Best Samsung Gear S3 Charging Docks: Smart Way to Charge Smartwatch

Samsung Gear S3 charging dock is one of the essential accessories along with screen protectors and Samsung Gear S3 Bands. You are a proud owner of this latest smartwatch, and therefore, you should be equally concerned about its protection.

The charging dock ensures that your Gear S3 never goes out of battery. Gear S3 wireless charging dock is now available with some excellent features to capture your attention.

This advanced Gear S3 Frontier and classic watch charging dock is normally quite compact and highly portable that saves a lot of time along with providing you superior flexibility.

Another cool feature of this product is that quite a few such docks are wireless and Gear S3 charging dock will surely improve your level of ease.

Moreover, Gear S3 charger is equipped with extraordinary security features for taking care of your Gear S3. Check out this list of best Samsung Gear S3 wireless charging docks for your reference.


Best Gear S3 Charging Docks/Stand for frontier and Classic watch

1. Kissmart

Kissmart Samsung Gear S3 Charging Dock

This is a very convenient charging dock that you can use to charge up your Smartwatch at any location, be it your home, office or during travel in your car.

This Frontier gear s3 wireless charging dock is equally suitable for the Classic model and there is power protection feature included to keep it from over-charging.

With this dock, you won’t have any more interruption with your watch always having enough charge to function.

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2. Rerii

Rerii Samsung Gear S3 Charging Dock

This Gear S3 Wireless Charging Dock is quite thoughtfully designed for the Gear S3 Classic as well as the Gear S3 Frontier models. Charge your watch comfortably over wireless without any tangled wires.

You get complete peace of mind with the presence of the power protection circuit that helps to keep your watch from receiving too much current. The design is lightweight and apt for portable travel.

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3. MoKo

MoKo Samsung Gear S3 Charging Dock

This MoKo Classic watch gear s3 wireless charging dock is exclusively compatible with both the Samsung Gear S3 Classic SM-R770 as well as the S3 Frontier SM-R760 models.

The charging method used is Sensing mode as you just have to place the watch on the pad to begin wireless charging. The dock works like a desktop platform with a convenient reading angle.

The build quality is excellent with high quality PC & ABS material and the charging performance is equally efficient. This dock has a cradle design with emphasis on user friendliness.

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4. BeneStellar

BeneStellar Samsung Gear S3 Charging Dock

This is yet another top performing dock for the Samsung Gear S3. Charging the watch is a straightforward exercise and you can do it comfortably while being anywhere including when on travel.

The cradle design is present in this model as well and with the humanization design, you can feel a lot more convenient and secure. The presence of PTC helps keep your Smartwatch completely safe from over-power surges when connected to a power source.

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5. Artifex

Artifex Samsung Gear S3 Charging Dock

The beauty of the Gear S3 Smartwatch in tandem with a suitable charging dock such as the Artifex is that you can even use it as a desk clock while charging.

This Artifex dock also functions as a Gear S3 stand and this stand is 3D printed giving it a trendy geek charm when perched pretty on your desk.

The stand comprises of 3M rubber feet to stop sliding along with a slightly wider than normal bottom to prevent tipping over. It also lets you conveniently view your Gear S3 while it can be held at an angle during charging by this dock.

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6. Samsung

Samsung Gear S3 Charging Stand

Coming from its mother company Samsung, this Gear S3 Wireless Charging Dock for Classic or Frontier Smartwatch is a minimalistic charging dock that lets you charge up your watch rapidly.

It is very easy to use and you can just place your watch on it to start the charging process. There is a LED present for indication of the charging progress with a red light and it transforms to green on getting fully charged.

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7. Kartice

Kartice Samsung Gear S3 Charging Dock

This is exclusively designed for the Gear S3 and you don’t have the requirement to bring out the tracker any longer for charging. The form factor is stylish and there are accurate cutouts fitting your Smartwatch perfectly well.

The material used is robust PC and you get a stand feature with anti-slip, high-friction soft-pad at the bottom. It grips your watch in an elegant and durable way. You get a hassle-free 1 meter long USB cable for easy usage.

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8. Lamshaw

Lamshaw Samsung Gear S3 Charging Dock

This is perfectly compatible with the Samsung S3. You get two modes of charging such as the wireless interface as well as micro USB connectivity.

With a compact appearance and a wonderful looking charging dock for the Gear S3 Smartwatch, this one of the coolest docks available out there.

With the presence of protective technology, you can be rest assured that you watch remains safe while being plugged in.

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9. Threeeggs

Threeeggs Samsung Gear S3 Charging Dock

This is a nice replace charger to your Gear S3 Smartwatch. It is compatible with both the Classic and Frontier models.

You can charge your watch easily and this can be done by even connecting to a USB power source such as your PC without worrying about over-charging affecting your watch. Being trim and weightless, the dock is portable and travel-friendly.

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10. Qi Wireless Charging Dock

Qi Gear S3 Wireless Charging Dock

Made of high quality plastic, this CSC charging dock conveniently charges your watch with quickness. Additionally, being very low in weight travelers and business people will love this dock.

This is most suitable for the Samsung Gear S3 Classic model. Being a wireless dock, you just have to drop your watch on the charging surface to get the job done.

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ECSEM Samsung Gear S3 Charging Dock

Designed to suitably work with the Gear S3 Classic and Gear S3 Frontier models, it has inherently built wireless charging and makes sure that your Gear S3 always retains charged up power.

It also helps you in getting a quick charge whether you are at home, work or in your car. The design is minimalistic and simple while being very intuitive with the comfortable cradle form factor for enhanced user-friendliness.

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12. EloBeth

EloBeth Samsung Gear S3 Charging Dock

With a neat cradle design, this EloBeth charging dock makes things quite comfortable for usage. The specialty of this dock’s design is that convenience and safety with humanization design making functionality very effective.

The build is of high quality and the wireless charging performance is very efficient and consistent. It suits both the classic and frontier models of the Gear S3. You get LED light indication regarding the progress of charging.

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13. Aresh

Aresh Samsung Gear S3 Charging Dock

A very easy to use charging dock, you can get started with Aresh by simply plugging in your watch to this dock and then linking to the USB port of your PC or to a AC adaptive charger for beginning the charging process.

The design is unique with special anti-slip features for safer charging. It offers replacement charging for your Smartwatch and is compatible with the Frontier and Classic models. For better portability, the USB cable is separated from the charging cradle.

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14. Diamondo

Diamondo Qi Gear S3 Wireless Charging Dock

This is one of the latest charging dock arrivals on the market. It offers almost all of the features provided by the other premium brands. The design is nice and lightweight making it travel-friendly.

There is Power Protection circuit present that helps to prevent current surge and over-charging when being plugged in. The material used is premium plastic and it is available in a variety of colors to suit your individual tastes.

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If you are a proud owner of Samsung Gear S3, then you should not miss out on these best Gear S3 charging docks for your Smartwatch. Buy your preferred one from the list above and let us know. Share your feedback with us on Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter.

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