Best Smart Plug for Alexa

Smart home technology is increasingly becoming the most happening tech sector and also an overwhelming one for beginners. With an intelligent voice service like the Amazon Alexa, the possibilities to make your home smart are endless. You can make it even better by integrating them with best smart plug for Alexa.

Getting the best smart plug for Amazon Echo can allow any newbie to get started with an Alexa ecosystem. These are inexpensive, sleek devices that can be inserted into regular wall points and enhance them with the use of a remote control. By doing this, you can switch on or off through Wi-Fi, track your energy usage or even set up a schedule for your devices. Here are some of the most popular Alexa compatible smart plugs.

Best Smart Plug for Alexa

Smart Plugs for Amazon EchoNotable Features 
WeMo Switch
IFTTT SupportedBuy Now
TP-LinkNO Hub RequiredBuy Now
GMYLECountdown FunctionBuy Now
iDevicesMonitor Energy UsageBuy Now
InovelliBuilt-in RepeaterBuy Now
D-LinkWorks with iOS and AndroidBuy Now
EtekcityTimer FunctionBuy Now
Wemo MiniRandomize LightsBuy Now
HAUSBELL Prevents Overcharging
& Overheating
Buy Now
M.WayTwo-Mode OptionsBuy Now
GeeniCompatibility with
Alexa & Google Assistant
Buy Now

#1. WeMo Switch

Wemo Smart Plug for Alexa

The WeMo Switch is the Best WiFi Smart Plug that works perfectly with Amazon Alexa for voice control. You can do quick and easy home automation with this tool. All you have to do is to plug in a WeMo Switch, install the associated free app and start remote controlling your appliances. There is no necessity for any hub or added subscription, plus you also have the ability to create schedules directly from your phone.

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Tp-Link Smart Plug for Amazon Echo

This WiFi Plug socket gives you remote access to your devices connected to it in the presence of the internet. All you need is their free kasa app to be downloaded on to your smartphone. You can schedule the smart plug to switch on and off electronic appliances as you need and also regulate setting all lights automatically. You can even set the devices to start when no one is at home to create an impression that someone is still at home. It has a compact design that blends into the power outlet and doesn’t block the nearby points.

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GMYLE Smart Plug for Alexa

This is one of the best suited Amazon Echo Compatible Smart Plugs available on the market. It is extremely easy to install and works wonderfully well with Amazon Alexa by voice control. There is no need for hub or subscription, just Wi-Fi is enough as it is compatible with 2.4 G wireless network. You can synchronize lights and devices to pre-scheduled times without manual intervention.

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#4. iDevices

iDevices Smart Plug for Alexa

The iDevices switch functions well with Alexa and makes connecting you much less intimidating. It makes converting your home into a smart home stress-free and fun-filled activity. This Smart Plug outlet is designed to accommodate almost anywhere because of its compact and sleek form-factor and does not block the adjacent outlet.

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#5. Inovelli

Inovelli Smart Plug for Alexa

Inovelli is one of the best smart plugs 2017 with a 2-in-1 module that lets you control your lights remotely and also fortify your Z-Wave Mesh Network. You get a lifetime warranty along with the Z-Wave Plus technology that is compatible with more than 1700 Z-Wave devices. You can set this up within just about 5 minutes. This plug is not Wi-fi based and therefore, it requires a Z-wave compatible hub. You can use any of the following hubs with Inovelli Z-Wave Dimming Plug.

SmartThings (HUB 1.0 & 2.0)
Wink (HUB 1.0 & 2.0)
Vera (UI5 & UI7)
Staples Connect
Zipamini (Zipato)

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DLink Smart Plug for Alexa

D-link is yet another best Smart Plug for Alexa for voice control of your smart phone. You can do all the typical functions such as turning on or off appliances from your smartphone directly. It is quite simple to setup and is made to work flawlessly with present Wi-Fi networks.

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#7. Etekcity

Etekcity Smart Plug for Alexa

This is the best Smart Plug for Amazon Echo that works without any hindrances with Amazon Alexa. It needs the right account when authorizing in Alexa. You can track your power utilization of each device and also the frequency of their usage. The connectivity is stable and you can control the devices using the VeSync app using a Wi-Fi network connection.

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#8. Wemo Mini

Wemo Mini Smart Plug for Amazon echo

Another Wemo smart plug on this list; this one is a mini plug that lets you remotely control your appliances from virtually anywhere with their free app. There is no need for any added hub or subscription. The size is quite compact and with this mini you can insert in two smart plugs in the same socket. You can randomize lights with the app and it also has an away mode for making it look that you are home even when you are away. You can also pair it with Nest Thermostat.

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HAUSBELL Smart Plug for Alexa

Hausbell presents a smart and easier way to control your home lights. Walk into a brightly lit home after a tiring day at office and enjoy your favorite songs while sipping hot coffee. This smart plug saves you from the trouble of plugging and unplugging your electric appliances. Use Hausbell’s On and Off schedule to save energy and time. The set up process of this Alexa friendly plug is quite easy; simply press and hold the power button for five seconds. And when Wi-fi LED blinks amber and green one after the other, you can start the process of app configuration.

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#10. M.Way

M-way Smart Plug for Amazon Echo

This smart plug suits Amazon Alexa voice control wonderfully by using a simple voice based command to control the power socket and thereby control your smart lights and household electronics. There are two modes, an easy mode and an AP mode to assure you of the connection between the network and the socket. You can activate this smart plug even when away from the house. Without the need for hand plug functionality, you can save considerable energy and money.

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#11. Geeni

Geeni ENERGI Energy Tracking Wi-Fi Smart Plug for Alexa

Geeni brings a smart plug that is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant. You can use this app on your iOS and Android devices. Note that your iOS device must be running on iOS 8 or higher and your Android phones should have Android 4.1 or above. The plug uses its built-in Wi-fi to receive your commands; you don’t have to purchase a separate hub. Moreover, this Alexa friendly plug eliminates the need of too many supporting apps. With a single app, you can do multiple tasks like turn on/off anything, dim lights, share access, watch camera video, schedule lights, get motion alerts, colour lights, and access from anywhere.

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Getting the best Smart Plug for Alexa can give you a nifty little, economical gadget that offers useful functionality when integrated with your Alexa device. Find out which suits your taste among the list and go for it. Share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.


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