Best Samsung Galaxy S8 Wallet Cases

If you are one of the many tech fans looking to get your hands on to the soon-to-be released Samsung Galaxy S8, then better start looking at the right accessories as well. Getting a best Samsung Galaxy S8 Wallet Case helps you maintain the glitter of your expensive smartphone while adding handy storage options.

With the modern day wallet cases, the protection factor is quite elevated and they also provide amazing multifunctional utility aspects. You can remain relieved of your device being safe and also get the benefit of the case working as a carrier for your bank cards, IDs and cash. This helps you get on the move with carrying just one unit. Some of these wallet cases are as good as the best Galaxy S8 Plus Cases. To help you make this decision with conviction, we have listed below some of the best wallet cases for Galaxy S8.

Best Samsung Galaxy S8 Wallet Cases

1. Spigen

Spigen Slim Armor CS Galaxy S8 Wallet Cases

Spigen has a history of providing some of the best smartphone protection accessories and this Samsung Galaxy S8 Card Holder Case is no different. It provides you incredible and total protection with double layers along with Air Cushion Technology. The external card slot can store two cards and works like a regular wallet. There is shock absorbing TPU internal lining with a durable PC exterior. Despite the wallet-like storage options, this accessory is much slimmer than regular wallets making it all the more convenient.

Price: $18.99
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2. LK

LK Galaxy S8 Wallet Cases

The LK wallet case is a truly stylish product that safeguards your S8 while maintaining a slim profile. The design is quite elegant yet very simple. PU leather material is used to design the case and this saves your phone from scrapes, dust, dirt and fingerprint smudges. It also has great shock absorbing capacity to take in shocks due to drops. The case weighs very little and has a secure magnetic closure. There are multiple bank card slots present making it a comfortable substitute for your regular wallet.

Price: $9.99
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3. Tauri

Tauri Galaxy S8 Wallet Cases

Tauri provides you this lovely handmade Samsung Galaxy S8 Leather Wallet Case constructed with synthetic leather with a unique design that offers a professional and regal visage to your phone. There is a very useful magnetic clip with a neat external finish that lets you safeguard your device from daily wear and tear effectively. This case comes with an inbuilt kickstand that makes it possible for you to watch videos hands-free. This case doubles up nicely as a wallet with pockets for your ID cards, bank cards and also cash while keeping the whole shape minimal for maximum convenience.

Price: $9.99
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Belk Galaxy S8 Wallet CasesBelk Galaxy S8 Wallet Cases

Belk is another brand with a great reputation for bringing out some top quality phone accessories. That legacy continues with this premium new case for the S8. Made meticulously out of delicate yet durable PU leather, this wallet case is an apt addition to any urban S8 user. It functions excellently as a classic card and cash holder flap protected with tough PC inner cover for impressive protection against drops and impact. The cutouts are precise and you can easily access the ports and buttons. There is a convertible kickstand that helps for comfortable viewing in both horizontal and vertical modes.

Price: $12.99
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5. Pasonomi

PASONOMI Galaxy S8 Wallet Cases

The Pasonomi Galaxy S8 Folio Case is a resourceful and charming case. It is made using high-quality faux leather with a chic vintage feel giving a striking appearance. This case can fit both casual and professional business environments equally well. There are two bank card and ID card slots making it a fully functioning wallet that can replace your regular wallet. The profile is extremely slim and lightweight that can fit easily within your pocket.

Price: $6.99
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JGOO Galaxy S8 Wallet Cases

This sophisticated looking case is constructed using premium PU leather that deals efficiently with scratches and nicks. There is a soft TPU inner layer along with a combo of silicone and synthetic leather to secure your phone perfectly well. There is a zipper closure and a snap button helps to hold the belongings firmly in place. There is a 2-in-1 detachable leather case that fits the S8 aptly and has a two component structure, wallet plus shell. The inner hard PC shell can also be used separately as a slim back cover. Magnetic closure helps hold the things firmly in place and with the precise cutout you can access the ports very easily.

Price: $18.99
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7. Abacus24-7

Abacus24-7 Galaxy S8 Wallet Cases

This Samsung Galaxy S8 Flip Case from Abacus 24-7 is a beautifully designed for the new S8 giving you two card pockets, an ID windows and a separate sleeve for keeping your money. There is a built-in viewing stand that you can use to watch movies or videos hands-free. You get just the right balance of some of the best Samsung Galaxy S8 Cases and a graceful wallet. As each wallet is handmade individually using the best premium synthetic leather, the unique pattern characteristics of the leather is well-preserved overtime.

Price: $10.95
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AVIDET Galaxy S8 Wallet Cases

This is yet another fine wallet case option for the Galaxy S8 with a well-functional card holder. The Avidet case is made using the best PU leather and gives you a slightly different visual appeal. It is quite easy to grip and quite lightweight making it easy to carry around without being bulky. The material is robust enough to protect valiantly against scratches, bumps, fingerprints and other daily wear and tear.

Price: $7.59
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If you are keen to invest on the protection aspect of your device, you can also check out our other lists of in-demand accessories such as Samsung Galaxy S8 Screen Protectors, Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Screen Protectors and best Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Wallet Cases.

Which among these cases do you consider the best Galaxy S8 Wallet Case and suitable for your taste? Share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.

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