Best Galaxy S9 Plus Cases: Retain the Awesomeness Of Your Device For Long Time

Durable protection is what you need for your new beast, i.e. Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. IF you are a true-blue Galaxy aficionado, nothing can prevent you from buying S9 Plus. And once you buy your dear Galaxy monster, you must be looking for the best protection, which comes in Galaxy S9+ covers. So here is our list of best Galaxy S9 Plus cases.

Our list of protective Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus cases includes some top rated brands, which are known for making cool cases for Galaxy phones for many years. Moreover, the list also boasts cases compatible with wireless charging, i.e. they work with wireless chargers. This collection is an assortment of heavy-duty case, belt clip case, thin case, slim case, rugged case , waterproof case, wallet case, clear case, leather case, bumper case, Military Gade case, and kickstand case for Galaxy S9 Plus. Now without further ado, check the best Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Cases.

There are many experts and critics, who have censured Samsung for launching similar-looking phones; but the number of users, who have a fascination for size, is thousand times more than those experts and critics. Upon reality check, it has been found that Samsung has improved its flagship line with S9 and S9 Plus. For example, you can check that the position of a fingerprint sensor, which is moved to a more comfortable spot below the rear camera.

Best Galaxy S9 Cases

We have also curated an amazing list of best Galaxy S9 Cases, best Galaxy S9 Plus screen protectors and best Galaxy S9 screen protectors.

Best Galaxy S9 Plus Cases

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Cases

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#1. Samsung Clear View Case

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Clear View Case

A case from the brand itself is your best bet. Samsung’s clear view case is a simple wallet case that packs awesomeness over features. The impressive case creates an irresistible charm you can carry along.

  • Full screen protection
  • No extra bulk
  • Kickstand function built in
  • You can view time, battery status, incoming calls and messages without opening the case
  • Simple design
  • When not in use, you can use it as mirror
  • Pricey case
  • Less colour options

Price: £44.74
Buy it from Amazon

#2. Samsung Alcantara Case

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Alcantara Case

Another one from the house of Samsung! This one has a unique design with a touch of classic elements. The fine material (Alcantara) keeps your phone slim and light. Moreover, you can operate your S9 Plus comfortably by quickly accessing all ports, controls, and connectors.

  • Alcantara design.
  • Thin profile.
  • Creates an impressive looks.
  • Lightweight in hand.
  • Lacks in style.

Price: £39.99
Shop it from Amazon

#3. Spigen Rugged Armor

Spigen Rugged Armor Case for Galaxy S9 Plus

Spigen’s rugged armor is a popular series, especially for its robust material and protection. If you are looking for style, you will be disappointed here as the case is a pure strength. It flaunts a sturdy carbon fiber look. The only style element it has is the matte black silhouette.

  • Pocket-friendly frame.
  • Air-cushion technology.
  • Lightweight.
  • Robust protection.
  • Easy to install.
  • Perfectly crafted openings.
  • Missing style statement.
  • No colour options

Price: $13.99
Order it from Amazon

#4. Spigen Wallet Case

Galaxy S9 Wallet Cases from Spigen

Slim Armor series from Spigen also includes wallet case to provide you more comfort. Apart from protecting your Galaxy S9 Plus, this card holder case allows you to store your credit/debit cards along with other ID cards. You can store up to two cards inside the slider case. Simply slide up and down to put your cards in the case.

  • Shock-absorbent TPU.
  • Robust PC material.
  • Built-in card storage.
  • Sleek appearance.
  • Highly protective.
  • Dual layer wallet design.
  • Looks bulky
  • Slider may malfunction if gets wet

Price: $16.99
Purchase it from Amazon

#5. Spigen Clear Case

Spigen Clear Case for Galaxy S9 Plus

Minimalism is the key in this Ultra Hybrid case for Galaxy S9 Plus. However, there is no compromise made in terms of protection. There is a metal kickstand installed at the back of the case to watch videos and movies comfortably.

  • Flexible bumper
  • Rigid back
  • Clear back
  • Hybrid structure.
  • Perfectly cut openings.
  • Comes with Neo Flex screen protector.
  • Not easy to install and remove.
  • Doesn’t have style.

Price: $16.99
Buy it from Amazon

#6. Spigen Thin Case

Spigen Thin Case for Galaxy S9 Plus

A thin case from Spigen is a guarantee of great comfort in the hand and inside pockets. Thin cases are particularly useful when you are living a hectic life; you can quickly install and remove the case when you need to clean the case and your phone.

  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Pocket-friendly shape
  • Polycarbonate material for strong protection.
  • Perfectly cut-out ports and openings.
  • Quick access to controls.
  • Extremely simple design.
  • Less colour options.

Price: $12.99
Purchase it from Amazon

#7. Supcase With Built-in Screen Protector

Galaxy S9 Case with Built-In Screen Protector from Supcase

Give your Galaxy S9 Plus full body protection with this rugged case. Its textured edges provide better grip in hand; hence, there is little chance your phone is dropped off your hands accidentally. The case comes with a built-in touch-sensitive screen cover.

  • Dual-layer drop protection.
  • Textured grip.
  • Exceeds military shock standards.
  • Strongly built.
  • Full body protection.
  • Built-in Screen Protector
  • Lacks in style statement

Price: $19.99
Order it from Amazon

#8. Ghostek Waterproof Case

Galaxy S9 Waterproof Case

Ghostek presents waterproof protection for your Galaxy S9 Plus. Made of polycarbonate and TPU materials, Ghostek’s bumper design offers ultimate protection. Its clear back helps you showcase the true colours of your smartphone.

  • Raised rubberized corners.
  • Compatible with Fingerprint Sensor & Face Recognition.
  • Extra screen protection by elevated bezels.
  • Built-in touch sensitive screen guard.
  • Supports wireless charging.
  • Four chic colours.
  • Feels bulky
  • Pricey

Price: $39.95
Buy it from GhostekProducts

#9. MoKo Bumper Case

Galaxy S9 Bumper Case from Moko

MoKo is a renowned brand making high-quality mobile phone accessories. This crystal clear case is specially designed for Galaxy S9 Plus. For extra drop protection, MoKo has built this case with reinforced corners.

  • Minimalist design.
  • Flexible TPU.
  • Crystal clear case.
  • Slim and thin design.
  • Simplicity surfaced from the transparent back.
  • Accurate cut-out.
  • Lacks in style.
  • Reinforced corners make it difficult to install and remove.

Price: $7.99
Buy it from Amazon

#10. Spigen Neo Hybrid

Spigen Neo Hybrid Galaxy S9 Plus Case

Spigen’s Neo Hybrid case is a powerful rendition from the extraordinary range the brand has presented. To achieve maximum slimness, Spigen has crafted this bumper case from shock-absorbent cover that shows high precision. The case is made by experts, who have many years of experience in crafting high quality cases.

  • Nicely cut bumper.
  • All-black matte finish.
  • Sleek look.
  • Two-part design for more protection.
  • Form-fitted construction for slim looks.
  • To win consumers’ trust, Spigen provides certified MiL-Grade protection.
  • The case lacks in style.
  • High price.

Price: $17.99
Order it from Amazon

#11. Otterbox Defender SERIES

OtterBox Defender Series Galaxy S9 Plus Case

OtterBox is one of the premium brands that always manufacture superior quality cases. Cases from OtterBox are robust in construction, though they do not flaunt any style. If you are living a highly energetic life, rugged cases from OtterBox are your best choice.

  • Belt-clip holster.
  • Port covers.
  • Hands-free media viewing by using belt-clip holster.
  • Prevention of dirt and debris.
  • All muscles, no beauty.
  • Difficult to install and remove.
  • Difficult to keep in your pockets.

Price: $59.95
Shop it from Amazon

#12. Encased Belt Clip Case

Encased Galaxy S9 Plus Belt Clip Case

When it comes to belt clip cases, I can vouch for Encased. The brand has achieved tremendous expertise in crafting belt clip cases; this time, it has done the same magic for Galaxy S9 Plus. Protect your smartphone from every possible damage. At the same time, you can conveniently fit the belt clip in your belt while you are traveling.

  • Made of Polycarbonate.
  • Rotating belt clip.
  • Easy to install and remove.
  • Watch videos and other contents by keeping the phone in vertical and horizontal position.
  • Responsive press buttons.
  • Looks Bulky.
  • Cannot put your mobile into pockets.

Price: $15.96
Purchase it from Amazon

#13. VRS DESIGN Card Holder Case

VRS Galaxy S9 Plus Wallet Case

VRS Design is a world leader in wallet cases. I have never found any other wallet case as beautiful and sturdy as VRS Designs. Well, this can be a hyperbole but it is my personal experience. About this leather case for Galaxy S9 Plus, this drop protection cover creates a classy impression with its slim profile. Check those three card holder slots and magnetic clip that will protect your phone.

  • Elegant and slim leather case.
  • 360-degree protection.
  • Compatible with wireless charging.
  • Excellent finish.
  • Store more cards/cash.
  • Trendy design.
  • Leather strip from side comes off.
  • Cannot protect device against rains.

Price: $14.99
Buy it from Amazon

#14. Zizo Bolt Military Grade Case With Screen Protector

Zizo Bolt Series Galaxy S9 Plus Military Grade Case with Screen Protector

The impressive body of Zizo Bolt series case for Galaxy S9 Plus speaks enough about its robust features. When you buy this case, you will get a curved glass protector included in the package. The holster of this case helps you tuck the phone into your belt and you can use it to watch movies and videos in hands-free mode.

  • Multiple colour options.
  • Strongly built.
  • Military grade protection.
  • Built-in kickstand.
  • Full body protection of your phone.
  • Impressive looks with stunning colours.
  • Firm grip on your device.
  • You can tuck this case in your belt and take your S9 Plus everywhere.
  • Enormously bulky.
  • Difficult to put into pockets.
  • Not easy to install and remove.

Price: $17.99
Order it from Amazon

#15. Caseology Heavy Duty Case

Caseology Galaxy S9 Plus Heavy Duty Case

Caseology has elegantly designed this dual layer armor cover for your Galaxy S9 Plus. The heavy-duty case can absorb some extreme bumps and drops. If you touch the back of this case, you will feel its sleek profile. Don’t miss the reinforced protection at four corners of the case.

  • Compatibility with wireless chargers.
  • Slim yet heavy-duty protection.
  • Non-bulky profile.
  • Responsive button covers.
  • Sleek Looks.
  • Dual layer case for extra protection.
  • You can press buttons easily.
  • Lacks in style.
  • Not easy to install and remove.

Price: $15.99
Shop it from Amazon

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