Armband for any smartphone becomes crucial when the user is a fitness fanatic. When you are clad in those workout clothes, it is difficult to keep your phone into pockets; you can’t leave your mobile phone at home when you are out for running or walking. This creates need for armband. Note 8, though a huge piece in size also requires an armband. Normally, it is a challenge for any Note 8 user to find a compatible armband, but we have sourced the best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 armbands for you.

This list of best Galaxy Note 8 workout cases for running boasts high quality products that support your pricey phone in all your fitness activities. A major advantage of this top armbands for your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is that they keep your high-end phablet stable around your arm, while you are busy in workout. Moreover, if you use Bluetooth headphones for your Note 8, you can also receive calls during exercise. For music lovers, they can listen to their favourite songs by storing them in microSD cards for Galaxy Note 8.

If you are using a bumper case for Note 8 or any other cases for your Galaxy Note 8, you should check the compatibility of armbands with the cases. There are a few brands that design such spacious armbands that you can put your Note 8 with a case on.

Best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Armbands

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Workout CasesNotable Features 
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Gear BeastFull Screen
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AmabinReflective Elastic
Velcro Strap
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MelopSweat Resistant
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#1. LifeProof

Lifeproof Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Armband

LifeProof is one of the leading brands of armband, and this is one of the best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 armbands. The product doesn’t have a pouch or case; it is open for any other smartphone apart from your Note 8. With a quick click, you can mount your Note 8 on this workout armband. Similarly, you can remove your phone with a single click; this armband lets you access full screen features while you are doing your exercise at home or gym. You can keep your Note 8 in portrait or landscape mode on your LifeProof smartphone.

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#2. Sparin

Sparin Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Armband

Sparin is another popular brand that makes best Galaxy Note 8 armbands for running. A glaring feature of this armband is its sensitive touch control. By using this feature, you can take or reject incoming calls while you are doing your fitness activities. Its clear face cover allows users to access entire touch screen. The waterproof and sweat-resistant armband is your perfect partner during your daily exercise. Use wire holder to keep your hands-free; there is a small pocket to store your key as well.

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#3. Gear Beast

Gear Beast Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Armband

Gear Beast offers a pouch that you can tie around your arm; this armband is slim case compatible, and therefore, you can put your Note 8 with a case. Note that you cannot use bulkier protective case from OtterBox and LifeProof with this Gear Beast armband. This pouch-like armband lets you store currency notes, home key, credit cards, ID and other small items. Touted as one of the best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 armbands, this pouch is made of neoprene material, which makes it waterproof and sweatproof. The flexible design of this pouch never hampers movement of your arms. You can use this armband in low light conditions as its reflective safety band improves visibility.

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#4. Amabin

Amabin Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Armband

Amabin presents a universal armband, which is perfect for Note 8. Given the size of Galaxy Note 8, Amabin is your best choice with notable features like magnet and reflective elastic Velcro strap. You can mount and unmount your Note 8 without any hassle; in fact you can do this while you are running or walking outdoors. Moreover, once you mount your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 on this armband, you can easily rotate it in landscape or portrait mode. This gives you comfort of using your phablet while working out at gym.

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#5. Melop

MELOP Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Armband

Sweating is one of the most common issues with armbands. While you are working out, sweating causes irritation or itching; thanks to Melop’s sweat resistant material, you can use this Galaxy Note 8 armband every day. Melop’s armband is your average looking product with extraordinary features. The design of this armband is so excellent that you can easily manipulate your apps while you are running or in yoga gym. With your hands free, you can take calls or play music on your Galaxy Note 8. The skin-friendly material plays crucial role as sweating can cause skin issues.

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Choose the best Galaxy Note 8 armbands from the list and set out for your extreme workout session. Share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.


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