Best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Bumper Cases: Protect and Stylize Your Phablet

Bumper cases are the choice of customers, who prefer protection and style. Sometimes, such cases flaunt minimum style, but they offer maximum protection. And therefore, bumper cases are popular among smartphone users worldwide. Note 8 is the latest sensation in digital world; you may have plans to pre-order this excellent phablet. While placing pre-order for Note 8, you can also buy the best Galaxy Note 8 bumper cases listed here.

The best bumper cases provides protection and utility to users. One of the best features of bumper cases is that they allow users to access all ports and controls of the phone. Unlike wallet cases, bumper cases do not hide the screen of your phone. You need to use a high quality screen protector to guard the screen of your Note 8. This list of best bumper case for Samsung Galaxy Note 8 includes famous brands like Spigen, Ringke, i-Blason, Maxboost, Poetic etc. This gives you peace of mind about the quality of your bumper cases for Samsung Note 8.

Best Galaxy Note 8 Bumper Cases

#1. Spigen Neo Hybrid

Spigen Neo Hybrid Galaxy Note 8 Bumper Case

Spigen’s Neo Hybrid series is extremely successful; in fact, the brand has launched Neo series in multiple cases like wallet cases, clear cases, and other phone accessories. This hybrid case is a perfect example of detail oriented product; this case has reinforced bumper protection to safeguard your phone against drops and shocks. The external frame is made of hard PC, while the bumper is made of flexible TPU. Both these features make a slim case that doesn’t add bulk to your phone, and consequently, you can put your Note 8 in your pockets.

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#2. Lumion

Lumion Galaxy Note 8 Bumper Case

A crystal clear case is everybody’s choice! This bumper case for Galaxy Note 8 helps you to show the real colour and beauty of the latest phone. This case offers two-layer protection to your Note 8; the colourful outer frame imparts good looks to the phone, and the durable TPU gives robust protective cover. To convince users of its strength, Lumion has lab-tested its military grade level protection. As a user, I appreciate its pocket-friendly feature; moreover, it is easy to hold Note 8 while you are walking through busy areas.

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#3. Ringke

Ringke Galaxy Note 8 Bumper Case

Ringke is another popular brand of smartphone cases. This is one of the best Galaxy Note 8 bumper case for you; as mentioned above, bumper cases can hardly become stylish. But Ringke has successfully added some style quotient to this laser precise bumper. You can choose rose gold crystal, smoke black or clear bumper case for your Note 8. Thanks to its 2x tough coating, which elevates original looks of Note 8 but doesn’t add any bulk. Though the case boasts slim and sleek profile, its military grade build offers drop protection. Admire its active touch technology that lets you access all ports, controls and buttons naturally.

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#4. i-Blason

i-Blason has carved a niche in manufacturing heavy duty protective best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 bumper case. This case is picked up from i-Blason’s popular Magma series. Unlike other heavy duty cases, this one doesn’t prove all-muscle-and-no-style case. i-Blason has taken great care to combine style and solid content into this best bumper case for Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Transparent back shows aesthetic elements of your Note 8; at the same time, the damage-resistant back protects your phone against scratches, dents, bumps, and scrapes.

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#5. Trianium

Trianium’s bumper case for Galaxy Note 8 effortlessly fits on the device, and therefore, it looks quite natural on your Note 8. This precision fitting allows you to access your Note’s buttons and controls in the most efficient manner; you don’t have to press hard or fumble for charging port or S Pen port. The rigid back of this case doesn’t surrender to any shock or damage, and protects your Note 8 against scratches and scrapes. You can peacefully put your Note 8 in face-down position; raised bezel of this case keeps some distance between the touch screen and flat surface. This case is compatible with most screen protectors.

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#6. Maxboost

Maxboost Galaxy Note 8 Bumper Case

Maxboost’s HyperPro series dedicatedly manufactures heavy duty protective bumper case for Galaxy series smartphones. This is one of the best bumper case for Galaxy Note 8. Give your Note 8 world class protection with this hybrid case that has double-injected soft and hard casing. Its GXD material ensures drop protection and retains sleek profile of your Note 8. TPU frame offers better grip when you hold your Note 8 in your hands; never bother about the screen and camera of your phone as the raised lips provide extra protection to both the features.

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#7. Poetic

Poetic Galaxy Note 8 Bumper Case

The Guardian series of Poetic brings the best bumper case for Galaxy Note 8; the cases are a notch above other run-of-the-mill products. This bumper case comes with a built-in screen protector, thus it eliminates need of buying a separate screen protector for your Note 8. Your phablet will feel no impact of shock or drop as it is made of TPU lining around the polycarbonate case giving shock absorbing protection. Use all the essential ports and buttons with Poetic’s precisely cut out openings.

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#8. Case-mate

Case-Mate Galaxy Note 8 Bumper Case

Case-mate brings unique design in this best Galaxy Note 8 bumper case. The metallic rose gold accentuates physical excellence of your Note 8. Though the case provides dual-layer protection, its slim silhouette will surely impress you and people around you. Appreciate its anti-scratch build, which protects your Note 8 against all odds; moreover, metallic buttons give you natural feel while you are operating your coveted Note. The military grade impact protection has beaten MIL-STD 810G drop test standards.

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