Best Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Cases

March 2016 saw the release of Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge; the two smartphones were, it seems, released to throw a challenge to iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. Packed with features and specifications, the two brands closely compete each other with features and specifications. This cat-and-mouse game (don’t know who is cat and who is mouse), however, has benefited users who always get the best in communication technology.

But the onus of protecting that technology lies on users, who can rely on the best Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge cases listed here. If you have got its sibling, i.e. Samsung Galaxy S7, you can take a look at the best Samsung Galaxy S7 cases.

The cases are from leading smartphone accessories brands in the United States. Each smartphone cover has its unique quality that separates it from the list. Some of the notable features of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge cases are rubberized plastic, TPU, raised edges, transparency, anti-scratch, anti-sweat, and waterproof values etc.

It goes without saying that you can easily access all ports, buttons and controls of your Galaxy S7 Edge even if it is wrapped up in any of the protective cover.

Now explore the range of the best Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge cases and buy one for your smartphone.

Best Galaxy S7 Edge Cases and Covers:

1. Verus Case for Galaxy S7 Edge

Verus Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Case

Verus has designed a refined, functional and practical case for your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. The case allows your smartphone to shine under the protection. It provides an all-round protection with its raised edges and TPU lip that keeps your phone’s screen from scratching or touching the ground. Verus case is made to fit on the phone perfectly; you don’t have to put extra efforts to install the case. Precise cut-outs allow you to access all ports, buttons and controls on phone.

Price: $14.99
Buy it from

2. Supcase Case for Galaxy S7 Edge

Supcase Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Case

Supcase is perhaps the most affordable Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge case in the list. The slim profile sets the case apart from the range; its form fitting, minimalist design and smooth finish add extra value to the case and your smartphone as well. The case is made of high grade TPU and PC materials, making it shock absorbing. Its raised bezel gives extra protection to the screen of your phone.

Price: $13.99
Buy it from

3. i-Blason Case for Galaxy S7 Edge

iBlason Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Case

i-Blason presents an anti-slip design that provides extra grip while you are travelling in public transport. The case boasts 3H rating premium scratch resistant material, which imparts protection for long time. Even if you put your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge face down, the front raised edges of the case will protect your smartphone’s screen against scratches. Enjoy full access to all controls, buttons, camera holes and ports.

Price: $11.99
Buy it from

4. OtterBox Case for Galaxy S7 Edge

otterbox Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Case

OtterBox is one of the leading smartphone accessory brands in the world. For Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, OtterBox offers thin, lightweight case that protects your smartphone against drops, bumps and shocks. The case also boasts covers on your smartphone’s ports, and therefore, they are protected against dust and debris. For every day commuters, they can easily put the phone in their pockets with OtterBox case on.

Price: $19.91
Buy it from

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5. Speck Case for Galaxy S7 Edge

Speck Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Case

Speck has come up with military grade material to provide full security to your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Before the case is released to market, it is tested on to a hard surface. If the phone retains its full functionality, the case is sent to the customer. Look at the rubber stripes that provide strong grip while you are capturing photos of your loved ones. Stop worrying about any impact of drop and bump.

Price: $20.99
Buy it from

6. Obliq Case for Galaxy S7 Edge

OBLIQ Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Case

Obliq presents a slim case for your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Though the case is slim, its powerful TPU bumper ensures full security if your phone is accidentally dropped from your hands. Moreover, its crystallized shock-absorbing PC cover doesn’t add bulk to your Galaxy S7 Edge, making it easy for you to put the phone in your pocket. Without damaging the design and colour of your phone, its wireless charging compatible back panel allows light to reflect within uncovered Shield.

Price: $14.99
Buy it from

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7. Caseology Case for Galaxy S7 Edge

Caseology Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Case

Genuine leather and premium fabrics are two main reasons why you should buy Caseology Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge case. The original leather easily blends with smooth metallic bumper, which further provides an elegant look. For protection, the case boasts dual-layered TPU fused with leather and polycarbonate frame. Its elevated lip protects your phone’s screen against scratches.

Price: $14.99
Buy it from

8. Luvvitt Case for Galaxy S7 Edge

LUVVITT Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Case

Made of flexible TPU rubber, the case easily absorbs shocks and drops. Its elevated lip allows you to place your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge on a table or desk with its face down. You can easily install the case as it has slim and sleek profile; the lightweight case comfortably slides into your trousers’ hip pockets. The perfectly cut out openings let you access all ports, controls and buttons of the phone.

Price: $9.99
Buy it from

9. Poetic Case for Galaxy S7 Edge

Poetic Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Case

The rugged profile of Poetic case makes it adorable among dynamic and energetic users, who are constantly on the go. Whether you are travelling or supervising a construction site, your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is safe as long as it is fitted into Poetic case. Made of high quality polycarbonate and TPU materials, the case protects your phone against extreme shock and impact. Poetic has attached a unique corner protection with elevated TPU support.

Price: $14.92
Buy it from

We purposely offer Galaxy S7 Edge cases with diverse designs, materials and price tags. You can easily select your choice of case from the list. To pamper you with more options, we will certainly present cases in niche category. Keep visiting and buy your choice of Galaxy S7 Edge case.

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