The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 comes with an IP68 rating. This means that the device is water resistant, and not water proof. However, if you are looking for complete protection from water, then that can be handled with the best galaxy note 8 waterproof cases.

The Galaxy Note 8 comes with awesome cameras, and the IP68 might have ticked you with the possibility of underwater photography. Though the device isn’t suited to be underwater for long periods of time, when it is wrapped in these cases, you might get to take some astounding underwater clicks.

Best Galaxy Note 8 Waterproof Cases

#1. Meritcase

Meritcase Galaxy Note 8 Waterproof Case

One of the best Galaxy Note 8 Waterproof case you get a fully sealed waterproof case which can keep your phone safe underwater for over an hour at a depth of about 3.3ft. It is also suited for day to day use and comes with a solid protective design that meets with military standards 810G-516. This means your phone will be safe even from a 6.6-foot drop.

Also, the screen guard can provide scratch-proof protection without sacrificing sensitivity. Apart from all this, there is also a removable kickstand provided with the casing. And best of all, this excess level of protection doesn’t add any noticeable bulk or weight to your phone.

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YMCCOOL Galaxy Note 8 Waterproof Case

Another one of the best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Waterproof cases, this can keep your phone safe 6.6ft underwater. Also, it has been tested to ensure the case can protect your device from drops that happen from 2m height for over 1000 times. The case gives you anti-shock, anti-snow, waterproof, and dustproof protection, all in one.

Again, despite being so much protective, it also ensures to keep your screen sensitive enough to your tough lifestyle. So you won’t have to be worrying about sacrificing function for protection. It is also very slim, lightweight and durable.

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#3. Ghostek

Ghostek Galaxy Note 8 Waterproof Case

This waterproof casing comes with a dual layer built and contains a PC and TPU built. This makes sure that your phone is protected from drops and bumps. Also, since this is water-resistant, it makes this one of the most protective Waterproof case for Galaxy Note 8. Your phone will be protected even from 20 feet drops and will sustain function even after being submerged underwater for over an hour. Furthermore, the case design is such that you get full 360-degree protection and the raised rubberized corners are just overkill.

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#4. Temdan

Temdan Galaxy Note 8 Waterproof Case

If you are planning to go underwater to a considerable depth, then this case will come in handy. It allows you to stay underwater for over 1-hour at depths of about 10ft. Also, it comes with Military grade protection following the 810G-516 standards. This makes sure that your phone will also be safe if it falls from heights of up to 6.6ft.

All in all, this waterproof case provides solid level protection for your device and comes with a lightweight and compact design, and so it doesn’t add any annoying extra bulk.

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#5. FugouSku

FugouSku Galaxy Note 8 Waterproof Case

If you are looking for High-Quality waterproof case for Note 8 that can help you take your phone way deep underwater and for long periods of time, then this will be very helpful. It guarantees protection for your phone at depths of 10ft under water for 3 hours of time.

Besides being water-resistant, the casing is also designed to give you 360-degree dual layer protection. And amidst all this protection, much like all other cases on the list, you won’t lose any screen sensitivity, or gain any extra bulk or weight.

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#6. Spidercase

Spidercase Galaxy Note 8 Waterproof Case

This Water resistant case for Samsung Galaxy Note 8 promises to safeguard your phone for an hour when submerged underwater at a depth of 5ft, and for half an hour when submerged at a depth of 10ft. There is also military standard 810G-516 safeguard which guarantees your phone will be safe even after its thousandth falls from heights of up to 2m. The front cover also comes with a screen protector which can add even more protection to your device.

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#7. Punkcase

Punkcase Galaxy Note 8 Waterproof Case

And to end our list of the best Galaxy Note 8 Waterproof Cases, we have a dust proof, scratch proof, waterproof, snow proof case that will keep your device safe no matter what the adventure. Also, there is an anti-reflective coated lens near the camera so that it can take those stunning shots while being protected. Also, since your device is protected from all angles, you might think that the sound quality might get distorted, but that too managed with innovative sound membranes. All in all, this is the best waterproof case that you can use in your day to day life without much problem in performance and heightened overall protection.

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Since this list of best Galaxy Note 8 waterproof cases leaves you bewildered, it will be a difficult task for you to choose one of the top waterproof cases. Do share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google+.


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