Armbands are the essential accessories for any smartphone. The very idea of keeping your smartphone in your pockets sucks as you have to take it out frequently. And when you are driving your car, you just can’t keep your phone in any of your pockets. If you are in hurry, you can’t even fix your phone into a car mount. This is where your armbands prove excellent accessories. For your Galaxy S8, we have sourced the best armbands. Note that armbands should be selected as per the size of your phone. Now check the best Galaxy S8 Armbands.

The best workout cases for Samsung Galaxy S8 is the one that protects your phone in all conditions – whether you are at gym or on your adventure trip. In extreme conditions, your armband should protect your smartphone. Moreover, it should never lose the grip around your Galaxy S8; if you are running or climbing mountain, your phone should be tightly held by the armband. Following are the best Samsung Galaxy S8 armbands, perfect for fitness lovers, who enjoy their workout with their Galaxy S8 installed on the armbands.

Best Samsung Galaxy S8 Armbands

#1. Lifeproof

Lifeproof Samsung Galaxy S8 Armband

Lifeproof brings one of the robust armbands for Galaxy S8 phone. This quick mount armband enables you to install your phone quickly with a single click, and you can remove your phone with the same ease and comfort. You can mount your Galaxy S8 in portrait or landscape positions – whichever is convenient to you. The best part of Lifeproof’s best armband for Galaxy S8 is that it is compatible with all Lifeproof cases and other Galaxy S8 cases of popular brands.

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#2. Supcase

Supcase Samsung Galaxy S8 Armband

Supcase is a popular brand of smartphone accessories, and this time, it brings one of the best armbands for Samsung Galaxy S8. The dual-layer design of this armband provides extra protection to your phone while it is mounted on the armband. With its high quality Velcro, you are pretty sure that you can adjust your phone. If you are running before sunrise or after sunset, the reflective safety strips add functionality. The armband is made of strong TPU materials with military grade drop protection.

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#3. Nacycase

Nacycase Samsung Galaxy S8 Armband

What else can you do with Samsung Galaxy S8 fitness armbands apart from mounting your phone? Well, you can use it as a little storage bag in which you can keep your currency notes and a key, and a few coins if you wish. No matter how big your arm is, the adjustable strap is there to secure your phone. You can keep your earphone tidily in a slot of these Samsung Galaxy S8 running armbands. One of the glaring features is that the armband is touch screen compatible; this means you can receive or reject calls with a single swipe of your finger.

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#4. Pasonomi

Pasonomi Samsung Galaxy S8 Armband

Pasonomi armband keeps your Galaxy S8 touch screen open to give you full access of screen features. The armband is exclusively for Galaxy S8, and not even for S8 Plus; so there is no question of mounting any other smartphone on this armband. You can easily adjust and remove your phone with its adjustable strap. Appreciate its key holder and slot for your headphone. You can listen to your favourite music or talk to somebody while you are working out anywhere. For your safety, Pasonomi gives a highly reflective pattern that ensures your night time jogging and running protected.

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#5. Lovphone

LOVPHONE Samsung Galaxy S8 Armband

Lovphone offers a soft and comfortable armband for your Galaxy S8 smartphone. The armband is designed in such a way that you can connect headphones and get full access to other ports and sensitivity of the phone. An access to fingerprint sensor is the best feature of this armband. Your Galaxy S8 is protected against scratches, dirt, and sweat by its water-resistant neoprene and PVC screen protector. Thanks to its adjustable Velcro, which supports a wide range of arm size from 10” to 15”. There is a reflective strip around the screen window, and therefore, you are easily noticeable even in dark.

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Best Galaxy S8 armbands for running are the most useful accessories for all smartphone owners, who live a hectic life. Every time it is impossible for you to reach out to phone; when your phone is connected with the best Bluetooth headphones, you can easily receive calls when your phone is mounted on the armband.

It makes full sense to buy the best Samsung Galaxy S8 armbands. So which armband are you going to buy? Share your feedback with us on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.


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