Your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge performs countless tasks for you in a day. At the end of the day, the battery runs out and you desperately need quick power source. There come the battery cases and covers. Charge up your phone with the best Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge battery cases and covers.

Your entire world is in your palm-sized smartphone. Your shopping starts with an e-commerce app; you pay utility bills from your mobile; your browse web world; you communicate via mail, social media and messenger apps. All this exploits battery power of your smartphone. As a result, you have to search a power source wherever you go. Some users use power banks to keep their phone charged, but the same power bank adds extra bulk to your bag or pocket.

This has created a need for something smarter. Smartphone accessories makers have come up with a cool solution: battery cases. A single battery case has multiple benefits. It constantly charges your phone while you are on the go; it doesn’t add any bulk to your pocket and moreover, it saves a few bucks that you might have spent on costlier power banks.

A couple of days back, we listed Samsung Galaxy S7 battery cases. Now for the sibling phone, i.e. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, we present this list of battery cases. Take a good look at this broad range of best Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge battery cases and covers and buy one for your smartphone.

Best Galaxy S7 Edge Battery Cases

#1. Incipio 

Incipio Battery Case for Samsung S7 Edge

What would you love to do with additional 25 hours of talk time? Obviously, you like to talk to your loved ones on your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, which is powered by Incipio battery case. Get this ultra-thin 3700mAh lithium-polymer battery case and go worry-free. Check out its priority charging feature that charges your phone first. You can charge and sync your phone while it is connected to your computer/laptop. The bumper case can be installed and removed easily while you are on the go.

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#2. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Wireless Battery Pack

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Battery Case

When you get a battery case from the brand your smartphone is of, you should immediately pick up the accessory. You have got Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and now you have the opportunity to own a battery case from the same brand, i.e. Samsung. This 3100mAh capacity battery case is for extended use and multiple charges. Get the best pass-through charging for your phone with blue and white LEDs indicating battery life of the battery pack. Its power key helps you check battery status or activate wireless charging; simply hold down for 3 seconds to stop wireless charging.

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#3. Mophie Juice Pack

Mophie Juice Pack Wireless Charging Battery Case for Galaxy S7 Edge

Mophie is one of the best brands in smartphone accessories. This battery case is specially made for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge to protect and charge your phone. With Mophie battery case, you can add up to 60% battery to your smartphone and then enjoy up to 13 hours of talk time, 40 hours of audio playback, 11 hours of video playback, and 5 hours of Internet browsing. The rubberized material of the battery case provides protection from edge-to-edge. At the same time, you can easily install and remove your smartphone. The powerful 3300mAh battery quickly charges your Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone.

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#4. iPower Factory

iPower Factory Best Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Battery Cases

Give your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge an extra battery power with iPower Factory’s 5200mAh capacity battery case. Li-polymer battery ensures that your smartphone is quickly charged up for you. Once your phone is powered, you can use it for hours. Explore Internet, hang out with friends on social media or messenger apps, click photos and shoot videos. The battery case quickly charges your phone within 2.5-3 hours. And your battery case also gets charged up within the same time period. In addition to charge, the battery case protects your Galaxy S7 Edge against scratches and other damages.

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#5. Roger

Roger Best Galaxy S7 Edge Charging Case

Want to charge your S7 Edge in two hours? Get this Roger battery case and experience super-fast charging speed. Moreover, you can charge your Galaxy S7 Edge and the battery case simultaneously. You can also check how much your phone is charged with its four LED indicators, each representing 25% charging. So your phone is never overcharged; turn on/off the battery case with its integrated power switch. A traveller’s delight, this thin battery case allows you operate all buttons and controls easily. You can easily slide your S7 Edge into your pocket with battery case and never feel the bulk.

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#6. Trianium 

Trianium Battery Case for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Trianium brings extremely powerful battery case for your Galaxy S7 Edge. The case, which is exclusively crafted for S7 Edge, boasts 5000mAh battery capacity to effectively provide 100% additional battery life to your phone. This Li-polymer rechargeable battery case can give you 30 hours of talk time or 13 hours of web browsing time. Your social media affair continues for long hours and your conversation with your loved ones will never end. While taking care of talk time and browse time, Trianium has also considered security of your Galaxy S7 Edge; the case is made to protect your phone from scratches and other wear and tear.

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#7. UNU

UNU Battery Case for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

For style aficionados, here is something they should pay attention to. UNU brings a powerful battery case for your Galaxy S7 Edge. One of the striking features of the case is that it retains your S7 Edge’s slimness and elegance while charging your device with its 5000mAh built-in battery. The battery case doesn’t add bulk to your slim and slender phone, which is now powered to give you 120% additional battery life. With this extra battery power, you can enjoy 12 hours of talk time and 15 hours of web browsing time. The hard-shell case completely protects your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

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#8. Wekin 

Wekin Battery Case for Galaxy S7 Edge

If you are on a tight budget, this Wekin battery case is perfect for your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Get the power of 5200mAh battery capacity at a reasonable price and enjoy up to 260 hours of standby time; 10 hours of video playback; 36 hours of audio playback; 10 hours of talk; or 10 hours web browsing. By purchasing Wekin battery case, you become a champion of environmental safety as the case has got CE, FCC, and RoHS certification. Since both sides of this battery case are raised above the screen of your smartphone, protection of the touch screen is guaranteed.

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#9. ZeroLemon 

ZeroLemon Battery Case for Galaxy S7 Edge

This battery case is touted as world’s highest capacity Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge battery case simply because it has 8500mAh battery capacity. You can’t ask for more than this. With this case, you can add up to 150% more battery life to your smartphone. The battery case has 4 LED lights to point out battery levels and charge status. Check out an integrated button that helps you select when to charge for when you need it most. This full edge wrap TPU case is made to bear hard drops and heavy shocks; so there won’t be any brittle back covers that compromise with the safety of your phone.

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#10. Maxdara

Maxdara Best Galaxy S7 Edge Battery Cases

Take the full advantage of your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge with Maxdara battery case. Use your phone without removing from the case and access all buttons and controls as the case is perfectly cut out. This 5200mAh battery case enhances the battery life of your smartphone, which can be used for multiple purposes. Since this battery case boasts slim profile, you can easily slide it in your trousers’ pockets or in your travel bag. Never feel the bulk of the case while you are walking through crowded urban areas. The two-in-one battery case protects and charges your Galaxy S7 Edge.

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#11. Elebase 

Elebase Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Battery Cases and Covers

Get 150% additional battery power for your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge with Elebase 4200mAh battery case. This Li-polymer rechargeable battery case efficiently provides a full battery charge of your smartphone in 2-3 hours. Its unique design allows you to install and remove the battery case smoothly; admire its slim design, which lets you slide in your Galaxy S7 Edge into your pockets with a single push. It doesn’t add any bulk to your pocket even while you are walking or driving any vehicle. Perhaps the only battery case in this list that offers you a kickstand – you need to find it out since it is hidden somewhere.

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#12. PowerBear

PowerBear Battery Case for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Give your Galaxy S7 Edge power of PowerBear. The battery case has 5000mAh capacity to add 140% extra power to your standard battery. PowerBear battery cases are the best source of portable extra battery power and this Galaxy S7 Edge juice pack offers you the ability to go beyond your power. Its dual charge technology allows you to charge your smartphone while you charge your battery case. Use only one USB cable to charge and sync your mobile phone with your computer or Mac. This charging case has Grade A+ rated battery cells with CE and RoHS certification.

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#13. SAVFY 

SAVFY 5200 mAh Portable External Backup Battery Charger

Before you think of charging your device, you should also give a serious consideration to its safety. SAVFY has done the right thing by adding excellent safety features in this battery case made for your Galaxy S7 Edge. This 5200mAh capacity battery case has comprehensive bumper design to protect your phone from all sides. Protect your Galaxy S7 Edge from scratches and routine wear and tear. The tough construction of SAVFY battery case displays LED indicators to let you know the status of battery case. Give your smartphone 100% extra battery life; once your phone is fully charged by any other traditional charger, wrap this battery case on the phone and you can go hours without any conventional charging source.

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Battery cases are need of the hour, and therefore, it is wise to buy one from the list. If we have missed any known brand of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge battery case, you can send in your suggestion or feedback. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.


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