Best Samsung Galaxy S7 Cases & Covers: Protect Your Gorgeous Piece with Style & Strength

Even as iPhones have emerged as leader in the US smartphone market, Samsung has captured the world of affordable segment. However, time and again, Samsung has launched smartphones meant for niche segment. This time, the brand has come up with Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – two smartphones that can easily give other phones a good run for their money. This makes them more sought-after and you would like to take extra care of this smartphone, if you have purchased any one.

A better care of your Samsung Galaxy S7 starts with a smart case. And therefore, we have listed the best Samsung Galaxy S7 cases and covers for you. These protective covers are made of strong material of plastic and rubber. The cases are available in different designs, colours and price range; you can choose the best case for your Samsung Galaxy S7. One thing is for sure that whichever case you pick, you will be able to access all buttons, controls and ports of your Galaxy S7 phone.

For Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge users, we have piled up an array of the best Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge cases. Check out each case by carefully viewing features and then place your order.

Best Samsung Galaxy S7 Cases

Best Samsung Galaxy S7 Cases and Covers:

1. OBLIQ Case for Galaxy S7

OBLIQ Samsung Galaxy S7 Case

As an owner of Samsung Galaxy S7, you would certainly like to flaunt its embossed lines and curves. The case boasts all-round dual layered TPU interior and polycarbonate exterior. OBLIQ case can be installed without much effort as it is custom-shaped. Appreciate the perfect cut-out that gives full access to all controls and buttons on your Samsung Galaxy S7.

Price: $34.99 [While Writing $16.99 on] Buy it from

2. Caseology Case for Galaxy S7

Caseology Samsung Galaxy S7 Case

Millions of customers can vouch for the quality of Caseology cases. And now the smartphone accessories brand has come up with a smart case for Samsung Galaxy S7. The real leather complements the smooth metallic bumper to impart a sophisticated appearance. Users can be rest assured of protection of their smartphones. It’s dual-layered TPU strengthened with leather and a polycarbonate frame provides protection against drop. The same material provides secure grip; a raised lip protects the screen against scratches.

Price: $39.99 [While Writing $17.99 on] Shop it from

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3. Luvvitt Case for Galaxy S7

Luvvitt Samsung Galaxy S7 Case

Enjoy the touch of flexible TPU rubber case in your hands with Luvvitt’s Samsung Galaxy S7 case. Luvvitt’s case is made of shock-absorbing materials; its raised lip enhances lay-on-table look. This lightweight case can be put on your smartphone seamlessly. Get full access to all ports and buttons on your Galaxy S7.

Price: $29.99 [While Writing $14.99 on] Order it from

4. i-Blason Case for Galaxy S7

i-Blason Samsung Galaxy S7 Case

Flaunt your rough-and-tough personality with i-Blason rugged case for Samsung Galaxy S7. Guard your smartphone against accidental drops and falls; the dual-layered case is made of polycarbonate hard shell exterior and flexible TPU interior. The case comes with built-in bubble-free screen protector, which strengthens touch sensitivity.

Price: $16.99
Buy it from

5. Poetic Case for Galaxy S7

Poetic Samsung Galaxy S7 Case

Celebrate drop protection with engineered corner design of X-Form architecture of Poetic. To protect your Samsung Galaxy S7 against shock, the case is made of clear polycarbonate moulded with soft TPU. Its side grip pattern ensures that your device doesn’t slide out of your grip. Keep your phone secured against scratching with the case’s raised TPU back material.

Price: $19.95 [While Writing $9.95 on] Shop it from

6. Supcase Case for Galaxy S7

Supacase Samsung Galaxy S7 Case

Supcase is perfectly designed for Samsung Galaxy S7 as it offers complete access to all ports, functions and buttons of the phone. If you have to travel a lot for your business or profession, this case is perfect for you. The case is made of advanced dual layer protection with built-in protector. Other features include shock-absorbance, impact-resistant bumper and more.

Price: $43.75 [While Writing $14.39 on] Purchase it from

7. Verus Case for Galaxy S7

Verus Samsung Galaxy S7 Case

Slim doesn’t mean strong. Verus has designed a special case for Samsung Galaxy S7; the case is thin but practical. This is different from other cases in this list as it boasts 2-card slot/money clip; now you can store your iD or/and debit/credit cards. Apart from this, the case protects your smartphone from all corners. The case is engineered to tightly fit on the phone and you don’t have to worry about your phone’s security.

Price: $49.99 [While Writing $18.99 on] Buy it from

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8. JD Tech Case for Galaxy S7

J&D Tech Samsung Galaxy S7 Case

Protect your Samsung Galaxy S7 against shocks and scratches with J&D Tech case. Its hybrid two layers of TPU and polycarbonate offer complete protection. What attracts users is its thin profile, which maintains the convenience of your smartphone accessibility. You  can easily put your Samsung Galaxy S7 in your hip pocket of trousers of chest pocket of shirts or t-shirts.

Price: $9.95
Buy it from

9. JOTO Case for Galaxy S7

Joto Samsung Galaxy S7 Case

If you are looking for an affordable deal for your Samsung Galaxy S7 case, JOTO has got some good news for you. Showcase a slim and stylish case with full protection for your smartphone. The case is made of flexible TPU and scratch-resistant coating PC, which help protect against scratches, bumps and accidental drops. The front and back of the phone is protected with the raised lips of this case on both sides.

Price: $19.95 [While Writing $8.95 on] Shop it from

10. JETech Case for Galaxy S7

JTech Samsung Galaxy S7 Case

JETech brings something unique to this list of Samsung Galaxy S7 cases. Take a close look at the air cushioned four corners of the case, which is built on shock-absorption technology. This further provides all-round protection to your device while keeping slim profile. Moreover, you can comfortably access all controls, buttons and features on your smartphone.

Price: $19.99 [While Writing $7.99 on] Purchase it from

11. OtterBox Case for Galaxy S7

Otterbox Samsung Galaxy S7 Case

OtterBox presents Defender Series tough case for Samsung Galaxy S7. This quad-layer protective case defends your phone from cracking, shattering, scratching and denting while you are on the go. Moreover, OtterBox offers built-in screen guard in pixel-perfect condition. The case is equipped with a holster that can also work as a belt clip and hands-free kickstand. All ports, controls are sealed up and therefore, dirt and dust will not enter your smartphone.

Price: $49.95
Buy it from

The cases presented here have multiple designs, materials, qualities, and functionality. We will bring some more smartphone accessories with niche category. Stay tuned and buy your choice of case for your precious Samsung Galaxy S7.

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