Best Samsung Galaxy S7 Battery Cases

People are so keen to protect their digital devices that they like to buy accessories immediately after owing the electronic gadgets or smart devices. Basically, they ensure that their smart devices stay with them for long, and accessories like screen protectors, cases, covers, wallet cases etc. are their first choice when they buy any smartphone. We could sense this trend when we launched a list of Samsung Galaxy S7 wallet cases and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge cases

However, it is quite difficult for users to set priority to the shopping list of smartphone accessories. They are always in dilemma as to what to buy first – cases and covers or screen protectors for their smartphones. But in this confused state of mind, they clean forget battery cases, which constantly supply much-needed elixir (read Power) to your smartphone. No matter how strong battery your smartphone has, after continuous use, battery is going to drain out. Samsung has released two high-end smartphones with strong battery capacity; Samsung Galaxy S7 has 3000mAh battery capacity while Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge boasts 3600mAh battery capacity.

We have listed here some of the best Samsung Galaxy S7 battery cases; if you own this smartphone, you should explore each Samsung Galaxy S7 charging case and buy the perfect one. A battery case is a stitch in time because you may face any dire situation, wherein you have to charge your phone quickly. A battery charger for Samsung Galaxy S7 comes handy to power up your smartphone. This list has multiple Galaxy S7 wireless charging battery packs, which boast strong materials, style, and they are of different charging capacity.

Best Galaxy S7 Wireless Charging Battery Pack

#1. Ruky

Ruky Best S7 Battery Case

Ruky presents a perfect Samsung Galaxy S7 battery case with precise cut-outs. Its 4500mAh battery capacity makes a total battery capacity of 7500mAh (this figure includes Samsung Galaxy S7 battery capacity of 3000mAh). This means your Samsung Galaxy S7 battery life gets doubled. The battery case is so slim that you will never experience any bulk in your pocket. Access all the controls and buttons on your Samsung Galaxy S7 as the battery case has perfect openings.

Price: $27.99 [While Writing on]
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#2. Mophie

Mophie Galaxy S7 Wireless Battery Case

Increase your Samsung Galaxy S7 battery life by fitting this Mophie battery case on. Power banks are bulky and therefore, Galaxy S7 battery pack is a better option to keep your smartphone charged. This battery case adds up to 60% power on your phone’s battery life. You can check the battery status with the built-in LED light. Apart from charging your phone, this battery case protects the device while you are not charging. Shield your phone from accidental drops and shocks with its rubberized supports.

Price: $99.95 [While Writing on]
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#3. Samsung

Samsung Best Galaxy S7 Battery Cases

Pair your Samsung Galaxy S7 with the Samsung battery case, which has 3100mAh battery capacity. The battery pack boasts power key to check battery status or activate wireless charging; just press down for 3 seconds to cancel wireless charging to save battery. One of the striking features of this battery case is that it stops wireless charging automatically when phone is fully charged up to 100%.

Price: $59.99 [While Writing on]
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#4. Maxdara

Maxdara Best Galaxy S7 Battery Case

Take your battery capacity up to 7500mAh with this 4500mAh Samsung Galaxy s7 charging case. Maxdara offers lifetime warranty to consumers. You can easily carry your smartphone with you as the battery case boasts slim profile that doesn’t add any bulk to your pocket. Appreciate the perfect cut-outs that let you access all controls, ports and buttons on your Samsung Galaxy S7 phone. This battery case is compatible with Samsung Galaxy S7 only.

Price: $25.99 [While Writing on]
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#5. iPower Factory

iPower Factory Best Galaxy S7 Wireless Battery Pack

This could be the cheapest battery case in this list from iPower Factory. The strongest battery capacity of 5200mAh ensures that your smartphone is never running out of battery. Li-polymer rechargeable battery can give additional battery life to your Samsung Galaxy S7. This battery case is very useful for gamers and internet users as the two activities can consume batter fast. Charge up your smartphone in 2.5-3 hours; during the same time, you can charge up this battery case with lightning cable.

Price: $6.56 [While Writing on]
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#6. Mason

Mason Best S7 Charging Case

Get Mason battery case for your Samsung Galaxy S7 and enjoy one year free warranty service. This 4200mAh capacity battery case is made of premium microchips; the battery case enjoys CE, FCC, RoHS certification and this means higher reliability. Get more than 500 recharge cycles for your Samsung Galaxy S7 battery. Protect your smartphone against the hazards of over-charge, over-discharge, over-voltage, over-current, short-circuit etc. Don’t pack your carry bag with USB cable, power bank, and phone case.

Price: $19.98 [While Writing on]
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#7. Wuloo

Wuloo Galaxy S7 Wireless Charging Case

Charge and protect your Samsung Galaxy S7 with Wuloo battery case that boasts 5000mAh capacity. The slim profile ensures that you can carry your phone everywhere even when you have wrapped it with this battery case. Put your smartphone in your pocket or in carry bag – you won’t feel any immensity of the battery case. The polymer batteries enhance your phone’s battery life, which lets you play your favourite games, watch movies, browse Internet or play music.

Price: $33.99 [While Writing on]
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#8. Wekin

Wekin Galaxy S7 Charging Case

Wekin presents 4200mAh capacity battery case for Samsung Galaxy S7. The lithium polymer battery offers additional battery life. Enjoy up to 260 hours of standby time, 10 hours of video playback, 36 hours of audio playback, 10 hours of talk time and 10 hours of internet browsing. The rechargeable battery case protects and charges your Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone. Wekin battery case has got CE, FCC, and RoHS certification. Give your Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone protection from both sides as this battery case is a little higher than your phone; this means, if you drop your Galaxy S7 accidentally, your phone and its screen are secured.

Price: $21.96 [While Writing on]
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#9. Caka

Caka Galaxy S7 Battery Case

Those who love to talk for hours together need extra battery power for their smartphone. Perhaps this could be the reason why Caka launched this Samsung Galaxy S7 battery charger that has 4500mAh battery capacity. Now, users can enjoy long chats, talks, browsing, playing back audio-video content and more. Fit this slim fit battery case on your Samsung Galaxy S7 and take your smartphone anywhere without feeling any bulk. This Li-polymer rechargeable battery can efficiently give 100% additional battery life to your smartphone. Get more than 25 hours of talk time or over 14 hours of Internet surfing time. This might be the first battery case that has kickstand.

Price: $24.99 [While Writing on]
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#10. Beaok

Beaok Best Samsung Galaxy S7 Battery Case

Another kickstand battery case for entertainment lovers. Watch movies, videos, photos and browse web while your Samsung Galaxy S7 is being charged by Beaok’s 4200mAh powerful battery case. With the help of kickstand, you can easily enjoy video calling on your smartphone. Moreover, you can read eBooks on Galaxy S7 phone by putting the phone against the flat surface. This slim-fit battery case protects your smartphone and doesn’t add any bulk to your trouser pockets.

Price: $21.99 [While Writing on]
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Please note that battery case with kickstand offers double advantage of protection and comfort of viewing the entire screen of your Samsung Galaxy S7. We hope that you would like to explore each Samsung Galaxy S7 battery charger. Send in your feedback on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.

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