Alarm clocks are a necessary evil for most of us as we certainly don’t love them, but can’t live without them. With the advent of smartphones, these devices have gone down a bit in the space they hold in our lives. However, now, they are back with a vengeance. Getting the best smart alarm clocks equips you with a cutting-edge device that helps in putting you to sleep, waking you up and also among activities, promotes better sleep cycles.

The best radio alarm clocks or the best digital alarm clocks available on the market these days can offer you some exciting features on top of waking you up in the morning. These modern clocks can help charge or stream music from your smartphone and also utilizing lights and other ways to wake you up without boredom. Here is a diverse list of some of the top-rated smart alarm clocks out there to help you decide your choice.

Best Smart Alarm Clocks

Best Smart Alarm Clocks 2017

Morning Alarm ClockNotable Features 
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WITTI BEDDISpotify IntegrationBuy Now
PhilipsPersonalized Light SettingsBuy Now
ElectrohomeAdvanced SelfSet TechnologyBuy Now
Emerson RadioEasy to ProgramBuy Now
HomtimePhone Charger with Dual Port USBBuy Now
SleepaceSleep Monitoring Alarm ClockBuy Now
WamGraWonderful Sound QualityBuy Now
VimicySmart Snooze Function
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iHomeStream Wireless digital audioBuy Now

#1. Vobot

Vobot Alexa enabled alarm clock

Vobot is the best smart alarm clock with interactive voice and touch operated features using Amazon’s AVS to do the tasks. This includes setting alarms, playing music, working with other smart appliances and so much more. This Alexa enabled alarm clock has a sleep coach feature that lets you relax and wind down quickly using different types of soothing music or natural sounds. It can also function well as a music speaker during parties or as a book reader. There is an accompanying app that helps you to setup Vobot quickly and easily.

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WITTI Biddi Smart Alarm Clock

With a name like Witti Biddi, you can sure expect some fun and this bedroom alarm clock doesn’t disappoint. It acts as your definitive bedtime caretaker. You can catch a good night’s sleep with a gentle white noise for company while your smart devices are getting recharged. Waking up is also fun with this acting like a best sunrise alarm clock by giving a wake-up light, simulating sunrise along with your favorite music. It also helps to coordinate with other smart appliances to get other things done such as controlling the temperature and brewing your coffee. There is also a programmable smart button control that helps to trigger your smart home devices. You can easily turn on Philips Hue light, activate Homekit Scene, adjust room temperature through Nest or even call an Uber!

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#3. Philips

Philips sunrise light alarm clock

The Philips Wake-Up Light is a fantastic light up alarm clock that offers a lovely, natural awakening for your mornings. It features an exquisite, colored sunrise simulation with 20 different brightness settings. These lights also have a variety of time increases with the lights slowly raising between 20 and 40 minutes before the alarm time to set the mood. This light alarm clock also gives you five nature based sounds from which you can choose your favorite. The UV-free-wake-up light is also scientifically shown to improve your morning mood and energy level.

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#4. Electrohome

Electrohome best radio alarm clock

This feature-filled, best radio alarm clock gives you a brilliant 3.6inch blue LCD screen which is dimmable according to your desire. You have the option of projecting time onto a flat surface such as the walls or the ceiling for convenience. There is a 180-degree swivel projection also available so that the time will be within your view always. This clock is programmable as you can set your daily dual alarm schedule and also your weekend schedule. It also has advanced self-set technology that shows you the right time and date automatically even after loss of power.

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#5. Emerson Radio

Emerson best smart alarm clock

Emerson brings you the best smart alarm clock possessing their award-winning, patented SmartSet technology. This clock radio sets itself automatically from its first use, including the right year, month and date. It has a big, easily readable LED display that comes with a dimmer control for soothing the eyesight as per your needs. You can program the alarm as you wish and also set it to wake you up to your chosen music radio station.

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#6. Homtime

Hometime thermostat alarm clock

This Homtime alarm clock comes with 4 levels of LCD dimming and a nice 3.2-inch large LCD screen for quick and easy reading during the day or night. There is a dual front panel USB charging with 3.1a power along with surge protection. The alarm comes with a snooze option and a gradual wake option. It also functions as a thermostat alarm clock with an indoor thermostat feature displaying the room temperature on the front panel.

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#7. Sleepace

Sleepace sleep monitoring alarm clock

The Sleepace Nox is not just an alarm clock, but a complete Smart Sleep System to get you your best sleep. This device functions as a sleep cycle alarm clock by giving you a light lulling so till you fall asleep. There is a forward-thinking light that joins hands with the Sleepace app to monitor your sleep patterns; thereby, also working as a sleep monitoring alarm clock and sleep tracking alarm clock. The output of the clock is adjusted to assist you have a longer, peaceful sleep and also to wake up feeling refreshed. The calming red-light wavelengths from this clock also help to regulate your melatonin levels.

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#8. WamGra

WamGra bluetooth enabled alarm clock

This alarm clock comes with a 4-in-1 ultra-multifunctional setup with Bluetooth speakers, touch sensor LED lamp and a MP3 player on top of a digital alarm clock. You can connect with the Bluetooth devices with ease. There are three brightness levels, dim, soft and bright white light. The MP3 player can also double up as a backup storage drive. With an ample capacity battery of 4400mAh Li rechargeable inbuilt, you can get super-long hours of music playing or lighting. The sound quality of the speakers is also awesome with a high-power woofer and a distinct bass technology.

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#9. Vimicy

Vimicy smart alarm clock

Vimicy gives you a novel smart snooze mode that starts up 30 minutes prior to your alarm time. The wakeup light slowly brightens up from about 10% to 100% so that you come out of your sleep in a gradual manner instead of a sudden start. During the final wake-up the sound plays, starts Snooze mode and then the sound again plays up after about 5 minutes, giving you a grace time of about five minutes to come out of your sleep. There is excellent touch control for adjusting snooze, sunset simulation, natural sounds, radio and brightness. You get 7 different colors to choose from and also ten different brightness settings with fifteen different levels of sound volume.

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#10. iHome

iHome smart alarm clock

This best smart alarm clock lets you set alarm to any Bluetooth connected audio or FM radio other than the built-in musical tones. You can set it to stream music from your Bluetooth-enabled devices. There is a speakerphone that lets you pair it with your phones and also gives you supporting features such as the microphone, talk and end buttons for taking calls. The cabinet is translucent for better aesthetics and also changes color on a button touch. You can change up to five different cabinet colors and six different wake-up color modes.

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