudden accidents. Its inner core is made of flexible silicone that protects your phone from drops and scratches. In case your phone falls on the corner, you should not worry about the damage as its corners are reinforced by double-thick silicone for exceptional protection against impacts.

Price: $10.99
Shop it from

9. Pandawell

Pandawell Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Kickstand Cases

Pandawell presents a perfect kickstand that doesn’t add any bulk to your Samsung Galaxy Note 7. You can easily carry your phone with protective case on; slip your phone in your pocket and feel comfortable. This kickstand case offers a comfortable grip and superior protection. Check the four raised corners of the case to give better security against drops & shocks. You can easily install the case on your Note 7; its anti-slip finish secures your phone from drops and shocks. Admire its perfect cut-outs that allow quick access to all buttons, ports, and controls.

Price: $7.99
Buy it from

10. MoKo

moko Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Kickstand Cases

MoKo has specially designed this kickstand case for Samsung Galaxy Note 7. This heavy duty layer case provides better shock resistant protection, comfort and rugged design. The perfectly cut out openings give full and convenient access to all ports, buttons, and controls on your Note 7. Pay attention to its belt swivel holster with microfiber lined interior to give 180-degree rotation; you can easily install and remove the case. A striking feature of this product is that it is compatible with screen protectors and tempered glass screen protectors. Watch videos and movies with the support of built-in kickstand.

Price: $5.99
Buy it from

Kickstand cases are perfect companion of Galaxy Note 7. Since its display size is 5.7”, a kickstand case is the best option to interact with the large screen. Have you ever used any kickstand? Share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google+.

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