Best Samsung Gear S3 Bands : Perfect Third Party Replacement Straps for Your Smartwatch

Samsung Gear S3 is best described by two words: timeless and revolutionary. If you are going to buy this high-tech timepiece, you should also consider a collection of chic Samsung Gear S3 replacement bands.

Samsung’s Gear S3 is a major improvement in its smartwatch line. This new tech device combines the intricacies of a conventional timepiece and the skill of watchmaking with modern design and cutting-edge technology.

Due to this attention to detail, you get a product with the consistency and balance of a luxury watch. As a watch enthusiast, if you wish to further beautify this device, look no further than the best Samsung Gear S3 frontier and Classic watch bands available on the market.

Though Samsung offers a selection of bands along with the Gear S3, you can customize looks of the device according to your style. These bands come in different patterns, purposes and materials.

Getting multiple bands enable you to keep switching the look according to your mood or schedule. Check out our following list of Gear S3 bands and straps to help you decide

Best Third Party Replacement Bands for Samsung Gear S3

1. V_moro

V-Moro Samsung Gear S3 Bands

This V_moro product is crafted perfectly for Samsung Gear S3 Frontier as well as the Classic. This is one of the finely made Samsung Gear S3 Stainless Steel Bands adding great functionality and panache. The steel used is precision stainless steel and the band is quite easy to install and remove. It uses a double button folding clasp and keeps the watch firmly strapped.

Price: $17.99
Buy it from

2. Truffol

Truffol Samsung Gear S3 band

If you are a smartwatch lover, you would love to keep your watch tied to the wrist for long. Truffol, therefore, brings a band for your Samsung Gear S3. This band gives you a tactile experience as smooth as silk; moreover, you get a shiny, premium look. This band provides a strong, dual-layer construction with greater softness and comfort. Unlike other bands, Truffol ensures 100% protection against water and sweat. Its quick release design enables you to install the band quickly.

Price: $16.99
Purchase it from

3. Pinhen

Pinhen Samsung Gear S3 Bands and Straps

This is one of the contemporarily designed Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Bands that also suits the Classic. Premium stainless steel is used to custom design this band and it gives a classy experience when being worn. The steel mesh provides not only aesthetic upgrade, but also durability and elegance. This alternative strap comes with a metal adapter and is quite robust for daily use.

Price: $15.80
Shop it from


UMTELE Samsung Gear S3 Replacement Bands and Straps

Among the various Third Party Samsung Gear S3 Bands and Straps, this Plexus strap is exclusively designed to work with Gear S3, for both the Frontier and Classic variants. It is constructed with tough material and its striking design neatly complements the smartwatch. It has silver mesh loop with durable adapters with a firm magnetic clasp for secure fastening.

Price: $20.90
Order it from

5. MoKo

MoKo Samsung Gear S3 Straps and Bands

This is one of the most refined Samsung Gear S3 Classic Watch Bands that also fits the Frontier variant equally well. This band provides Samsung Watch Lugs on both ends that lock onto the Samsung band interface accurately and steadily. Installing and removing it is a breeze with its one button operation. The closure uses a creative pin-and-tuck method that fits neatly. The band is convenient and long-lasting.

Price: $2.99
Purchase it from

6. AutumnFall

AutumnFall Samsung Gear S3 Bands and Straps

The AutumnFall band is another premium stainless steel band that offers a touch of nobility and fashion to your smartwatch. Add an extra dimension to your Gear S3 with this band. No need to worry about an extensive installation process as it can be done in a jiffy and the double button folding clasp ensures that your watch stays firmly locked on your wrist.

Price: $11.80
Buy it from


VIGOSS Samsung Gear S3 Leather Bands and Straps

One of the best leather made Samsung Gear S3 Replacement Bands, this VIGOSS product is designed for wrists measuring 5.5 to 7.2 inches. The top notch leather strap is made with European Horse Leather, making it durable and fit for any occasion due to its graceful texture. The band comes with a solid buckle that is easy to use and is quite stable once locked.

Price: $19.90
Order it from


ASTORE Samsung Gear S3 Replacement Band

Using this band you can easily personalize your Gear S3 as per your suitability. The band adds a new level of smartness to the watch’s appearance along with the presence of Samsung Watch Lugs on both ends which fits onto the band’s interface properly and steadfastly. The band is made with hypoallergenic nickel free stainless steel.

Price: $3.99
Shop it from

9. Bluelove

Bluelove Samsung Gear S3 Third Party Bands

One of the most nicely customized Samsung Gear S3 22MM Bands and Straps; this band blends utility and looks in a fine balance. Comfort and sophistication both flow in equal proportions with this band. The 22mm Width stainless steel band is for Gear S3 only. You can simply stick and lock this band very easily making it a great alternative.

Price: $16.99
Purchase it from


TOROTOP Samsung Gear S3 Bands and Straps

This is an adjustable band for the Gear S3 Frontier and Classic variants that offer you a wonderful alternative to the regular Samsung band. One button removal makes it easier to remove and direct installation removes any obstacles during putting it on. This is an apt for most sports and contracted design styles ensuring that the wear is neat, steady and submissive.

Price: $16.99
Buy it from

11. WensLTD

WensLTD Samsung Gear S3 Bands

This is one of the newest bands for the Gear S3 out there. With a solid stainless steel wire mesh and an interlock clasp, this band passes the pulling force test with flying colors. The length is adjustable and the contracted design style makes is much more unique. The wear feel is quite soft and comfortable, making it a pleasure to use.

Price: $11.99
Shop it from


GBSELL Samsung Gear S3 Stainless Steel Bands

The GBSELL band fits the Gear S3 flawlessly and it has a strap length measuring from 170 to 206mm. Due to the varying length available, the size can be adjusted as per the circumference of each user’s wrist. The band is moderately soft and very comfy being made with compression molding making it tough and durable.

Price: $13.67
Order it from

13. EloBeth

EloBeth Samsung Gear S3 Third Party Replacement Bands

The EloBeth band fits both the Gear S3 Classic and Frontier watch variants. The wristband is flexible with wrinkle finishing for a convenient daily wear. Due to the availability of different colors you get a lot more choices. The material used is leather thereby adding a touch of class and grace to the looks.

Price: $16.99
Purchase it from

14. Lamshaw

Lamshaw Samsung Gear S3 Sport Bands and Straps

This is an adjustable band with a clasp and inbuilt adapter that adds a new look to the Gear S3. The silicone classic strap is soft enough and makes wearing the watch a lot more comfortable. The material is also durable enough to last long with daily routine usage.

Price: $12.99
Buy it from

15. Kissmart

Kissmart Samsung Gear S3 Bands

This is yet another stainless steel band for the Gear S3 made with compression molding making it quite sturdy. This band is suitable for an active lifestyle due to its durability. Additionally, the size can also be adjusted according to the wrist circumference.

Price: $13.99
Shop it from

16. IVSO

IVSO Samsung Gear S3 Replacement Stainless Steel Band

Among the best Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Watch bands, this IVSO band has a smart magnet clasp design that is extremely adjustable without the need for any buckle. The material used is top notch woven stainless steel mesh with a flexible Milanese loop for user wear comfort. The user gets a different level of enhanced comfort and superiority with this regal band.

Price: $15.99
Order it from

17. Oitom

Oitom Samsung Gear S3 Bands

This is a personalized Samsung Gear S3 band with refined classic replacement stainless steel wristband design. The metal surface is matte finished and the steel is perfect shaped to clasp the watch to your wrist. The material looks and feels premium and is quite robust.

Price: $17.99
Purchase it from

Choose from our endless list of replacement bands for Samsung Gear S3 and wear your smartwatch in a trendy and fashionable way. Share your feedback with us on Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter.

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