The Samsung Galaxy series is a true giant among smartphones. With the new Galaxy S8 launched in 2017, getting the finest case for Galaxy S8 would be the first step for any buyer. Before you buy any, check some of the best Galaxy S8 cases that match the awesomeness of your Galaxy S8.

Picking one of the most protective and top rated Samsung Galaxy S8 Cases would be the most logical decision for any user. So here, we have compiled a list of cool Galaxy S8 cases which contains kickstand case, wallet case, bumper case, clear case, slim case, heavy duty case, flip case, folio case, keyboard case, leather case, belt clip and thin case for you.

Best Samsung Galaxy S8 Cases

Best Galaxy S8 Cases and Covers

#1. Spigen Ultra Hybrid Crystal Clear Case

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Samsung Galaxy S8 Cases

Spigen, a well-known name in the mobile accessories field, has come up with the best Galaxy S8 back cover. The Ultra hybrid is one of the less expensive options giving you a case with a hard polycarbonate casing and TPU bumper resulting in a nice grip with a slim profile.

The transparency is absolute and shows off the phone’s actual design with élan. The buttons are pronounced making it easy to use them and with precise, generous cutouts most cables can be fit in neatly.

Price: $11.99
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#2. Spigen Neo Hybrid Galaxy S8 Case

Spigen Neo Hybrid Samsung Galaxy S8 Cases

The second Spigen case for Galaxy S8 on this list, the Neo Hybrid has all the features of the Ultra Hybrid, but with a major difference in appearance. This is possibly one of the only Samsung Galaxy S8 Covers that uses gunmetal coloring, giving a striking look. This case also adds adequate grip along with preventing dust accumulation. The buttons are metalized for a quick and fluid pressing. The TPU case is effectively shock resistant and the enhanced frame is doubly reinforced at the cutouts for increased robustness.

Price: $12.99
Order it from Amazon

#3. Spigen Liquid Air Armor

Spigen Liquid Air Armor Samsung Galaxy S8 Cases

The Spigen Liquid Air Armor is the least expensive Spigen options for you, but an equally efficient one at protection. This Galaxy S8 case is flexible, pliant and long-lasting with a soft, convenient grip. The case is extremely slim and fits the phone like a glove to highlight the lovely, original shape of the device. This case is great at absorbing the shock due to impact or drops, giving a superlative protection. The material used is high-quality Matte TPU that adds to the grip beneficially.

Price: $9.99
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#4. Spigen Slim Wallet Case

Spigen Slim Armor Samsung Galaxy S8 Cases

The Spigen Slim Armor CS is probably the most sophisticated and chic case among the Spigen family. It delivers comprehensive safeguarding with double layers and the presence of Air Cushion technology. There is an exterior slot that fits up to two credit card transforming this into a mini Samsung Galaxy S8 Wallet Case. The design is minimalist yet classic and gives a very slim visage despite having the wallet-type features.

Price: $14.99
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#5. Poetic Heavy Duty Case

Poetic Samsung Galaxy S8 Cases

Moving away from Spigen, we can now start getting a little Poetic, or rather get the new Poetic Revolution for the S8. This Galaxy S8 case possesses the X-form design DNA for providing a total robust option for your S8. The design is the result of extensive thoughtful research comprising of smartly conceptualized aspects and tastefully chosen patterns for a clear harmony.

There are perfectly positioned side grip textures that aid in improving the grip and lessen dropping of the phone. In case the phone falls down, lifted beveled supports help in forming a cushioning effect to avert any kind of shock. Despite such a complete protection, the whole casing has a very slim and compact profile.

Price: $9.95
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#6. Samsung Galaxy S8 Flip Cover with Kickstand

Samsung Galaxy S8 S-View Flip Cover with Kickstand

The flip cover with kickstand is all you need for your Samsung Galaxy S8. This silver colored case gives full-screen access to important information when the cover is closed on your smartphone. Experience high-quality visual contents on the large screen of S8, which can be adjusted to a suitable viewing angle with this kickstand. Now you can check time, weather, and other details by pressing the power key, which also helps you check missed calls and texts – all this while the cover is closed. With this S-View flip case, accepting or rejecting incoming calls has become easier than ever.

Price: $36.02
Order it from Amazon

#7. Samsung Galaxy S8 Keyboard Case

Samsung Galaxy S8 Keyboard Cover

This was a highly expected product from Samsung. The larger screen makes it difficult for chat lovers to type in long sentences. This keyboard case for Samsung Galaxy S8 will help users to access detachable QWERTY full-size keyboard. The ergonomic keyboard also features an exclusive key layout with shortcuts and hotkeys. While keyboard provides you a superior functionality, its molded polycarbonate shell offers extra protection to your Galaxy S8 smartphone. It is super easy to clip the keyboard to the front of the S8 device; when you don’t want to use a keyboard, you can keep it on the backside of the cover.

Price: $39.18
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#8. Supcase Bumper Case

SUPCASE Clear Case for Galaxy S8

The Supcase Unicorn Beetle is definitely a looker and you can proudly show off your smartphone’s look while adding to its safety at the same time. This Samsung Galaxy S8 Bumper Case comprises a necessary drop-immune bumper that has slip-proof textured sides. This Galaxy S8 case also offers your phone bezels and raised surfaces to keep it protected when placed down. The bumper absorbs shocks quite effectively and the clear back surface provides top-grade scratch resistance.

Price: $12.99
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#9. SPARIN Kickstand Case

SPARIN Ring Stand Case for Samsung Galaxy S8

This is a pretty interesting Samsung Galaxy S8 Kickstand Case. With an enhanced ring kickstand that is hard to fall off and a ring grip holder, this case holds your S8 firmly in place while letting you enjoy hands-free video content simultaneously. There is soft TPU protection on the inner side that shields the edge from drops and there is an external solid polycarbonate protection that defends against daily wear and tear. Additionally, there is a dual lens and Touch ID safety features included.

Price: $7.99
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#10. VRS Design Protective Samsung Galaxy S8 Case

VRSDesign HIGH PRO SHIELD SERIES for Samsung Galaxy S8

This is one of the best Galaxy S8 Case with optimum protection for the day-to-day usage of your smartphone. The High Pro Shield comes with a streamlined, toughened body that lends a great hand-feel in your hand along with the benefit of accommodating in your pocket perfectly. It has four different color options to suit different tastes.

Price: $29.99
Shop it from VRS Desgin

#11. VRS Design Transparent BUMPER Case

VRSDesign CRYSTAL BUMPER SERIES for Samsung Galaxy S8

This Crystal bumper Samsung Galaxy S8 Clear Case lets you boast about the grand looks of your phone with lovely colored edges bordering a fully transparent body. It is also equally proficient at protecting the device with efficiency. The case is tough enough to protect your phone from drops and other regular hazards. This case also comes in four distinct colors for added variety.

Price: $29.99
Order it from VRS Design

#12. OtterBox SYMMETRY CLEAR Case

OtterBox SYMMETRY CLEAR SERIES Case for Samsung Galaxy S8

This is yet another extremely slim case for Galaxy S8. The styling is amazing with precise finishing and you get amazing transparency that highlights your phone’s natural good looks. There is a screen bumper with beveled edges for protecting the touchscreen. The installation is very easy with the one-piece slip-on and slip-off action.

Price: $29.94
Buy it from


OtterBox SYMMETRY SERIES Case for Samsung Galaxy S8

This OtterBox Galaxy S8 case is similar to its cousin described above in exemplary styling and slim form-factor. This case gives you unlimited style options with the choice of going in for your chosen color from an array of options. The material used is synthetic rubber with polycarbonate for robustness and durability. This also features the fluidic one-piece slip on and off installation and removal process.

Price: $16.96
Order it from Amazon

#14. Silk Light Weight Protective Samsung S8 Case

Silk Galaxy S8 Grip Case

Silk provides the Base Grip case for Galaxy S8. This case is among the best in offering great grip and fantastic phone protection. It keeps your device safe from drops, dents, and scratches. The case has a patent-pending grip design that uses intensely textured edges for the phone to stay secure in your hand in both wet and dry conditions. The primary advantage of this grip design is that it offers great grip in hand but does not act sticky within your pockets and avoids catching on to the lining. There are air-cushioned corners for taking in and doing away with shocks. The Lay-Flat screen guard helps to keep your screen safe. Similarly, the volume and power buttons are also covered with thoughtfully designed Natural Throw buttons.

Price: $11.99
Shop it from Amazon

#15. MoKo Belt Clip Case

MoKo Heavy Duty Case for Samsung Galaxy S8

This MoKo Samsung Galaxy S8 Case gives your phone full body rugged coverage for robust protection. There is a double-layered casing structure that is made of a PC tough shell exterior and a delicate silicone interior to shield against shocks. There is a 180-degree rotatable holster belt clip for comfortable carrying. There is an inbuilt kickstand for handsfree viewing. You also get complete access to all the phone’s buttons, ports, and controls with the precise cutouts.

Price: $9.99
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#16. TENDLIN Leather Case for S8

TENDLIN Leather Case for Galaxy S8

This galaxy s8 case consists of a single piece soft case made with PU leather and flexible TPU. It is a seamless integration of two materials. The PU leather offers good grip with comfortable handling and safety against scratches while the TPU is good at taking in shocks. There is no bulk added to the device and hence the profile stays the same. The cutouts are accurate and big enough for fitting most cables. The buttons are easy to press and the deep camera cutout helps keep the camera safe from scratches.

Price: $9.99
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#17. Speck Thin Case

Speck Case for Samsung Galaxy S8

Speck has come up with Presidio Grip that provides superior protection to your Samsung Galaxy S8. To win the hearts of consumers, Speck did a drop test and dropped Galaxy S8 wrapped in this case from a height of 10 feet. Third-party labs were invited to perform this drop-test for multiple times. Users would surely appreciate raised rubber edges installed by Speck in this case. Moreover, Speck brings IMPACTION, which is a dynamic shock-suppression material to absorb and disperse shock. You will enjoy lifetime limited warranty on all Presidio cases.

Price: $19.25
Purchase it from Amazon

#18. Carved S8 Wooden Case

Carved Galaxy S8 Wooden Phone Cover

Dress your Samsung Galaxy S8 with a wooden case and impress all eyes. Carved brings a real wooden cover, which is handmade with a protective black bumper shell. This wooden case allows users to access all ports and buttons on Galaxy S8. You will be surprised by its unique craftsmanship done on authentic natural wood grain. The case is designed in Indiana, USA. It flaunts all natural wood finish and it is precision laser cut. Though the case boasts slim design, it ensures maximum protection for your S8 smartphone. You won’t feel any bulk or weight of the case, though it is combined with a glass screen protector for more security.

Price: $39.00
Order it from Amazon

#19. Ringke Bumper Case 

Ringke Galaxy S8 Case

Ringke gives you a Samsung Galaxy S8 Clear Case in every sense of the word with the FUSION. It fits the S8 perfectly and gives fantastic protection while letting the natural shape and design show through beautifully. There is very minimal bulk added to the profile and the transparent TPU bumper safeguards all rounded sides along with completely wrapping around the edges.

The best part of this galaxy s8 case is the military grade protection that it gives your phone. The clear back panel is drop test certified and specialized and this in tandem with the top grade shock eating TPU border deliver incredible protection.

The case has anti-scratch properties with a dual coating technology that is extra durable against scrapes and drops. To top it all the new Active Touch technology helps to give you a natural responsive touch feel while using the buttons.

Price: $9.99
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#20. Belk Card Holder Case 

BELK Samsung Galaxy S8 Cases

Fashionably designed and painstakingly created, this Belk case features an exquisite and soft metallic touch matching the Galaxy S8. It is very slim while offering a detachable dual-protective layer with a polycarbonate external shell and a reinforced RPU to cushion from impacts.

The PC panel can be detached from the TPU for easier mounting and dismounting of the phone. This can be considered as an emergency alternative to the Samsung Galaxy S8 Folio Cases as it offers multipurpose functionality in the form of a hidden card holder. There are fortified corner bumpers that keep away the impact from drops thus acting as an excellent Samsung Galaxy S8 Bumper Case.

Price: $7.99
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#21. LK Hybrid Protective Case

LK Samsung Galaxy S8 Cases

The LK dual layer holster combo case is designed for an active lifestyle. This case maintains your phone in a safe manner and keeps it clipped tight even if you have a very active and dynamic day.The case looks wonderfully smart and sleek while giving your phone amazing protection. The case is very lightweight because of its travel-friendly advantages. You can also prop up the built-in kickstand for watching movies or videos.The exterior layer has a non-slip grip and the wrap-around edges are lifted to keep the phone on its face without having to worry about scratches.

Price: $9.99
Shop it from Amazon

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