Best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Cases: Enjoy Superior Style and Strong Protection

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is now announced by the brand in a gala event and the high-end phone is likely to be released in September 2017. For many loyal Note users, this is an important milestone especially after the debacle of Note 7. Expectations are high from Samsung as it has to fulfil a lot of demands to bring back dejected customers. The Note 8 is IP68 certified and dust/waterproof over 1.5 meter and 30 minutes. Its super AMOLED capacitive touch screen needs protection every time. To safeguard premium features of Note 8, you need the best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Cases.

But why you should buy the most protective Samsung Galaxy Note 8 cases now? Once you buy the phone, you will realize that it requires complete protection immediately. The superior elegance and awesome design need 100% safety from all corners. And therefore, smart consumers think of protection first.

Best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Cases

#1. VRSDESIGN Note 8 High Pro Shield Case

VRSDESIGN is one of the premium brands that manufacture extremely reliable accessories for smartphones. This is one of the best Galaxy Note 8 Cases that belongs to the famous high pro shield series of VRSDESIGN. The brand has released this case after conducting enough tests in its laboratory. The military grade layer of this case provides full defence to your Note 8 against accidental drops and shocks. Though the case looks slim, its reinforced dual layer construction gives full guarantee of safety. You can easily put the Note 8 in your pocket with VRSDESIGN case on.

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#2. VRSDESIGN Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Leather Wallet Case 

Layered Dandy series is for fashion forward users. Keep your Note 8 protected while showcasing a superior style and elegance. This wallet case imparts an inconspicuous sophistication to your personality. This classy leather wallet boasts impeccably crafted slots to store your credit/debit cards and currency notes. Its PU leather finish and detailed stitches make all the difference and set yourself apart from other Note 8 owners at your office or party. Check that magnetic clip that gives extra protection to the touch screen of Note 8.

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#3. Spigen Note 8 Crystal Clear Case

Add some glitter to your Note 8 experience! Buy Spigen’s liquid crystal glitter case for your Note 8 and feel the slim and lightweight TPU layer. This is the most protective samsung Galaxy Note 8 cases that fit into the category of slim cases. You can showcase the real beauty, colour and design of your brand new Note 8 with this case. You can comfortably use the buttons and controls with Spigen’s reinforced buttons that quickly respond to your commands. Enjoy full access to all ports, sensors, and controls on Note 8 with precisely cut out openings. This case is compatible with NeoFlex screen protector from Spigen.

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#4. Spigen Neo Hybrid Protective Case for Samsung Note 8

The best Galaxy Note 8 Cases should be detail oriented. Phone users are very picky about the case as it has to be compatible with screen protectors. Moreover, it the case creates hindrance in accessing essential ports, sensors, and controls of the phone, user quickly discard that case. Spigen knows this fact and therefore, the brand has made this detail oriented case for Galaxy Note 8. To provide more security to your Note 8, Spigen has created two-part design that boasts shock-absorbing layer. Precision is always a trademark of Spigen; so there is no doubt about accessibility of essential features and controls of Note 8

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#5. Poetic Bumper Case

Poetic Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 8

The name Poetic creates an impression of elegance and aestheticism; but you should not forget that Poetic is also known to manufacture robust cases for big brands. For Note 8, Poetic has crafted this full-body rugged clear hybrid bumper case. Pick up from its Guardian series, the best Galaxy Note 8 Cases will actually prove guardian for your Note 8. Like a guardian, it will provide 360-degree protection to your Note 8. Don’t miss that built-in screen protector; you don’t need to spend extra bucks on external screen protector, which may not be compatible with this case.

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#6. Snugg Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Slim Case

There are people, who are in love with their Note 8 phablet. And for them, their smart device is like their child. Therefore, they doubly sure of the protective of their baby, i.e. smartphone. Snugg’s popular Infinity Series brings dual layer slim case that takes enough care of your Note 8. Though the best Galaxy Note 8 Cases are slim, their protective bumper shell skin ensures full protection of your device. Flexible TPU shell behaves like a small, cosy bed for your Note 8. As a matter of fact, this TPU shell encapsulates your phone, and hence, the device is secured against shocks and drops.

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#7. Caseology Note 8 Slim Protective Case

Caseology Case for Galaxy Note 8

Given the size of Note 8 (it’s 6.3 inches), the beast is difficult to handle or hold in your hands. You just can’t keep it bare; a protective case is must. But do you think an ordinary case would fulfil the requirement? You need the finest Samsung Galaxy Note 8 cases that provide strong grip. Caseology wins the race here. This dual layer textured cover boasts secure grip geometric design. If your trousers have deep pockets (I am talking about size of your pockets), you can easily place your phone inside. But if you are not in the habit of putting your phone in the pockets, you have to hold it in hands. In this case, you are running the risk of losing your phone especially when you are walking through crowded places. Thanks to Caseology’s textured geometric design on the parallax cover that provides enhanced grip.

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#8. Ringke Thin Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 8 

Ringke Galaxy Note 8 Case

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is priced at $950, and this piece itself speaks volumes about your personality. You don’t need to buy a case that adds beauty or elegance. If you buy a luxurious case with jazzy features, you will be trying to gild the lily. You need something minimalistic for your Note 8. Ringke brings the best Galaxy Note 8 Cases that flaunt minimalist diagonal textured TPU form. The case has everything what is essential. There is nothing you don’t need; in other words, Ringke has not added anything extra or unessential to this case. The lightweight case has shock absorption TPU form that protects your phone from drops and shocks.

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#9. Supcase Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Bumper Case

Fingerprint scanner is a prominent feature of Note 8. This security feature is likely to be used by most users. While selecting a protective case for Note 8, care should be taken that fingerprint scanner is easily accessible even as phone is covered by the best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Cases. Supcase has an edge over other cases here. This case, taken from Unicorn Beetle series, is a premium hybrid protective frost clear case. The case has a wide space to let you access dual camera and fingerprint scanner on your Note 8. Check that ergonomic side grip design that allows you to hold your phone securely. Its responsive buttons quickly exert pressure on the controls, so that you can operate your phone comfortably.

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#10. Samsung S View Flip Case for Galaxy Note 8  

Samsung S View Cover for Note 8

You can expect nothing but the best when you buy Note 8 accessories from the brand itself. Samsung has manufactured this S View Cover, which is also an LED wallet cover, exclusively for Note 8. Make the most of infinity display of Note 8 as this case provides optimal angle for watching media on the large screen of this monster. The LED display is the key feature of S View cover from Samsung. The fast-paced world gives you little time to check important notifications. Before you flip the wallet case, somebody needs your attention. Thanks to this LED wallet case, you can now check phone and notifications at a glance with this LED display. Moreover, you can personalize the caller ID by assigning custom icons to some of your contacts.

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#11. INCIPIO Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Rugged Case

Incipio Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 8

If you have earned the title of butterfingers at home and office, you should accept this fact. There is nothing embarrassing about this weakness. But when you own a pricey device like Note 8, just your acceptance doesn’t help you. Instead, you need to take some action. And your first step is to buy this protective case with reinforced corners. This case from INCIPIO belongs to Reprieve [Sport] 2.0 series. You will be surprised to know that INCIPIO has drop tested this case from 12 feet. This case is made to endure extreme conditions; give your Note 8 military grade protection with highly protective interior structure of this phone.

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#12. OtterBox Samsung Note 8 Case

Otterbox Commuter Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Your job or business may take you to different places. And to commute, you may be using different means. Now you are air bound, now you are in train; or maybe you are in your car. While you are travelling, your phone is your constant companion. You can do away without your wallet, but you can’t go anywhere without your Note 8. The inevitability of your phone makes it so precious that you need a robust case like OtterBox for your Note 8. The Commuter Series case for Note 8 is specially launched by OtterBox for users who are travelling frequently. The compact size of the case allows you to take it while you are on the go.

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#13. OtterBox Toughest Galaxy Note 8  Case

Otterbox Defender Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Defender Series from OtterBox has got the toughest protective case for Note 8. The best thing about OtterBox Note 8 case from Defender Series is that it comes with a belt clip/holster. You can tuck your phone in the belt and move around carelessly. The belt clip is quite useful while you are walking through crowded places like airports or railway stations. Appreciate the multi-layer protection provided by this Defender series case, which has solid polycarbonate hard shell and specialized rubber slipcover. Even if you hold your phone in hands, this rubber slipcover offers strong grip. The belt clip allows you to watch videos, movies, and photos on the huge screen of your Note 8.

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#14. Bear Motion Slim Case

Bear Motion Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Cases

Another slim case in the list of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 cases. This time it is Bear Motion that presents a slim case exclusively made for your Note 8. You can easily install the phone on to this case with its precise measurement and cut-outs. Since Bear Motion has used premium material, your Note 8 is guarded against scratches and minor bumps.

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#15. EasyAcc Transparent Back Cover

EasyACC Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Cases

EasyAcc brings a crystal clear case for your Note 8 so that you can flaunt the original design of your precious device. The anti-slip case gives you a strong grip, and therefore, you will never lose your favourite phone. The high quality TPU is flexible, clear and light; it provides an ultimate user experience when you hold it in your hands. The crystal clear design creates an invisible protective layer, which deceives anyone near you. A remarkable flexibility allows you to install and remove the case with greater ease.

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#16. UAG Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Military Grade Case

One of the best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Cases is presented by UAG (Urban Armor Gear). UAG has crafted this case, which allows you to use Samsung Pay and wireless charging on your Note 8. The brand has got patented hard outer shell and a resistant core that makes the case feather-light. To impart 360-degree protection to your Note 8, UAG has created soft raised rubber screen lip and skid pads. The case has successfully cleared military drop test, and therefore, you buy peace of mind when you place an order for this Note 8 case.

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