Monitoring or tracking your sleep is essential for every person, especially those who are leading stressed life. A good night’s sleep is your passport to happy mornings and an energetic day in your office. But sometimes, a sound sleep becomes a distant dream! Not anymore. With the help of some sleep monitoring apps you can measure how much sleep you take. And this sleep analysis is quite easy; you can do this in your sleep ☺. We have listed some of the best sleep tracking apps for iPhone and Android.

With these sleep monitoring apps for Android and iOS, you can improve your sleep, and thus your health. Remember, a sound sleep is food to your brain. Your mind and your eyes constantly work in a day, and therefore, both these organs need rest. While the apps are monitoring your sleep, you are not supposed to wear any device on your body. The apps will analyze your sleep patterns, and based on this, will give you the report of average efficiency of your sleep. Check out and download some of the best sleep tracker apps for iOS and Android listed below.

Best Sleep Tracking Apps for iPhone and Android

Best Sleep Tracking Apps for iOS and Android

#1. SleepBot

Sleepbot Sleep Tracking App for iPhone and AndroidThis sleep tracker app helps you to get an insight about how much you have slept, whether you woke up at the right time, if your sleep got interrupted by some means and helps you to improve these hindrances by giving quick solutions. Other than the tracking feature, it can playback snores, sleep talk and the likes by monitoring a motion and sound graph and gives a detailed analysis about sleep. Now you can improve your sleeping style and also the bad habits of sleepwalking or talking with the new motion sensing ability of this app.

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#2. Sleep Better

SleepBetter Sleep Tracking App for iPhone and AndroidRunstatic’s Sleep Better app targets at improving your bedtime habits to make you healthier by monitoring your habits during sleep. You can also determine how the consumption of alcohol and caffeine can affect your sleep quality. Keep a track of your dream diary by rating it among good, bad and neutral and note your mood when you wake up. This app also studies the moon phases to find out the impacts on your sleep cycle, sleep duration and snooze patterns for sleep improvement.

Download it on iOS | Download it on Android

#3. Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle Sleep Tracking App for iPhone and AndroidThis is an intelligent sleep tracker app which analyzes your sleep and wakes in the lightest sleep phases. It monitors your movement during sleep with the highly sensitive accelerometer in your phone, studies the screenshots for recommended phone placement and finds the optimal time to wake you up during a 30 minutes window that ends at your set alarm time. You get to see a detailed sleep statistics and graphs for every night. The app can also tell how drinking coffee, eating too much, consuming alcohol will impact on your sleep cycle.

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#4. Sleep Time

Sleep Time Sleep Tracking App for iPhone and AndroidThe Sleep Time app is both a comprehensive sleep analyser and alarm clock to fulfill the need for a perfect sleeping session. It uses the accelerometer in your phone to detect movements at night. This is a good solution for people having the habit of sleepwalking. Sleep Time’s advanced algorithm determines your phase of sleep and sets off the alarm at the perfect moment to ensure you don’t wake up from sleep feeling dazed again.

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#5. SnoreLab

SnoreLab Sleep Tracking App for iPhone and AndroidSnoreLab monitors and tracks your snoring and suggests effective ways to reduce it. It has some snore detection algorithms and also records the sounds as samples. The intensity of snoring is also measured so that you can try effective remedies by consulting with doctors. You can enable the optional full night recording mode and the app itself will provide information about snoring remedies.

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#6. Sleep Genius

Sleep Genius Sleep Tracking App for iPhone and AndroidThis sleep tracker app is designed with the most scientifically sound program for better sleep. Sleep Genius has developed algorithms which trigger your brain into sleeping faster, longer and deeper. It is developed to train astronauts in sleeping better by providing scientific aids. The reason why you will sleep peacefully is because it has a relaxation program which slows your heart rate, stabilizes your brain and reduces stress. There is a power nap feature which is created for letting you take short naps and boosts optimal brain rejuvenation. A short nap could improve alertness by 54 % which is a good impact on your health.

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#7. Boltt Health

Boltt Health Sleep Tracking App for iPhone and AndroidBollt Health app monitors and tracks your health, diet, workouts and gives insights on them to improve your sleep. It has an automated A.I trainer who will ask you what you ate and give feedback on your exercises, sleep and eating habits. Also, your daily routine will be studied after which these virtual trainers will give instructions on forms, speed, technique which will yield better results. There is a weight loss program which involves a right combination of exercise and healthy eating. The meal planner and calorie counter is there to improve your diet. You don’t have to manually insert calories, instead click a picture of the food and the amount of nutrients will be retrieved. This app also syncs with fitness wearables like Fitbit Watch, Garmin Forerunner, Samsung Gear Fit, etc.

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Which sleep tracking app do you use on your device? If you are not using any, you can download some of the best sleep monitor apps from above list. Share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.


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