Best Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Screen Protectors: Protection & Style Go Hand in Hand

If you are easily satisfied with the best, here are some best screen protectors for your Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Carefully selected from a long list, it was a herculean task to make this collection, just like finding a needle in a haystack.

But why should you buy screen protectors for Galaxy Note 7? Perhaps this question is quite irrelevant in this time, when your communication devices need utmost care. It goes without saying that your smart devices need protection against many hazards like scratches, stains, scrapes, and more.

Screen protectors are size-specific, and therefore, you cannot mix and match cases. So if you already have screen protectors for Galaxy S7 Edge or Galaxy S7, you can’t use them on your Galaxy Note 7.

Note that Note 7 Tempered Glass Screen Protector is more in demand as it is stronger than other glossy or matte finished Screen Protectors for Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

Best Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Screen Protectors

Best Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Screen Protectors

#1. IQ Shield

IQSHIELD Screen Protector for Galaxy Note 7

IQ Shield presents innovative LIQuidSkin adhesive together with the unique IQ Shield wet install method, which makes sure easy, bubble free, anti-fingerprint and frustration free installation. Unlike any other layered PET film and ballistic tempered glass, IQ Shield’s LIQuidSkin screen protectors are made using a revolutionary technology that blends high response sensitivity, self healing durability, and non-yellowing, glass like optical transparency into a smooth layer of flexible yet tough screen guard. This screen protector is categorized as smart film and optically transparent once you apply this on your Note 7.

Price: $11.95 [$7.85 while writing this on] Buy it from

#2. Skinomi

Skinomi Screen Protector for Galaxy Note 7

This Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Screen Protector is uniquely made using perfect laser cutting technology to provide maximum screen coverage. Its material flexibility allows total coverage even on curved devices. Features like self-healing, flexible, tough, military-grade thermoplastic urethane, are added to absorb high impact. This screen protector is resistant against scratches, punctures, UV light and will not turn yellow. You can easily install this protector without experiencing bubble or any error. Its liquid solution will allow adjustments during installation. Moreover, it reduces dust, oil, and fingerprint stains.

Price: $7.85
Purchase it from

#3. MoKo

MoKo Screen Protector for Galaxy Note 7

MoKo brings Galaxy Note 7 tempered glass screen protectors with 3D rounded edges made exclusively for Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to provide precise protection on touch screen. Its 9H hardness gives security against scratch, crash, and shock; moreover, 0.2mm thickness helps maintain the original touch experience, 90% light penetration ratio secures the original viewing quality. You can easily clean oleophobicity coating, which reduces fingerprints and oily stains. Appreciate its advanced fitting technology that makes it comfortable for you to install and remove. Enjoy bubble-free installation without any residue.

Price: $14.99
Order it from

#4. Sparin

SPARIN Screen Protector for Galaxy Note 7

Sparin presents curved 3D glass, which perfectly fits on your Galaxy Note 7 screen for premium, edge-to-edge full coverage protection. Appreciate its 9H hardness 0.3mm, which is explosion-proof, and secure the phone screen against sudden drops, scratches, dirt and dust. And it doesn’t influence the touch-screen accuracy. Follow its smart guide sticker to make application comfortable; care should be taken while using a tight case for your Galaxy Note 7 as this can cause conflict with full coverage screen protector. High definition offers 99% light transmittance, disclose phone’s real colour.

Price: $19.99
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#5. Peyou

Peyou Screen Protector for Galaxy Note 7

Peyou gives you a screen protector that boasts perfect curves to fit full screen of your Samsung Galaxy Note 7. This screen protector is crafted from 0.2mm thick superior quality tempered glass with rounded edges. Peyou adds 9H hardness to this protector, which resists scratches harder than a knife. Protect your Note 7 against dust, oil, finger stains etc. Enjoy high response and high transparency along with easy, bubble free installation.

Price: $49.99 [$18.99 while writing this on] Buy it from

#6. iCarez

iCarez Screen Protector for Galaxy Note 7

iCarez offers HD clear material in its screen protectors for Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Enjoy full screen coverage, dry application, high definition transparency and other useful features. iCarez gives you 3H scratch-proof hardness. You can easily install and remove this screen protector without leaving any bubble and residue. This HD film ensures maximum resolution for retina display. Your phone’s touch screen is completely secured with TrueTouch Sensitivity and antibacterial quality of the screen protector. Its precisely crafted cut-outs allow you to use sensors effectively and you will enjoy its full responsiveness.

Price: $22.99 [$7.85 while writing this on] Order it from

#7. iLLumiShield

iLLumiShield Screen Protector for Galaxy Note 7

iLLumiShield manufactures Galaxy Note 7 screen protectors made of high quality PET film imported from Japan. This screen protector has many layers, and each layer gives specific functions. You can enjoy ultra clear HD screen protectors that have unparalleled durability. Two features viz. True Touch and glass-like feel provide superior tactile experience, though you cannot view that nearly invisible protector. Appreciates its anti-bubble silicone resin layer, which is self-adhesive and allows easy and dry installation. This means you don’t face any hassle while installing the screen guard. Forget bacterial elements, oil and fingerprints as this transparent and smooth film prevents all nuisances.

Price: $4.85
Shop it from

#8. ArmorSuit

ArmorSuit Screen Protector for Galaxy Note 7

For flexible and easy installation, choose ArmorSuit’s screen protectors for Samsung Galaxy Note 7. It is crafted to give full coverage on curved corners and edges of Note 7. This screen protector is made from a material that is scratch-proof, ultra-tough, optically clear, military-grade, yellow-resistant; moreover, it is custom fit for each particular gadget and device with full body and screen protection. Its self-healing technology removes negligible scratches on the protector. This further lessens dust, oil, and fingerprint stains.

Price: $19.95 [$7.85 while writing this on] Purchase it from

#9. CellBee

CellBee Screen Protector for Galaxy Note 7

CellBee made excellent screen protectors for Samsung Galaxy Note 7 from high impact absorb soft materials; and note that this is PET material and not glass. A striking feature of PET material is that it has ultra clear shock-resistant layer, which protects your phone’s screen against shocks, bumps and drops. At the same time, you can enjoy high touch sensitivity. Admire its superior grade shockproof material that resists scratches and prevents all shocks to the screen. Oleo-phobic coating technology reduces fingerprint stains and gives you smooth touch feeling. The protector has passed the 80 LBS hammer test for five times.

Price: $9.99
Buy it from

#10. D&P

D&P Screen Protector for Galaxy Note 7

D&P brings case-friendly screen protectors for Samsung Galaxy Note 7; such protectors work well with cases and therefore, they are best options if you are regularly using cases for your smartphones. Just a gentle touch and its high-responsive material will create desired effects on your phone’s touch screen. Enjoy its self-cleaning, anti-oil, anti-fingerprint, rainbow-effect proof features. D&P screen protector is made of superior grade shockproof material, which provides other excellent features like anti-scratch, shatterproof etc.; you can easily reduce the damage of scratch, scrapes, blast and impact.

Price: $8.95
Order it from

There are many screen protectors for Samsung Galaxy Note 7; you can check different features like anti-bubble, anti-fingerprint, high transparency, shatter-proof, anti-scratch and more. You need to decide what features you want in screen protectors. Once you buy a screen protector, share your feedback with us on  FacebookTwitter and Google+.

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