Fitbit Ionic is arguably the best smartwatch announced by Fitbit; until its shipping in October this year, you can check its accessories like Fitbit Ionic bands and screen protectors. We have already made a list of watch bands for Fitbit Ionic, and now we have come up with the best screen protector for Fitbit Ionic smartwatch.

Fitbit Ionic screen protector is must as the device is primarily used to track your fitness activities. And while you are busy in your fitness activities, you may stumble across some situations that cause damage to the smartwatch screen. To protect your smartwatch from any potential injury, you need to buy a tempered glass screen protector for Fitbit Ionic smartwatch.

Best Screen Protectors for Fitbit Ionic Watch

Best Fitbit Ionic Screen Protectors

#1. Skinomi

Skinomi Screen Protector for Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch

Whenever you need a screen protector for any smart device, Skinomi is there. The omnipresent screen protector brand has crafted a screen guard for your Fitbit Ionic smartwatch also. When you workout outdoors, you need to protect your eyes from the glare your Fitbit watch emanates; Skinomi’s best screen protector for Fitbit Ionic smartwatch saves your eyes with its anti-glare feature. It offers maximum full body coverage for complete device protection. On bright, sunny days, you get highly improved visibility with Skinomi’s anti-glare material. Users would love self-healing material, which also boasts military-grade strength, to protect your smartwatch always.

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#2. Klear Cut

Klear Cut Screen Protector for Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch

Klear Cut’s Fitbit Ionic screen protector is made of unique anti-glare multi-layered Japanese PET film; this film ensures that your smart watch screen is guarded completely and fights against reflective light. The anti-bubble silicone adhesive layer removes bubbles during installation process. Thanks to its oleophobic surface that protects your Fitbit Ionic’s screen from oil and smudges so that you can enjoy crystal clear view always. Enjoy highly responsive touch screen experience by Tru-Touch technology.

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#3. IQShield LiQuidSkin

IQShield LiQuidSkin Screen Protector for Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch

IQShield is another popular name that is visible everywhere when screen protectors are required. This Fitbit Ionic screen protector comes with an installation tray or spray solutions, squeegee, lint-free cloth, and installation instructions. This means you don’t need a help from any person to install this IQShield screen protector on your Fitbit Ionic. The wet-install method is something innovative and unique from IQShield; this wet-install method gives you bubble-free and frustration-free installation. Moreover, the screen guard will precisely stick to every corner and side of your device. Enjoy ground-breaking features like high response sensitivity, self-healing durability, and non-yellowing, and optical transparency.

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#4. IQShield Matte

IQShield Matte Screen Protector for Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch

IQShield brings another Fitbit Ionic tempered glass screen protector that gives you 100% satisfaction guarantee as part of IQShield Lifetime Warranty Program. This matte protector drastically reduces glare and allows you to use Fitbit Ionic under brightness. This screen protector helps you keep your device new for long time; its outer coating stops dust, grime, and fingerprints from settling on the surface. Appreciate this military grade guard that protects your Fitbit watch against scratches, scrapes, and dents. Use its wet-install method to avoid any bubble under the screen protector.

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#5. DeltaShield

DeltaShield Screen Protector for Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch

DeltaShield’s best Fitbit Ionic screen protector is supported by its hassle-free lifetime replacement warranty. With this package, you will get DeltaShield’s Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch Screen Protector, installation squeegee, microfiber cleaning cloth and a detailed installation guide. Instructions for installation are essential as a small mistake can leave your smartwatch exposed to damage. Thanks to DeltaShield self-healing technology puts the screen to its original form over time. Moreover, all those small scratches and scruffs disappear with this self-healing technology.

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Which screen protector are you going to buy from the list of best Fitbit Ionic watch screen Protector? Share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google+.


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